Sunpentown Air Cooler /Humidifier/ Fan

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Product Model: SF-610

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  • Model No.: SF-610
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What should I do if humidity level in my room is high?

Answer : Leave door & window open. Humidity level will rise after long time usage if no air exchange with outside

When should I refill ice in the tank?

Answer : Refill ice whenever the ice has melted. Add as much ice as possible for more cooling effect.

Can this air cooler cools down my room?

Answer : Most of the case -- Not, The air it blows out can be up to 10-12F lower than room temperature. But it can not cool down room temperature 10-12F. The room temperature is decided by how much heat keep coming from outside and how much cool this cooler can produce. As this is not an air conitioner , consuming just a little bit electricity. Most of the time, it can not lower room temperature. But it can cool you down if you are right in front of this air cooler

good for small enclosed area

It isnt what I expected,the air output isn't very strong or cold. May work better if it were in a small room with the door shut....don't think its suitable for a livingroom or familyroom.



Great Evaporative Air Cooler

This personal cooler is easy to setup and use. No refrigerant, no exhaust. Just works with water and ice. Great when use in a small office or bedroom. Love the remote control and timer features.

Did not meet expectations

I was quite disappointed in this product. It did not produce the cool air that I expected. I used ice cubes as suggested and the air never got any cooler. I would not recommend this product and instead will purchase a portable air-conditioner.

swamp cooler

I bought the swamp cooler because I rent a small apt. and it has been very hot inside because it is older and the insulation is bad. I thought this would be safer than an air conditioner (because I live on the lower level) and would really help with cooling my place for me and my dogs. Well I tried it for 5 days used the ice packs and the ice and it worked really well if you stood right in front of it at only 1ft. away. I was very disappointed and returned the item.

is what it is

This is a fine working evaporative cooler that has worked well for us for a year. It works when the humidity is less than 30%, better less than 20%. Yes, it is a slight challenge to fill, but that is a surmountable challenge.

Better than I expected

Works better than expected. Really does cool down. A good alternative when you can't have A/C.

I have a Supentown model 608 at work, and it is a much better model. This model has ice packs which are nearly impossible to retrieve and you can't put ice cubes directly in the water. The tank is also too small. These units are still worth having, but not this model.

not what i expected

i honestly expected this product to work a lot better than what it does. you have to be sitting right next to it or right in front of it to feel any cool air and then the air is only cool if you load it down with ice. i could have bought a nice fan for half the price and got the same results.

Wonderful Product

This unit use water to cool. It sucks air through a wick saturated with water and the water evaporates into the air. So it will only cool the space in front of it and work best in a "dry" climate. Please research before you buy. This unit works great for us.

Think Before You Buy

Product itself works good. Unfortunately, engineers made it difficult to place water in it by using a 1/2" hole for the water and the water container does not open without disassembling entire unit to clean it and there is a very small compartment for ice. It's not user friendly at all. I don't recommend it. I ended up returning it as it was too difficult to use.

Not for your non-airconditioned dorm room

So, I bought this air cooler with the hopes that it would take the air and cool it off, as the name implies, but it didn't work. Not only did it not cool the air, but even the fan function was terrible. I wouldn't recommend it to a college student. Although economical for our budgets, it doesnt work. It was a waste of my time and effort. With water and ice, it did very little to help cool the air (not even a few degrees). It probably even created more heat and filling it up with water takes advice....if you can't get a dorm with a/c....move off campus because cooling products are more trouble than they are worth!


If you are looking to be cooled off do not purchase this product. I was able to find a $30 fan that felt the same as this product. Waste of money. Did not keep me cool at all.

Sunpentown Portable Air Cooler

It works fine as long as you put ice in it and the temperature outside doesn't get above 95 degrees. Otherwise it isn't any better then the fans.


Too much money for too little cooling. Product did not cool any better than a $10 fan. I would not reccomend this product to anyone. Returned it within a week.

Item Returned

Unfortunately, this product didn't put out any cold air, even when I added ice and the ice packs they provided. It was an expensive fan... so I had to return it to Wal-Mart.

save your money

Junk! Didn't work any better than a $15 table fan.

Not worth it, just open the windows at night.

Very disapointed with this product. There is a reason they don't use a block of ice and fan any more. Our house stays cooler by just opening the windows at night. It is also difficult to change the provided ice pack.

Didn't lower temps

I knew this product was not an air conditioner, but the claims say that it would lower the air temperature by upto 10 degrees. I didn't feel any difference while using it. I added ice and even regrigerated water and still no difference.

use with

works best when used with an air coditioner. usually lowers the temp by 10 additional degrees

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