Silvertone SD3000 Acoustic Guitar Package, Black

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UPC: 792533300350

Brand Name: Silvertone

Product Category: Guitars

SD3000 dreadnought (full-size) acoustic guitar
Silvertone acoustic guitar with natural top
Attractive finish with mahogany stained back and sides
Rosewood fingerboard
Step-up quality
Die-cast tuning machines
Digital guitar tuner to help you adjust your new instrument
Includes acoustic guitar gig bag
Guitar strap for easier carrying
One extra set of strings and guitar picks
Package includes everything a new player needs to start practicing
Designed to produce a rich, full sound
Ideal as a children's acoustic guitar for kids ready to step up to a full-sized instrument
Includes chord chart with beginner songs
  • Age Start: 4 Years
  • Age End: and up
  • Model No.: SAK SD3000PAK BK
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 7.5
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 38.0 x 17.0 x 5.0

Is this an adult-sized guitar?

Answer : Yes this is a full size guitar, with regular steel strings.

Answer : Yes it is too big for a child to play maybe a teen but too big for my nine year old son

Answer : Yes. Though a child could use this, it would be cumbersome. I purchased for 21-yr old son and it works well fo rhim

Answer : Yes this is an adult sized guitar.

Is this guitar a NYLON or STEEL string guitar?

Answer : This is a full size steel string guitar, although you could use ball end nylon strings.

Answer : They're nylon strings.

Answer : Steel

Can this guitar be plugged into an amp?

Answer : It doesn't come with a pickup although one could be added.

Answer : No, there isn't a plug or anything on the guitar. It's strictly just a basic acoustical guitar.

Answer : No

Nice guitar but where does the strap go?

I got this guitar so I could hone up on my very dusty skills. The guitar looks nice, but when I tried to tune it, the 1st string broke (E) and I wasn't even tuning it, then I tried putting the strap on and could only find on place on the bottom of the guitar to put the strap. I know there must be some way of putting it on, but I'm not getting it!

Great Value!

I just started guitar and this item was cheap and does the job well. It even comes with extra strings! I use it every day. One thing though is that you may want to get a different pick. It comes with like 4, but they are plastic. Anyway, sweet guitar and sweet deal!

Great Beginner Guitar

I have had this guitar for about 2 and a half weeks, it is awesome! I have been playing everyday since I brought it.

Great gift for a beginner! Value for money !

I purchased this package as a gift for my husband's 31st birthday. He is a beginner.\nI am glad that he loved it :)\n\nWe are very much impressed by the sound, quality & aesthetics of the guitar.\nIt is a full size guitar which makes it suitable for kids & adults as well.\nThe electric tuner enables you to tune the guitar in minutes.\nThe extra set of strings & guitar pick make a good back-up.\n\nIt was shipped free, in excellent condition & on-time! Impressive & appreciated.\nA thumbs up for Walmart!\nThe reviews posted helped a great deal in decision making..Thanks to all the reviewers.\n\nOverall, this makes a sensible gift for any budding guitarist.\nI recommended this product to anyone looking for a great sounding, good looking full size guitar for a beginner.\n\nI also recommend to go for the 2 Year Replacement Plan for Musical Instruments and Equipment along with this just to be on the safer side.

Great beginner instrument

I am a music high-end (Ovation) guitar needs costly repairs .\nI needed something I could use as a prop to demonstrate hand-position, finger-placement, etc. during lessons.\nThis guitar seemed adequate...but it was the customer comments that decided me...\nAnd I am not disappointed...\nIt came ready to play, has a sweet tone and easy 'action' ...the case is sturdy for a gig bag.\n(That was one reason I bought this model - it came as a kit)\nHaven't tried the tuner, as I already have several, same with the strap, but the whole kit seems well worth the price.\nI am glad I chose this instrument.\nWould recommend it to my students...also came 3 days sooner than listed.

Decent Learning Guitar

This was my first ever attempt at learning the guitar and I had no idea whether or not I would like it so I settled on this combination package. After reading some reviews on the Silvertone, I decided to go for it. For the price I figured I could find out whether or not I liked playing the guitar. I have been playing around on the guitar for about a month now, and have had no problems with it at all. I took it in to the guy giving me lessons, and he said as a starting guitar it was very good. I would recommend having someone take a look at it if you don't know anything about guitars just to make sure there is not anything wrong with it. This package came well packed, earlier than expected, and with everything advertised (the electric tuner even came with batteries). It only comes with a sheet showing you where to place your fingers for chords, so if you want anything more I recommend lessons or buying a book. The guitar was already strung, so the first day you get it you can start playing around with it. The bag it comes with is kind of flimsy, so if you want to take it anywhere other than guitar practice or local places, you may want to look into cases. After playing for a month, I have decided I like guitar, and would recommend this package to anyone just starting out or looking for a good guitar at a reasonable price.


I bought this for a relative who is quite talented but down on his luck in Kenya. He sings local gigs and needs this to improve his act. This is the one he was looking at and I am glad I was able to purchase it for him. It looks to be a fine instrument. Time will tell I suppose. WalMart did their part well.

a gift

I bought this for my boyfriend. He wanted to learn how to play the guitar so I surprised him with this guitar. He loves it and has made a hobby out of playing it.

A very nice package for the price

I must say that I was impressed by the quality and acoustic sound of this guitar. The tuner is very simple to use and I was able to tune my guitar in minutes. I love the black color of this guitar with the contrasting "ivory trim". The shipping was great for me: ship to store.. and it arrived 5 days sooner than expected. Sweet .. and it was free!\nLove it and I recommended to anyone looking for a great sounding, stylish and most importantly on a budget guitar. It can be used as a Replacement or backup guitar and for the beginner.

Great guitar for beginner or experienced player

I am NOT a guitar expert; however, my son wanted an acoustic for Christmas so after comparison shopping I settled on this one. I took it to work for two VERY good guitar players (one a seasoned paid professional) to review and tune for my son. Both said this was a great deal for a beginner & they were amazed that I got the package for such a low cost. That was enough for me! Whether or not my son continues with this, I do not feel I operated on a loss in that it was an economic purchase. Other places had similar prices but without the accessories.

Acoustic Guitar

I purchased this for my husband's 50th birthday. He is a true beginner and so I didn't want to buy something that I had to spend a lot of money on. I was pleasantly pleased with what we received. It's a great beginner guitar and came with all it said. The tuner isn't too easy to figure-out and so we have just used our piano to tune it. The guitar is not super high quality but the price reflects that but it is also very suitable for anyone wanting a guitar to learn or play.

Guitar package

I'm just starting to learn how to play the guitar and this is an excellent starter package..

Highly Impressed

This guitar is great according to my musical blessed friends. It has everything you need to get started. The quality is high and the price is very fair for all you get. This guitar has great sound and look. It is so worth it, I have also been told that Silvertone makes high quality products. From what I have seen and heard its a great investment for anyone

Horrible both guitars i got.

I was so excited about getting this guitar, thought I had a great deal. First time around, the string broke when i played it, and the package was missing pieces. Ok so I thought maybe i just got a bad one.. walmart customer service was great about it,, sent back my shipping money, and sent me out a new one and sent me a prepaid label. received the replacement one yesterday, this was worse than the first one, the decal on the guitar left sticky stuff all over it, the string broke when i sat down to play it, there is a hole in the guitar case, missing pieces again. so once again, its going back. walmart customer service has been great, i am getting a gift card for my troubles and of course my full refund. so disappointed.

Nice Guitar

It is a very nice guitar. I always wanted to learn how to play the guitar so I decided to buy one. I really like the look of this guitar and the fact that it was a starter package. The only issue was that it did not include the strap like it said it did. But, it is a nice guitar and it sounds great.

Great starter guitar

This is a great entry level full size guitar. Made by Samick, the neck was straight and no major defects were found in the construction or finish. After putting on some nicer strings, the guitar sounds great. Compared to other similar priced guitars, this one is a real musical instrument and not a toy.

Change strings and you have a great guitar

I ordered new strings while I was waiting on this to deliver and now the guitar sound wonderful. Buy "D'Addario EXP16" and this guitar will sound like you spent a couple of hundred those are light strings. They are also long lasting and very good for beginners.

I ordered this guitar for my nine year old son for Christmas since he stated he wanted to learn how to play . We received it the day before Christmas it is a great looking guitar with all the extras but i was disappointed because it was too big for him . It was described for a child/beginner guitar but it is full size so if your looking for a guitar for a child dont buy this one unless you want to wait several years for them to use it!! It was a great deal but not if you can not use it!!

Great beginner guitar!!

I bought this guitar because I want to learn how to play. My husband who LOVESSSSS guitars was even amazed by the quality and sound of this guitar. It does come with the strap, a case, an electric tuner, replacement strings, and a pack of pics. It also comes with a cord chart, but for some reason I was thinking it came with a lesson book. But all in all its a great buy and I would recommend it to anyone!!!

Sounds good for a beginner

When I did get a chance to play sounded great, but only after I got it tuned by a music company in town. However I'm in a place now I can't play it. But when I did play it...I loved it!

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