Smartwares 90001 CombaColor Quick Hair Color Applicator

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Tired of parting hair into quarterinch rows to apply hair color Simplify your home hair care routine With COMBACOLOR perfect at home hair color is just a squeeze, and comb a color away Its easy, just pour your favorite hair color into the supplied squeeze bottle, and attach COMBACOLOR applicator Patented comb tips part hair, control release and evenly distribute color down to the roots, without messy leaks, in as little as 5 minutes Designed for ideal hair color, but also great for conditioning growth oils, medicated shampoos, and other liquid hair and scalp treatmentsFeatures- Save Time and money Apply Hair Color in as little as 5 Minutes- Parts Hair and Applies color EVENLY down to the roots in ONE STEP- Reusable Works with Any of Your Favorite Hair Colors- Easy to Use with Less Mess & Less Waste, Just Squeeze and Comb a Color- Easy to Clean, just Rinses Clean- Dimension 25 x 844 x 418 in- Item weight 3 ozDirections- Preparation- Mix your hair color according to color manufacturers directions- Pour hair color into the CombaColor bottle supplied- Screw CombaColor applicator onto bottle- Before Coloring wear protective gloves, place a towel over your shoulders, and run a standard comb through your hair to remove any tangles- Position CombaColor applicator tips into hair lightly in contact with your scalp, starting close to the roots- To apply color, gently squeeze bottle SKU: MRKV001
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