Summer Infant Sure Sight Digital Color Video Baby Monitor with BONUS Vibrating Mattress Pad

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Brand Name: Si

Product Category: Baby Monitors

The Summer Infant Sure Sight Digital Color Video Baby Monitor is an easy to use, completely portable video monitor at an affordable price. The 1.8� color video screen has automatic night vision and digital privacy with a range up to 600 feet, which allows parents to securely view baby, day and night. With a highly sensitive microphone and sound activated LED lights, parents can �see� any sounds coming from baby, a feature that is especially helpful in a noisy or crowded room. The Vibrating Mattress Pad easily slips under crib mattress and creates gentle, soothing vibrations with the push of a button. A 30 minute timer shuts off gradually so baby is not startled. A three second delay start in the power button helps prevent unintentional activation. Simply press and hold down the power button for three seconds to activate. Press once more to change the speed. It is 100% battery operated so there are no cords or charging stations near your little one. Includes 4 AA batteries.
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