Step N' Sort 13-Gallon 2-Compartment Stainless Steel Trash and Recycling Bin

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UPC: 894570001037

Brand Name: Step N' Sort

Product Model: 900482

Product Category: Trash Cans & Recycle Bins

Designed to handle all of your waste, recycling and storage needs. This bin is perfect for the home or office with a heavy-duty stainless steel frame. The easy, hands-free step pedals allow you to sort your items into removable inner bins. Use this bin to sort recyclables, garbage, laundry detergent or dog food.
13-gallon/48-liter capacity
2 inner compartments for sorting
Inner compartments are removable and holds 6.5 gallons each
Each bin fits 8- or 10-gallon trash bags
Heavy-duty steel frame
Hands-free step pedals
  • Primary Color: Silver
  • Multi Pack Indicator: No
  • Battery Type: Does Not Contain a Battery
  • Model No.: 900482
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 24.4
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 23.0 x 12.8 x 21.0
  • Walmart No.: 550812501

What are the dimensions of this can?

Step N' Sort 13-Gallon 2-Compartment Stainless Steel Trash and Recycling Bin

Answer : 22 5/8" wide X 20 3/8" tall X 1' deep

Answer : 21" high x 22" wide x 12" deep

Does each side hold a 13 gallon bag?

Answer : Yes, each side has a separate bin for a 13 gallon trash can liner.

Are the inner trash receptacles available for purchase?

I have had this unit for a couple of years and the plastic of inner bins has become brittle and has cracked in several places.

garbage can and recycle in one

Great can and medium in size, I would actually lilke to have a larger one. But this looks nice in the kitchen.


i would recommend this product and buy it again! works easily with foot pedals.\nPlastic bags a little difficult to install ! all in all a good buy.

Great value for the money

My husband and I live in a condo. He used to get frustrated taking out the large makeshift recycle container we had. This system is perfect, the tubs easily come out which makes taking the recycling/trash out. Although the 13 gallon size is small it works great for the amount of space we have. Would definitely purchase again.

Unfortunately had to return =(

This was our second Step N Sort...but unfortunately this one was too large and I had to return it. But I did order the smaller one.

I have this product and purchased this one for a family member as a house warming gift. I liked my can and they always commented on it when they visited me. They loved it!

Perfect for trash and recycling!

Foot pedal broke within a year

This product worked fine and looks good, but the pedals are made of plastic. The plastic tabs which secure the foot pedal broke off.

great trash can for a single person/x-small family

We picked up the package from walmart & went home to open it quickly. There was a broken piece inside the box, the two lids didn't open the same, and the trash container on the left side was stuck. We packed it back up and returned it the next day. The two trash bins are pretty small and the container itself is shorter than the average 13 gallon trashcan. This trashcan is perfect for a single person or really small family that doesn't generate a whole lot of trash. It does look cute though!

Nice looking

The dual compartments are nice, but you need to push really hard on the lever to get the lids to open and they only open about two-thirds of the way. I was really disappointed because I love the look and the compactness of the unit.

Good for family of two

I bought this for a friend. She really liked it and didn't mind that the two compartments are small because it is just her and her husband. I was disappointed that one of the back corners was dented. From the looks of the box it had a hard journey. Decent value for the price.

I love this trash/recycling can. It is well constructed, nice looking, and the price is right. I especially appreciate how the cans are inset, so that the plastic bag doesn't show around the top. Also, I love that my dog can't nudge open the lid, so if you have a trash hound, this is the can for you. One thing to note: it is shorter than a standard kitchen can.

Very handy and neat for trash and recycling.

I love this trash/recycling container. It has made my trash/recycling area so much neater.

Do not buy

This is a very small unit that is a cheap stainless steel.

Can't speak to durability after just a few days, but the appearance and functionality are just what I expected at this price. Would recommend for anyone that wants a stainless dual bin but don't want to spend $200.

Great for small apartments!! I even store unused bags in the bottom of each compartment for easy access. I love the two compartment for garbage/recycle. I highly recommend it!!

Too small of an area for the trash itself.

Too small for the trash compartment. I'm going to try the larger version of this combination trash and recycling can.

Poor quality

Very cheap feeling!! Foot pedals barely lifted up the lid. Each side is also not 13 gallons. Each side is 6.5 gallons to make an overall total of 13. Misleading and very small space for garbage.

Great duo purpose trash/recycle bin

This is an excellent product and a very good value. I must have looked at dozens of trash and recycling bins on line. In stores, very few had combination of the two, including some that I\nthought would have....Bed Bath and Beyond, The Container Store, etc.\nI saw one on line that was somewhat bigger in capacity but it was $250 !\nI did go to my local Walmart with the picture of your item, but they did not have it and\nthe salesperson did not know about it. Maybe you should try it in a retail outlet to see if it sells.\nI also like the fact that this model comes in 21" high as well as 26" high, and I bought the smaller one as our kitchen is not huge. We have been using it now for a week and find it very satisfactory. A 13 gallon plastic bag (with tie) fits each compartment just right and you can fold the top over. I also like the fact that each compartment has a handle for easy removal.

Only one complaint

This is exactly what I was looking for. It fits perfectly in our kitchen and is just the right size for the amount of recycling and garbage we produce. The foot pedals work great and the lids open nicely (nice light-weight flaps), and because it doesn't have any automatic features I don't have to worry about it breaking in 6 months. I have one complaint: It is difficult to remove the inner bins. All our other trash cans are SimpleHuman, and they have little hand notches, making it easy to grasp and lift the inner can out when you're changing the trash. This Step n' Sort trash can's bins each have a silver handle that folds down inside the bin, which works fine for the recycling side where I don't use a trash bag/liner. But on the trash side the liner covers the handle, so I can't use it to lift the bin. I have to remove the trash bag by pulling the liner up and lifting the whole trash bag out, which is a little tricky since it's tucked into the sides. But it works and, as I said, that is my only complaint. The price on this was right, and it is very attractive.

I ordered this hoping it would work as a trash can and a recycle collector from my kitchen. The stainless steel is very nice and the Step on lid opener works well, but it is just too small for our needs. Guess I thought it would be 13 gallons on each side, but it is just too small unless you take out the trash and recycles daily. Perfect for a couple for family of one but we have 3 kids so we have a lot of recycles and trash.

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