Roku 1 Streaming Media Player

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The Roku 1 makes it easy to enjoy over 1,000 entertainment channels on your TV instantly. In just a few simple steps, you're set up. Find movies and shows in a flash with one-stop searching. Jump straight to favorites with channel shortcut buttons on the remote.
Built-in 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi with WEP, WPA and WPA2 support
Supports HD outputs up to 1080p
Over 1000 entertainment channels
Stunning HD video
Quick and easy setup
Channel shortcut buttons
1-stop search
No hidden fees
Free iOS and Android app turns your mobile device into a Roku remote
Works with virtually any TV
Digital audio over HDMI or analog stereo/RCA
Includes Roku standard remote control and IR receiver
  • Battery Type: Alkaline
  • Primary Color: Black
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  • Model No.: 2710R
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  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 7.0 x 7.0 x 2.5
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What are the differencesbetweenthe ROKUboxes1,2,and3besides the price?

Answer : Wow, ROKU recently released their new 2015 models SO I HAVE TO UPDATE MY PREVIOUS ANSWER! The old models all end in double zeros. If the model ends in 10, 20 or 30 then it is the updated 2015 model. Here we go. ROKU 1: Basically unchanged. Still has infrared remote so you can't hide the box. Still is Wi-Fi only and still single band Wi-Fi capable, meaning it doesn't get as fast a Wi-Fi connection as dual band Wi-Fi. It has no ports or slots. Still does not at this time support Netflix profiles. Still works on almost every TV made since the 1980's up to a modern 1080p HDTV. Good for basic channel watching within close range of a Wi-Fi router. ROKU 2: Big changes here! Now has an infrared remote so you can not hide it behind the TV. Deleted the earphone feature which is now exclusive to Roku 3. Adds an Ethernet port, USB port and Micro SD memory card slot. They added a much faster processor. Added composite video out for old standard definition TV sets like on the Roku 1. Is Dual Band Wi-Fi so it has better Wi-Fi range than a Roku 1. ROKU 3: A new voice search feature but otherwise essentially unchanged. It still has a radio frequency motion capable remote so you can hide the box behind the HDTV. HDMI STREAMING STICK: Essentially unchanged feature wise other than the Netflix platform update and the new mirroring capability. The remote of course is still radio frequency since the stick is usually hidden behind a HDTV. NETFLIX PLATFORM: Roku has a new updated interface for NETFLIX that supports the Netflix Profiles feature. As of now this updated platform is available on all 2015 Roku models EXCEPT the Roku 1. DUAL BAND WI-FI: All current 2015 Roku units have dual band Wi-Fi except the Roku 1.

Answer : The differences are connectivity and features. The picture is exactly the same quality on all of the Roku units up to 1080p HD and so is the sound up to 7.1 Digital Surround. They all get the same channels too. The following is a quick run down of the 1, 2 and 3. Even though you didn't ask I will include the HDMI Streaming Stick version too! Roku 1: The Roku 1 is your basic Roku box now. It works for an old analog TV using the little round Red/White/Yellow input jacks common since the 1980's and comes with the cable for that. It also works with a HDTV up to 1080p if you add a HDMI cable which is not included. In the box you get the unit, the power supply for the unit, the remote, batteries for the remote and the analog TV connection cable. The remote is infrared so it is a line of sight device meaning that you can't hide the unit behind the TV and still control it with the remote. The Roku 1 connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi ONLY. Roku 2-Works exactly like the Roku 1 box but adds an earphone enabled remote that will run two pairs of earbud style Stereo earphones. If you live alone you probably don't need earphones. The earphones only work for things streamed via Roku and not for other sources like broadcast, cable, satellite, DVD or Blu-Ray. This remote is also Bluetooth, so you can hide the box behind the set and the Roku 2 will still respond to the remote. That's two benefits over the Roku 1. You have to decide is you really need the earphones or the ability to Velcro the thing to the back of your set. If you do then it might be worth the extra $20. For me it isn't. Roku 3: If you want to play video games or don't want to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi then the Roku 3 is the one for you. With the Roku 3 you MUST have a HDTV because it doesn't have an analog output. It will ONLY work if you have a HDMI jack on your TV. It has a 5 times faster processor and way more memory than the other units because it was built for gaming. Most Roku games will ONLY install on a Roku 3. You won't even see most games in the Channel Store with any other current Roku model. The remote is a motion controller like a WI remote, is Bluetooth so you can hide the box behind the set and also has the earphone feature of the Roku 2. It has a USB jack for playing back files or viewing photos from a thumb drive. Like all the other current Roku models it can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi but also includes an Ethernet jack so you can hardwire it if you'd rather do that. I prefer Wi-Fi myself. Roku HDMI Streaming Stick: Delivers the same picture and sound quality as the boxes, but ONLY works with a HDTV by plugging directly into the HDMI jack on your HDTV. It gets power by using the included AC adapter OR you can use a USB jack on your TV set. The remote is Bluetooth so it works behind the set. I have 3 comments about "The Stick" version. 1-If the HDMI jack is on the back of the set and you want to flush mount the HDTV on the wall then the Streaming Stick will add about 3 inches to the depth of the set. A way around this is to buy a right angle HDMI adapter, they cost about $5 when ordered "Site to Store on If your HDMI jack is on the side of the set then no problem with that for you. 2-There have been complaints about Streaming Sticks not working reliably and/or rebooting randomly. In almost all cases this is caused by under-voltage or unstable power being supplied by the HDTV to the USB jack on the HDTV set itself. This isn't the Stick's fault but is being caused by the HDTV. If this happens use the included AC power supply instead of the USB jack and it will solve the random reboot problem. 3-People who buy a Streaming Stick after using a Roku box unit frequently comment that it seems sluggish to react compared to a Roku Box they have. People who don't have experience with a Roku box unit to compare it to probably won't notice that it may actually be just a tad slower to navigate. No earphone feature. Connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi ONLY! Picture quality, sound quality and channel selection are all the same on each one! The difference is connectivity and features. You won't get any picture, sound or channel selection advantage by spending more for a Roku 2 or Roku 3 but they have other features you might need. You now have the information on the differences to make an intelligent decision!

can I watch wwe network with this?

is this additional charges to using this. other than the cost of the channel cost itself?

Answer : Yes you can watch WWE on this or any current Roku model for sale at Walmart so long as you have a valid WWE subscription. All current Roku models get the same channels, including WWE. The Roku 1 has the same video and audio quality as any of the other current Rokus. The Roku 2 adds the earphone enabled remote feature. The Roku 3 adds gaming capability to the earphone capable remote. If you don't play video games and if you don't need earphones the Roku 1 is a great economical choice. Once you purchase the Roku unit there is no further charge by Roku to watch all the free channels you want. None. Subscriptions are available for many premium channels, like the WWE channel. There is no usage fee or anything like that over and above your premium channel subscriptions. You can buy a Roku, only install the free channels, watch them all you want and never pay anything to anyone. I do think that the paid subscription channels are the best channels though. When you set up your Roku account you'll need to either provide a credit/debit card or instead of that you can link your Paypal account to your Roku account in order to activate the unit. I do not think there is currently a way around that requirement. I'd also suggest setting up a PIN password on the unit to prevent guests or family members from purchasing anything or installing inappropriate channels. Setting up a PIN on the Roku unit also prevents you from renting or subscribing to a pay channel or movie by accident when you didn't mean to do so. You can read about using a current model Roku to watch the WWE channel by copying and pasting the following link in a new browser tab or window:

does this come with a remote

Answer : Hi Sasha. YES! It comes with a remote. Also you get batteries for the remote, the AC power supply and the standard definition composite video cables to connect to a TV that doesn't have a HDMI input. Those standard definition jacks are the little round RED, WHITE AND YELLOW ones that have been around since the 1980's. Even HDTV's have them. If you have a HDTV all you need to add is a HDMI cable. Roku doesn't include one. Any of the HDMI cables sold on Walmart.Com will work fine, even the $5 ones. If you have a HDTV the difference in picture and sound quality is dramatic between using the standard definition cable and a HDMI cable. So if you have a HDTV don't neglect to order a HDMI cable using the free "Site To Store" shipping method because they are half the price of the ones on the rack in the stores.

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