Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

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Brand Name: Zwipes

Product Model: 737

Product Category: Car Wash Towels & Mitts

Perfect for the garage or kitchen, Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning cloths offer great, new, chemical-free cleaning technology with many applications. Over 90,000 fibers psi, make our soft, thick microfiber especially effective for trapping particles with static electricity, thus eliminating the need for cleaners and detergents. Designed to adhere to the surface, literally clinging to grease, oils and film, maintaining the finish on cars, boats, RVs and motorcycles becomes a cinch. With almost a magnetic attraction to dirt and dust, cleaning glass, stainless steel, chrome, paint, plastic and wood becomes as easy as using a rubbing motion.
Each cloth is 12" x 16" with over 90,000 fibers psi
Lifts and holds dust, dirt, grease and spills
Lint-free, streak-free cleanups without chemical cleaners
Non-abrasive: will not scratch paint or clear coat
Absorbs 8 times its own weight in liquid
Dries in half the time as regular cotton towel
Reusable, machine washable
Colors may vary
  • Battery Type: Does Not Contain a Battery
  • Primary Color: Assorted
  • Model No.: 737
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 3.05
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 16.0 x 12.0 x 0.01
  • Walmart No.: 551396438

how many to a package?

Answer : It depends on the pack size you choose...24, 36 or 48. There is a drop down bar right below the title at the top to select.

Answer : 36

Answer : 24

Is this product safe for cleaning a flat panel LED screen?

Answer : The other response is simply not true. The tag is very easy to rip off and doesn't effect the stitching. You can also just use and avoid the tag hitting the screen. These are perfect for cleaning any screens. I use mine all the time for this!

Answer : no, label would scratch screen, and hard to remove label

Are these safe for a tablet touchscreen?

I know that tablet touchscreens are very fragile and you need to be very careful with what you use to clean them. Does anyone have experience using these on a touchscreen? Thanks, Kitty

Answer : Yes, they work great for tablets and screens! Just remove the tag to be extra safe

Value for money

They are such good quality for the money you pay for them. You can use them on any surface.

Great for cleaning everything, great price too

I purchased these microfiber cleaning cloths because I needed to clean metal vertical blinds that were encrusted with dirt and dust that accumulated for years on floor to ceiling windows. I hired a cleaning service and was told that microfiber cloths were all they use for housecleaning and that microfiber works best to pull the thick dust right off the blinds with just water - and they were right. I use these for everything - great for cleaning my stainless steel kitchen appliances, polishing furniture, windows, etc. This is a good price for the number of cloths and they wash well for reuse.

I love it!

great price! Rigth size you can find any better

Geat Dust Collectors

Good size. Picks up dust well, does not smear it around. Washes well. I washed them in the washing machine, but line dried them.

Very very good


Very disappointed in color

Very disappointed as yellow microfiber is really a light green instead of yellow as shown. Green and blue cloths are true to color as shown.

Best ones out there!!!

I have tried many microfiber cloths and these are the best I have used.\nI split them up, using yellow for my face...they are supersoft and absorbable....excellent for removing make up. The green ones are for the bathroom cleaning. The blue ones are used in the kitchen. I like to keep them separated this way.\nI use no chemicals to clean, only water and the microfiber cloths... have not bought any chemicals in years and so they also save you money.\nNot only are they excellent for cleaning and super absorbable, they are bigger than most and how can you beat this price???\nKeep making them and I will keep buying them :)

good stuff

thanks much

great buy

Great product!

Where have you been all my life?!

These microfiber cloths exceeded my expectations. They are terrific for dry or wet cleaning. I even cleaned the toothpaste stains on the bathroom mirror with just a wet zwipes cloth, without any chemicals. I have also used a dry one to clean hardwood floors instead of disposable duster cloths. These cloths attach easily to my Stop n Shop brand Swiffer Sweeper substitute. But pushing the Zwipes cloths into the grippers meant for thin disposable microfiber sheets is not ideal, and I'll probably buy a Zwipes handle designed for their cloths. They rinse off easily and can be tossed into the laundry, so they save money and the environment compared to disposables.

Good product

Cleans well, Better than I expected.

Fine for those junk jobs

These aren't high-end; they aren't entirely lint-free. Whatever. I use these cloths for cleaning around the house - they take a beating, get the job done, and have so far held up rather well. Tired of buying paper towels? These are a terrific, reusable alternative... not so much for their absorbancy (which isn't great), but for the strong, soft material.

Good Quality and Price

These microfiber towels are comparable to any I've seen, and the price is great.

Excellent Towels!

Perfect size, quality and price. Get the job done!

Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

I absolutely love these multi-purpose towels! great quality and good price!

not soft enough, shipping was shoddy

I ordered these because I'd tried another more expensive brand first and loved them, but these are thinner and not as soft. Also, the label is VERY scratchy, but it's hard to remove; that eliminates the softness benefit completely!\nThey also were poorly packaged by Walmart, so the top two cloths were exposed to the elements and were ruined (stained and ripped) in the shipping. I'm using the rest of the cloths for purposes for which I could have used plain rags, and those would have been free! Would not recommend.

These cloths are the best

THese cloths are PERFECT - - hold up great - do not scratch polished wood furniture. Launder well.\nAre super versatile and are so well priced. Every household should have a 36 pack.

Great product for your car

been looking for the best microfibers cloth for my new auto that would not scratch and these were rated the best. i was very happy walmart had them and at a great price

Great cleaning cloth

I have only had a week but so far really happy with cloth. Clean windows, mirrors, counters, and any hard surface with only water--no streaks on mirrors or windows.

Super SOOOOOFT and useful

These Zwipes microfiber cleaning cloths are not your average towel. Besides it being super soft, it's highly durable and can be used anywhere!\n\nCAR: I keep some in my car to wipe and dust the interior (the cloth is great at picking up dust when dry), and I use it to dry my car's exterior and windows after a wash.\n\nKITCHEN: In the kitchen I have some on-hand as a hand towel, and for cleaning spills and stains.\n\nBATHROOM: I leave some in my bathroom to wipe down the mirrors (dry) and to wipe down the countertop (wet).\n\nBEDROOM: The microfiber cloths are really handy when I need to do some quick cleaning. I use the cloths to wipe the dust off my bookshelf, desk and around my room.\n\nELECTRONICS: I also like how the cloths are super soft and gentle to the touch!! I always use a microfiber cloth to wipe off fingerprints and smudges off my phone screen and my laptop. Works great dry.\n\nOverall, great for multi-purpose cleaning and definitely would recommend!

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