Ultra-Sharp Pinking Shears 9

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Can a left use these?

I need lefty

Answer : no these are not left hand compatible.

Answer : I don't see why not.

Answer : I ordered scissors for left handers, they are fine

These are GREAT

No need to spend more to get a perfect pair of pinking shears & shipping was fast.

Quite the Life Saver

Needed these for a costume, and they're just what I needed! Relatively sharp, not too hard on the hands (or at least, about as much as any scissors are going to do) and perfect for the project I'm working on. Relatively cheap, too, which is something a college student like myself looks for! :)\n\n(also, sorry I kind of messed up the age demographics on this product. More people my age need to learn the basics of sewing!)

Exellent shears

Best ever

Lightweight, sharp and a good value.

Cut heavy cotton easily

These pinking shears work very well-- they cut heavy cotton sweat pants easily and crisply.

pinking shears

These scissors are amazing. They are very sharp. Cut very nicely.

Pinking Shears

Way better than the cheap Xacto ones in the art department . Not that heavy unless your four years old and heavy enough to be durable\nJust what the Christmas wrapping needed

Wonderful quality for the price.

The shears are very sharp and produce a nice, neat edge. Excellent value.


I was super surprised with these shears! Heavy duty and they cut great! Reasonable priced

excellent cutter

a bit heavy in hand but still cuts with ease, excellent for that professional looking seam.

Yes. Buy This.

Best bang for your buck! Works perfectly. Thrilled to have found this product....

nice and sharp

Larger than I expected\nNice and sharp, cuts through dish towels with no problem\nHeavy duty, not light weight

Excellent cutting capabilities while being lightweight.

Does the job very well!

s with another review if you have small hands, this pair will feel a little uncomfortable holding while trying to cut with them. I think it is because the thumb hole in them is so spaced apart from where your other fingers grip.\n\nI found for big jobs cutting wearing a light pair of gloves help fill in that gap and way easier to keep a grasp on the scissors.\n\nThis pair is heavy duty, made well and I have cut through several layers of material no problem. I use these for my home business so you know I need a product that works!\n\nhttp://hyenacart.com/Monkeybizness

limits unraveling

I haven't had a pair of pinking shears for a long time but remembered their usefulness so I went to Walmart. In store there was a limited choice. But on line lots of choices. These are just as good as the more expensive shears.

nice & good price

Been looking quite awhile so I know that this is a very good price almost 40% less than all the others stores. Nice for my collection. Good for stopping my material from fraying.

Too heavy and hard to use

I took a chance on this and order it based on the positive reviews and the price was not bad. Unfortunately for me they were to heavy and hard to use. I used it on cotton fabric and the teeth were getting stuck to the fabric and was only able to use it making small cuts which took a while to finish cutting up the fabric and the blades seemed dull while cutting. If they were lighter perhaps they would be easy to use. I have to mention I do have small hands and the grip was a bit too big for me and perhaps that made it difficult to use, that in itself might not make it a bad product, it just did not work for me the way I expected it. For now I will continue to use them until I find something smaller and easier to use.

Great product!!

At the price I honestly was not sure about the quality. It is a heavy duty scissor and well worth the price. You won't be disappointed!!

Ultra sharp and light weight!!

I cannot believe what a great pair of pinking shears these are (I'm hoping they make dressmaking shears too). I am 72 and my hand strength isn't what it used to be but these shears operate easily and cut sharply. I don't think I could get sissors sharpened for the $9.00 price of these beauties. I will order another pair just incase they stop selling these. I'm in the process of making slip covers for two chairs and the fabric I'm using is rather heavy. I cannot say enough good things about them.

GREAT pinking shears for a budget!!

These shears arrived FAST & work as they should... no pulling or tugging on the fabric. These aren't super, duper quality, but I expect to get many years out of them.

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