Sportsmans Series 2000-Watt Portable Generator

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Brand Name: Sportsman Series

Product Model: GEN154

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Supply backup power on-the-go when you purchase the 2000-Watt Portable Sportsmans Series Generator. This Sportsman 2000-Watt generator can power common household appliances and power tools when electricity is not available or desirable. The Sportsman portable generator is equipped with a single 120-volt outlet and a 12-volt DC outlet for battery charging. This recoil-start generator can run for 11 hours with a 50 percent load on 1.8 gallons of gasoline. A generator of this size is ideal for small camping, tailgating parties or powering tools in the work shed and could save the day in case of a power outage. This portable generator is powered by unleaded gasoline, which is convenient and easy to find. Choosing a gasoline generator like the 2000-Watt Portable Sportsmans Series Generator can ease your worry when catastrophe strikes and make your leisure activities even more fun.

2000-Watt Portable Sportsmans Series Generator:
2000 surge watts
1500 running watts
2.8 HP engine
4-stroke OHV
Recoil start
Circuit protection
1-12V DC outlet and 1-120V outlet
EPA-approved unit
Run time: 11 hours at 50 percent load
Decibel rating: less than 65 dB
Frequency: 120V/60Hz
Engine displacement: 87cc
Fuel type: unleaded gasoline
1.8-gallon fuel tank
1-year limited warranty
Model# GEN154
  • Battery Type: Does Not Contain a Battery
  • Model No.: GEN154
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 52.35
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 18.5 x 14.5 x 15.0
  • Walmart No.: 550765439

how much does this generator weigh?

Answer : 48 lbs

Answer : 50 some pounds. I use a handtruck when not wanting to carry it some distance. Wheel kids are available online for generators. See my review for more information on this generator.

Answer : About 20 lbs

Answer : It's says 53 lbs with gas probably little more not to bad though I don't think

Answer : 52 pounds

Will this product run a 12 amp saw.

Answer : Possibly but I don't think so. 12 amps * 120 volts = 1440 watts which is really close to the 1500 watt continuous rating. However, I would bet it would not be able to handle the surge required to get your blade spinning.

Answer : Very easily

Answer : 1500 watts is 12.5 amps so it would run it I think but you would be pushing the limit

Answer : You should be getting 12.5 amps out of 1500 watts. The easy way to convert watts to amps is take the wattage and divide either by 120 or 240 depending on the voltage of what you're trying to run.

is this product california approved, does it have a wheel kit avail, and is it very npoisy? I'd like

Answer : I don't know about the approval or the wheel kit, but I think it is way too loud for a campground.

Answer : It is not Calf. approved. Although this one weighs only 50 some pounds, wheels kits for generators are available online. I just use a small handtruck when going any distance and don't want to carry it. DBA is quiet enough for most campgrounds. See my review for more information about this generator.

Answer : I don't think there is a wheel kit available and as far as noise it's not bad it's not as loud as a push mower

Perfect Generator for my first time purchasing it.

The generator was an exellent choice for our event , we needed extra lighting for our Big Memorial Celebration in memory of my mom. Thank you, Wal-Mart!!

Terrible Customer Service, Unreliable Product

My Sportsman Generator from Buffalo Tools stopped producing power for unknown reasons after 2 months. Buffalo Tools took over 4 months to honor their warrantee after countless calls and shipping issues on my part. They finally replaced my generator with a rebuilt one that worked for 2 weeks before failing again. This time the faulty wiring was obvious. However, when I asked to be reimbursed for the wiring repairs, they refused because I had not gotten prior authorization from them. I will never purchase their products again.

Sportsman generator

The recoil is easy to pull, it starts on the first pull, the noise level is less than other generators I have owned.The RPM stays steady compared to others I have owned in the past. So far I am happy with this product. I can't give durability a high mark yet because I haven't had it but a week.

GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got it today and started it up. Runs very good and will work great for what I plan to use it for.\nNice and light with easy carry handles. I don't think you could go wrong for this price. Should easily run my furnace when the power goes off during the winter.

good small generator

came as promised, everything was in box except oil and gas, after filling with oil and gas fired up on about third pull. runs good and works well for my intended purpose

Didn't work right out of the box

I was looking for a light generator, just to run a sump pump in case of a power outage. Something that I could easily lift into and out of a SUV. This unit weighed about 50 lbs. When I received the unit it started perfectly - Just 1 pull. The only problem was that it put out only 65 to 70 volts.\n\nI went thru the manual and online and found information that sometimes the governor needs adjusted. I adjusted the governor, the idle speed, everything that you can imagine - nothing worked. However, the engine starts with 1 pull and runs smoothly.\n\nI called the service number provided (this is one of the products that say 'DO NOT RETURN TO THE SELLER FOR WARRANTY WORK'); they told me to adjust the governor. I told them that I had - they told me that they would have to talk to their technician and get back with me - they didn't. The next day I emailed the OEM customer service supervisor and complained. Several emails later they directed me to a warranty repair depot located in my city. I took the generator to the repair depot. Two weeks later I had not heard from the repair depot so I stopped in. The repair depot said that my generator did not put out the correct voltage (no kidding), but that they had no parts breakdown nor could they find any.\n\nI emailed the customer service supervisor again (supervisor was out of the office for 3 days).\nFinally, the supervisor emailed back that they would send UPS to pick up the generator and return it to them. When they get it back the OEM will have one of their technicians look at it and advise me.\n\nI have not contacted Walmart about this. I did it the way that it was suppose to be done. While I have no problem with Walmart, I sure wouldn't recommend that anyone buy this generator.\n\nI don't judge companies by the mistakes that they make, I judge companies by how they correct the mistakes.

Returned the day I got it

I thought this little unit (it IS little) would be perfect to run just my side by side fridge and my 1/2 hp sump pump should I lose power.\n\nProblem: Running both of these items put a strain on these two appliances. If both ran at the same time they weren't getting enough power. This thing couldn't even run my small portable air compressor at full speed.\n\nProblem: The gas cap leaked. Brand new machine and the gas cap was leaking even though it wasn't filled to the top.\n\nNeedless to say, I emptied the gas out of it, boxed it back up, and returned it to the local Walmart for a full refund the day I received it. The search is back on for a REAL generator!

NOT what I expected

Very disappointed with this generator. Should not be rated less than 65 db's !!! after using this generator my neighbor asked if I had been pressure washing ...don't believe the reviews that tell you this generator is quite...not true ...very loud. It doesn't run right unless I leave the choke half adjustment screw on carb. Also I plugged a small air compressor ( 1 gal. ) into this thing and it barely worked, both air compressor and generator struggled to operate . But on the plus side it does look good.

Great Generator for the price .

I wish the product had 2 electrical outlets\nInstead of just 1 other than that the product\nIs great. Runs very quiet.

Sportsmans Series 2000-Watt Portable Generator!

Ok! I have read reviews (mixed) from other websites (home depot) about this product and I for one can tell you, I would make this purchase again and again, especially at this price ($189.00).\n\nNow onto the review? This Generator is perfect for what I needed it for and does the job it is supposed to do! I am with a security company and you have to sit in your vehicle as high as 24 hours sometimes and even more on weekends. I use this generator out of the back of my truck to power an 5,000 btu Air Conditioner and a small fan at the same time. Let me say that I have read reviews were this unit "could not" run an 5,000 btu air conditioner, even the technician at Buffalo Tools told me this unit "would not" run an AC?\nLet me tell you that this unit Absolutely "will run" an 5,000 btu Air Conditioner plus a small 10'' fan! However, it "will not" run a 7,000 or 10,000 btu Air Conditioner as these units pull to much wattage and too many amps when the compressor kicks on.\nWith the generator running my 5,000btu AC (515 watts)(4.6 amps) and a 10" fan, It will give me roughly 5.5 hours of run time on 1.5 gallon of gas without (actually) running out of gas!\nI give this unit a 5* because it has been well worth the money and more important is the job it has performed! The only real issue I have with it is I wish it had a fuel gauge, but not a problem. One outlet is fine, but I use a extra heavy duty 12 gauge outlet with three plug-ins.\nIf I have left anything out, I will add to it later in my update! Thank You!

Not very reliable

I used it on a hunting trip,when the temp was below freezing it would take up to 4 attempts to start it over 45 min. some nights I just gave up.When it did run the power pulsated,lights go dim,then bright. The size was what I wanted,the price was in a range I could afford, I wish I had not bought it

An excellent generator for the money

The Sportsman GEN154 generator appears to be an excellent square-wave output generator for the money. This smaller power source weighs 50 some pounds fueled, is compact, and has one AC outlet that can provide enough AC watts for basic home emergency use. Seems adequate power for lower wattage building and construction power tools where house power is not available.\n\nThe power unit also has a 10 amp, 12-volt DC battery charge outlet with cables, a power on indicator, and both AC and DC circuit breakers. I do not believe the breakers are ground fault type.\n\nThe 2.8 Horsepower engine is super easy to start, low oil shutoff protection, a gas feed shut off valve (see images), uses standard unleaded fuel, and consumes less fuel than the bigger generators.\n\nI used a sufficiently accurate RadioShack sound level meter to measure various operation sound levels (din). With no AC load and with low loads on this generator, the noise level at about 10-feet is around 78 dBA (slow response weighted). At about 50-feet is at about 61 dBA with clear line of sound (no obstructions).\n\nThe generator can become significantly louder under a heavier load. The sound pressure at around an 1100 watt load and at about 10-feet from the generator recorded at 87 dBA (slow response weighted). At about 50-feet recorded at about 78 dBA, probably loud enough to get complaints to the camp host if you run the generator at a heavy load for very long, or late at night.\n\nI setup the RV to demand 500 watts. The RV's electronics, the refrigerator in electric mode, battery charger, and one single patty burger-maker machine produced about 550 watts provided from the generator. The generator hardly noticed. At 10-feet' the noise level was 74-76 dBA actual, at 50-feet away dropped to around 62 dBA.\n\nI then removed the burger maker and added back in a toaster to produce a demand for around 900 watts. At 50-feet the sound pressure displayed around 64 dBA (see image), louder than many national park expectations of 60 dBA. However, this is the reading with an unobstructed clear line of sound. Bushes and trees between the generator and the next campsite may reduce the sound level significantly to within national park expectations.\n\nMost national parks prohibit generators louder than 60 dBA at 50 feet away and under full load, prohibit running a generator after a certain hour at night (unusually 10pm), and may have limitations during certain times of the day. Best to check with the camp host before starting up a generator.\n\nSeveral kids having fun can produce din in the high 80's and 90's dBA from about 40-50 feet away. During those times, a generator running in your camp ought not to be a big deal. Regardless, even 60 dBA can be annoying at camps where people are looking for a peaceful experience. Kids that get too loud can be warned. It is expected that a generator grinding away can be even more annoying and bring a demand from the park host to shut it off.\n\nThe manufacture claims that the Sportsman GEN154 generator can produce 2000 surge watts, and reports 1500 continuous watts available. 2000 watts just is not going to happen from this generator, lucky to get 1300 watts actual continuos power available at a heavy cost in fuel use. 1200 watts or so continuous is reported by users to be about the maximum useable limit the generator can produce.\n\nEnergy-saving low wattage appliances can stretch out the available watts to allow more appliances operating at the same time. Your RV's electronics and onboard battery charger may be using 65 to 150 watts, and that must be calculated in as well when the RV's 120 volt AC line connection is plugged into the generator.\n\nWatts needed and watts the appliance produces are of different values. The Sportsman generator can run our 700-watt microwave oven with power to spare. The oven requires around 950 watts actual available to work properly. Our toaster needs available around 720 watts, 325 watts in bagel mode (Toasts only the inside of the bagel), and our single hamburger patty grill needs around 355 watts. Our waffle maker needs 538 watts available, and a smaller energy-saving coffee maker may require around 500-1000 watts available.\n\nYou can check the label on the bottom or back of the appliance to determine the approximate watts needed to operate the appliance. The information is usually near the model number - for example, 120 Volts, 750 Watts. If the label reports, for example, 120 volts, 5 Amps, then multiply Volts x Amps to get the approximate Watts needed to power the appliance.\n\nUsing a typical home extortion cord (16 gauge wire) can require more watts to move the current to the appliance. Use a 14 gauge cord or a 12 gauge cord no longer than 25-feet for best results. Most generator manuals provide maximum wattage suggestions for long cords. Follow those recommendations for safety reasons.\n\nWalmart had the best price for the Sportsman GEN154 generator, however this generator may be too loud at higher loads for the campsites we frequent.\n\nWe considered a smaller Ramsond Sinemate 1500 Portable Pure Sine Wave Digital Inverter Generator, essential for sensitive electronics, and which seems can for a short period provide around 925 or so actual continuous watts available. It is smaller, uses less fuel, and a little quieter for camping. The downside is the model 1500 costs about $400, does not provide quite enough continuous watts to run our small 700 watt RV microwave oven, even when plugged direct into the generator outlet. Finding a 600 watt microwave oven at a decent price is proving difficult as well.\n\nThe Sportsman GEN154 generator is worth the money, is probably adequate for emergency use at home to power a small refrigerator, or freezer, (perhaps both if they don't start up at the same time), and some lights when the power is out. The bigger generators use a lot of fuel, and are very noisy, a serious problem in apartments and anywhere people are. Although some recommend a line conditioner, these devices can have trouble with square wave electricity. It’s probably best to avoid plugging sensitive electronics into this generator.\n\nDO NOT plug into you home's main electrical circuit panel without the required accessories. You can be charged with a crime for doing that. It is also a serious safety violation not to provide a ground to the ground post connection on the generator.\n\nAlways use outdoors, or safely route the exhaust outdoors. The exhaust from any gasoline engine operated indoors can kill rather quickly.\n\nThis Sportsman GEN154 generator seems adequate for construction use on a property where house power is not available and when used with mid-sized drills, small table saws, and other lower wattage construction tools.\n\nThis Sportsman generator seems to be a good addition at a very good price from Walmart at this time.\n\nCustomer Service Notation: I’ve bought often enough over the years to know the customer service levels of several major online stores. Sears seems among the worst for me, have not had any successful purchases through, primarily because they refuse to ship to my local store, and I refuse to purchase for that reason. I'm simply not going to drive some 55 miles round trip to pick up a product they refuse to ship to my local store.\n\nI rate among the best, a full five starts for excellence in customer service. Most shipments happened without issue and arrived fast at my local store. When there was an issue it was fixed very fast. A rare event involved the Sportsman generator considered in this review. It arrived at a Georgia distribution center, then disappeared, gone, evaporated. Although communications became temporally confusing, was very quick to reship express at no extra charge.




I ordered online and picked up at store. It was brand new box. When I opened, the welding of the frame was broken. I returned at the store easily.\nI ordered same one again from Walmart. Picked up at store. When I opened the box, I noticed that it was used before and returned by some customer. I had a feeling that the customer may have found a problem and returned. So, I did not take a chance and returned it again.\n\nAfter being unlucky twice, I will never buy this make/model again

not happy

This thing can not br used for camping it us way to loud.

Good product for the money

I took it out of the box,put oil in the crankcase,gas in the tank,and it started right up on the second pull.I wanted to see what it could run so the circular saw was first.Runs at full speed with little effort.I was surprised that it ran my portable air compressor at full speed.I`m sure it will run the fridge and other essentials if the power goes out.This generator will even run a small window air conditioner.So far,so good



Dynamite Workhorse!

This a GREAT little unit! We absolutely love this generator! We use it to power-up our 5th wheel trailer and it ran everything (except the air-conditioner) We are very satisfied with this product.

I Got it to run my Fith Wheel Camper

If we are dry camping, or the power goes out at a camp ground it will run all the 110 power outlets.\nI like it becuse it's small and lite Weight.


I foolishly bought 2 of these generators within a months time. They work well for about 10 hours then stop putting out current. The first one I took back a couple of weeks ago, and the one I've got now quit working 2 days ago, I'm returning it too.\nIt's not like I over loaded them, was running the same appliances I run with my solar 750 watt unit.\nAnd this unit claims a 64db noise way, this thing is loud, loud, loud,,,

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