Xyron 500 Sticker Machine

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Brand Name: Xyron

Product Model: 239130

Product Category: Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts

Makes stickers out of die-cuts, photos, ribbons, tags and more
Refill cartridges available in both permanent and repositional adhesives
No-mess use
Small and lightweight
Easy drop-in cartridge replacement
Acid free
Edge-to-edge permanent adhesive coverage
No heat, electricity or batteries required
Includes instructions
Machine: 9" W x 9" D x 6" H
Adhesive roll: 18' L x 5" W
  • Model No.: 239130
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 2.54
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 18.0 x 5.0 x 0.1

does the Xyron 500 come with a roll of adhesive?

Answer : yes it comes with.

Answer : Yes it comes with a roll

Answer : yes; it comes with a cartridge of the paper. Which is what broke for me the first time I used it.

Answer : Yes.

Answer : It comes with some in it when you purchase it but will need to buy more depending on how often you will use it.

Answer : yes

Answer : Yes. It includes a roll of permanent acid free adhesive.

Backing paper?

Do the stickers come out with a wax or other paper backing? Or do they come off the roller openly sticky, needing to be placed somewhere immediately? I'd like to make sticker sheets with a backing so I can send them to my little grandgirls so they can place them where they want them on their little projects. So what I make for them has to be mailable. Right now I print on label sheets and cut out the ones I want to send but that doesn't allow for anything close to 3D. Speaking of, if this machine will make stickers from ribbon, will it take anything else through there that's not absolutely flat? I'm guessing that for larger or more 3D objects, another type of glue would be best, but I had to ask.

Answer : Yes, they come on a paper backing. Absolutely mailable. This is not a 3D machine, all stickers are flat, and everything you send through must be flat.

How long does a roll of adhesive last.

About how many stickers will you get out of one roll?

Answer : The answer to both of your questions is it depends on your personal usage. I have this machine and at times a roll has lasted me a month at other times a week. But it is a great little device.

Glad I finally got this!

I loved my little "X" Xyron. When I got my Silhouette I had to get this 500 machine. It really helped with the bigger shape that I can cut now.

I found this product very disappointing, i was making my own wedding cards and this thing ruined them the tacky paper riped and when i replaced it the replace ment did the same thing worst money ever spent..will be returning

Cheap machine

Ordered on Walmart .com. Received a broken one and had to return it to the nearest store. Was very disappointed. Don't think I will order online from Walmart again

Does what it's supposed to do.

Great sticker machine. The knob clicks a little rough when turning to produce a sticker. But does the job.

Very useful product

Very easy to make stickers using this machine. I am very happy to have found this product. I am using it for kids crafts and birthday banners etc.

Great machine it is very easy to use. I loved it so much I bought the smaller one for smaller dies.

Good machine for all purpose

i am a stamper and love to make scrapbooks, cards, and more crafts. it is good to have this little machine for my creations. i tried this just one time so far and it works very well. strongly recommend this to u.


The product came & was is great shape but as soon as I tried to use it and turned the knob it broke! The sticker paper that comes in the cartridge retracted and came out of alignment. I have tried to re-feed it several times to the point of swear words. No online tutorial or the directions that came with could help. Now I have a broken machine that I haven't even used yet and most likely have to spend even more money on a new cartridge.

I really like this product! I am having fun making stickers for my cardmaking hobby.\nI will be making sticker sheets of super hero comic characters and Disney characters for children to use, too.


I bought this for my sticker loving 7 year old. She loves it. It is simple and far exceeded my expectations.

Great for cards/scrapbooking bigger items

Its great for sticking bigger items onto cards, no mess, or getting glue where you don't want it. Its a little bit on the expensive side but I found it to be worth it.

Easy to use

I bought this to organize my photos.

A Big Disappointment

I was very disappointed with this product. I own a Cricut Die Cutting machine and was hoping that this would help save time with putting letters together and doing small die-cut's done on my pages. However, there was always glue around the edges and in the middle of any letter or die cut. It is very diffcult to get off and it ended up taking me longer to clean off all the excess glue than it did to do it with my tape runner. Plus, when I put my page protectors on my pages where I had used the xyron, little balls of glue gummed up my protectors. This product is a big disappointment!

Love the machine

The Xyron machines are the perfect additions to any crafter's room .. I have three different sizes of them and use them all the time. Perfect for scrapbooks and have used them previously with die cut letters with no problem.

Very efficient little machine.

The knob broke the second time I used it. Having said that I would not hesitate to buy this machine again. It works very well without the knob, just slide your project through and pull it by hand out of the other side. I have made some great looking stickers and the permanent adhesive is "permanent" so be sure you place your sticker where you want it.


I just received this as a gift from my husband for Christmas. I am constantly running out of glue. He got it for $20.00 at our local walmart. It is amazing! If there are creases it does leave little film but if you rub it with your finger it comes right off. Everything sticks and will not budge! Love it! I recommend this to any one that scrapbooks (as that is what I use it for!)

Great sticker maker for large projects

This is a wonderful sticker maker for large projects. However, if you're making stickers out of items 2.5" or smaller, you should purchase the Xyron 250 because this wastes a lot of adhesive. It functions very well. It doesn't require batteries or to be plugged in - it's just awesome! Just be careful of the waste if doing smaller projects - try to squeeze as many items in a row as possible.

A Cricut Companion

I own a Cricut die-cut machine and this is its perfect partner! You can run any die up to about 5 inches wide through this and it makes them stick securely! If you have open spots, it does put a "web" of adhesive over it. But, I have found that if you just touch it with your finger it removes easily! I wouldn't live without it next to my Cricut!

Xyron 500

My husband bought this product for the girls a couple of years ago and we love it. They love stickers so instead of looking for stickers that they love he decided this would be perfect and they can make their own stickers of what they wanted. Also I use for their photo albums and much more. It's a great lil machine to have around. You make anything you want to stick anywhere you want. I would recommend this product.


This sticker machine is very helpful because of the size & that it's easy to move around w/o electricity cords or batteries. It works great for different size heights of buttons or studs & things. I highly recommend it for all types of uses since it's so easy to use & reload.

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