Sabrent - USB 2.0 Super Slim 2.5 Inch Aluminum Hard Drive Enclosure, Black

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UPC: 188218000514

Brand Name: MicroPac

Product Model: SBT-EKU25

Product Category: Hard Drives & Storage

This enclosure provides a fast, easy way to add more storage space to your desktop or notebook PC. You can even customize any 2.5" hard disk to fit your particular needs. The USB 2.0 interface allows for data transfer rates up to 480Mbps. Its easy-to-use design allows you to quickly install 2.5-inch hard drives.
The USB 2.0 interface allows users to read and write large files up to 480Mbit per second
Backward compatible to the USB 1.1 specifications drives
Gives you the flexibility to reuse an existing 2.5-inch hard drive as an external storage device
  • Model No.: SBT-EKU25
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 0.4
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 9.9 x 7.0 x 2.1

What type of drive formats does this support?


Answer : IDE

Answer : Disk format=*.*-NTFS, whatever the OS can do. I think you are asking what interface tech can you use: It comes with PATA only. I think there are USB to SATA cables out there, but I don't think it would cr4am into the encloseure.

What type of HardDrive Interface does this support?

Does this product support PATA or SATA 2.5 inch HDD's. I have an older HardDrive Enclosure for a PATA but don't know if this will support SATA. That is "Serial ATA" in case you need to look it up. Makes a big diffference if I can't even use the product.

Answer : supports PATA only

Answer : It comes with a PATA cable only.

How many GB or do I have to install my own SATA drive?

Answer : install your own PATA 2.5 drive of any GB's

This is an IDE Enclosure

This is an IDE enclosure this is not stated anywhere in the product description wish I would have known earlier save me a return trip to Walmart.

Case is too short

My 2.5 inch drive taken from my Toshiba laptop would not physically fit in the case. The case was about 2 - 3 mm to short to accomodate it.

Is exactly what I wanted, drive isn't...

Took the hard drive out of an old laptop and bought this in hopes of getting everything off of my drive, but not working out so well... I can tell the enclosure would work as its supposed to, just not for what I need...


This is a great way to use old laptop harddrives if you have them, BUT you have to be careful.\nPros:\n1) Slim size can be carried around\n2) Easy to transfer data to from pcs\n3) "Generally" bahaves like a huge usbmem stick\n4) Cheap\nCons:\n1) XP and 2003 treat this like a fixed disk, so there are some realted issues\n1a) The only way to "remove hardware" is to disable the device in device manager.\n1b) If you want non-NTFS format, you need to find a non-Windows way to do it (Linux,DOS).\n1c) If you hot-unplug the disk, Windows leaves the drive marked mounted, because you are not really supposed to do that with fixed disks.\nI don't move it around much to different pcs and that helps avoid the problems. Issues are not horrible, and all have workarounds. Glad I got it.

Cheap, but gets the job done

The quality of this enclosure matches the price. It gets the job done, but it's not put together all that well. There are two small screws that hold everything together once you've inserted a hard drive. I could only get one of the screws in, and nothing really fit together well. That said, this enclosure was perfect for what I needed. I had a laptop that wouldn't boot, and this enclosure enabled me to connect the laptop's hard drive to my desktop PC so I could retrieve some important files.

good for the price

did what i needed it to.. old laptop died and i was able to get the old photos i had off the hdd with this.

Sabrent 2.0

The devise was as advertised, but unfortunately due to an error on my part was not the proper devise for the job, so it was returned without an issue and promptly replaced with the proper devise. site to store works great for me

Does what it's supposed to

This is one of the cheapest notebook hdd enclosures out there, and yet it works just fine. My old hdd was on its last legs, but I needed to get the data off it. Wouldn't boot to OS, so this enclosure was my last best hope of getting that data. Came through for me. It's generic, from a company so obscure they don't even put their name on the box or on the product, but it does what it's supposed to. Actually looking at getting another notebook hdd and making this enclosure a permanent part of my computing tools.

Excellent product

This device enabled me to access all the data on the hard drive of my dead laptop. It was easy to set up and quite inexpensive.

Good product

Excellent way to recycle a salvage HD from an old laptop.

works great

I works just like you would think.\nI installed a used hard drive from an old dead laptop. It took two screws and even came with the screw driver.\nConnected it to a pc with xp and formatted the drive.\nRuns great, simple to use and setup.

What a great deal!

Other similar products cost 2X more and up!\n\nI used it to upgrade my old laptop from 30 GB to 160 GB HDD. Put the 30 GB drive inside this product (nice aluminum box) and re-installed XP on the 160 GB. It was so nice to copy old data to the new drive. I am keeping the old data around to make sure all the useful stuff is moved over but when I am done, I will have a 30 GB USB drive!\n\nThis guy is as small as it could be and nice looking (black). Because I have XP, I didn't even need to install any software.

Product not described properly

This description fails to tell you it works only with IDE DRIVES. This lack of detail caused me to delay an important project.

Enclosure is not SATA

I'm sure the product's good but it isn't what I needed, which was a SATA compatible enclosure. This product is the only non-SATA enclosure listed on the page and it's sandwiched between all of the SATA compatible drives making it easy to miss this detail.

Not as described

Product was described online, on box and in manual as SATA compatible. Product is actually an IDE enclosure. Had a good price but is not what I wanted. Return was easy at local Wal-Mart store.

Just what I was looking for

I had a nearly four year old laptop whose power supply overheated and was subsequently destroyed, and obviously it wasn't worth the time or money to try and fix the problem, so I decided to get a cheap enclosure for the 60GB hard drive so I could at least keep the storage. This enclosure worked perfectly with the hard drive and installation was a simple matter of removing some screws and replacing them. It really is slim and looks very nice as well. It works perfectly and I'm very satisfied.

Works great!

I bought this item after searching throiugh the website here for drive caddies. I already had the hard drives lying about here and just needed something to house them and connect with my laptop to use for extra storage.\n\nThis item was surprisingly fast in data transfers. i highly recommend this item, it comes apart easily and your small laptop hard drive plugs right into it for use as storage.\n\nI am a DJ at a radio station and loading up a drive full of music for broadcast was fast an easy.\n\nI am going to buy another one of these for sure and maybe even a third as i have 3 extra hard drives lying around here. This does NOT come with a hard drive so do not think it does.\n\ngreat tool and a fantastic solidly made item.

Does not specify it was an IDE Enclosure

I bought this under the assumption that it was a standard SATA Enclosure, since nowhere on the product page does it specify that this is an IDE Enclosure. Almost all hard drives nowadays are SATA drives, making this completely worthless for most people. Don't make the same mistake, go buy a different enclosure unless you need an IDE one.

MicroPac USB 2.0 Super Slim 2.5" hard drive encl

Allowed me to attach a laptop hard drive to another PC to recover data from an inopertive laptop. Did the job at a very reasonable price.

Not what it said...

Product description says: "Any standard 2.5" 9.5mm hard drive can be easily installed into the enclosure." Well, I have a standard laptop - nothing fancy and no upgrades, yet this product doesn't work with it. Research since has show there are 2 types of laptop hard drives : IDE and SATA. This is for IDE drives. This fact is presented NOWHERE on the product descrition on either the webpage OR on the box it came it. My suggestion is take your hard drive out first, then do some research on it to figure out which type you have. Additionally, I found hard drive enclosures for both types cheaper on eBay - which I where I ordered my replacement. I was quite disappointed in this product as I had to wait 12 days for it to be shipped to my local Walmart only to find it didn't work and therefore had to order another one from somewhere else...

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