T-Mobile Samsung Prepaid T199 Cell Phone

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UPC: 610214635037

Brand Name: T-Mobile

Product Model: 610214635037

Product Category: No-Contract Phones

The T-Mobile Samsung Prepaid Cell Phone, T199, is a simple and easy-to-use 3G device for your everyday talk and text needs. It comes with two 262K-color TFT displays and 128MB of internal memory space. Along with the T-Mobile prepaid cell phone, you receive a battery with 4.7 hours of talk time, a charger and a SIM card.
2" 262K-color TFT display
Supported networks: 850/900/1800/1900
Internal memory: 128MB
T-Mobile service provider
Talk time: Up to 4.7 h
T-Mobile 3G phone includes battery, charger and SIM card
  • Service Carrier: T-Mobile
  • Multi Pack Indicator: No
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Model No.: 610214635037
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 1.15
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 9.375 x 6.75 x 2.25
  • Walmart No.: 552173595

Does it have a speaker phone?

From the picture, there doesn't seem to be a button for speaker phone. If there is one somewhere, how is the sound quality?

Answer : Yes. It does have the "speaker on" or "speaker off" option. I have this phone and it works beautifully as the voice comes across crisp and clear. The option will show up on the lower right hand corner of the screen when the call connects.

Answer : This product does have the speakerphone option.

T-199: Is this a flip phone?

Answer : This is the T-Mobile Samsung Prepaid T199 Cell Phone, not a flip phone

Answer : no

Size matters - is this really a monster cell phone?

The dimensions in the specifications appear to be incorrect. What are the correct dimensions of the cell phone? It's listed as 9.375 x 6.75 x 2.25 inches - LxWxH. I'm guessing that's the packaging. Thanks.

Answer : The correct product size is 4.52” x 1.93” x 0.55”.

recommend to friend not ordering online/Walmart

Ordered online had to return 3 times and replace twice because Walmart warehouse would not activate phone by scanning; Everything would except the phone shows not activation of from Wal-Mart that have purchase. Statement form T-Mobile and Samsung.

Just the right size.

I got it because I needed a inexpensive phone and it works with my SIM card. The features are easy to use and I love the size. I don't have to worry about breaking it because of its oversize.

Good Basic Phone

Good basic phone, great reception, and for $12 how could you go wrong. Even got free shipping for the holidays. Very satisfied.


Okay. I see one reviewer here who says this is not user friendly for an older person. I am going on 70 and this phone is a breeze to use. I have no problems at all, find it easy to hold, dial, navigate, etc. I bought it at TMobile for $10 more than here, but they programmed it for me, changed SIM cards and answered any questions I had. If you buy it at Walmart and then have to go to TMobile, they will charge you $10 for all the above things they did for me, so it's an "even Steven" thing for me. I am very happy with the screen size, color brightness, clarity, sounds, options, and programming. Had previously purchased the Walmart Family Mobile Samsung Galaxy Exhibit Smartphone that has been "rolled back" from $99 to $49. I took it back within the 14-day time frame because it lost its charge quickly. Every day I had to recharge it and I wasn't even using any of the extra features yet as I wanted to see how the charge held. I was so excited about it and all the "goodies" I would be able to use as it is easy to figure out how to do so; it was easy to use all the different apps and usual functions, but the charge wouldn't hold...this was expressed in many of the reviews but I chose to ignore them and found out they were true. So, this one holds its charge for 3-4 days or more and gives me the necessary functions that are fine with me. I am satisfied with this until TMobile comes up with one of the more "plush" phones at a reasonable price that holds its charge. I definitely would recommend this phone. Easy to carry, use, and navigate. No "goodies" but does the job just fine.

Good for the price

Nice phone for $20 just wish I could move my contacts from my sim card to the phone's memory

throw down phone

best one to use when you have nothing else to use.

Not user friendly for an older person

Price for this phone was reasonable, but the phone was not easy to use/understand even though it looked a lot of the phone I was trying to replace. Sim card was difficult to put in and had to go to the Tmobile store to have a service person there put it in. Then could not text because of pre determined test function I could not change. Back to the Tmobile store and another service person changed the setting. When I go home, it still would not text correctly. Couldn't get good directions from instruction pamphlet and book that was included. Gave up and ordered another, more expensive phone from Walmart, the Sparq. Kept that one; much easier to use/understand.

Key-lock Hassle

The phone appear sleek and simple. But I began to have issues with the key-lock button. I will have to keep returning to "Menu" if I need to make a fresh call. The value is good - but the expectation is about average for me. I would recommend it for those who have time on their hands or are nibble with these things.

Gets the job done

This cell phone is pretty small and fairly easy to use. I go this phone for my 70 year old grandmother for emergencies. She has no problems with it and uses it a lot. The battery life is great, no internet, just all the basics of talking and texting (but she doesn't text). For 12 bucks this was a steal to me and I added her to my plan with T-Mobile only for $10 bucks extra a month. My grandma loves it and it gives me piece of mind I have a way of reaching her in case of emergencies.\n\nPros: Small, Long battery life, simple, easy to use & cheap\n\nCons: Doesn't have outer volume controls for ringer, can't set contacts to a speed dial & buttons are a tad small

Cell phone

A low priced, no-nonsense cell phone that works!

Basic phone at an amazing price

Basic phone, works well, looks great. I paid $20 less at Wal-Mart compared with buying directly from T-Mobile who could not match the WM price. Highly recommend!

Hey, It's a cheap phone

The sound is good when my son calls me. Working as expected.\nNo frills, of course.

Trys to be a smart phone but fails

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being best, I rate this phone a "6". Well packed with easy-to-follow instructions. Hard to beat the price for a brand new phone. Simple to activate, call quality excellent, nice size, light weight, feels good in the hand, good ear and speaker audio and good battery capacity. Makes and receives phone calls as a feature phone should. It served the purpose for which I bought it. However, this phone tries to do too much without a QWERTY keyboard or large display. Since all user control is through the keypad and menus, I found it a pain to perform 'regular' functions. T-Mobile currently charges a minimum of $3.00 per month for "prepaid" accounts. This amount is debited monthly from the funds used to purchase minutes. The minimum increment that can be purchased is $10. This is not cleasly explained anywhere I could find; in the instructions, on-line or in the advertisements.

great talk and text

I bought 2 of these phones 4 a 16 and a 13 year old who couldn't be responsible enough to have a galaxy s4. So these phones serve their purpose very well, talk and text is what you get.

perfect for inmates @ halfway houses

This phone works great. No camera as required for inmates at halfway houses. Good sound quality, design and features.

Great phone

This is a great phone.

Get what ya get for $12

It is exactly what you expect from a $12 phone.

good 4 now

it was a fast delivery

Nice phone, no camera

I bought this phone for my dad who is 65 and constantly loses it. The numbers are a good size, good sound, but no camera. It's a great phone for those that only make calls, very easy to use.

Good for senior

Good for senior.

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