Rephresh Pro-B 30 Ct

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Brand Name: RepHresh

Product Category: Feminine Care

Balances yeast and bacteria to maintain feminine health*
Clinically shown to provide healthy probiotic lactobacillus that works with your body to balance yeast and bacteria*
Directions: Take 1 oral capsule daily
Rephresh capsules are easy to swallow
Please do not break open, crush or chew the tablets
Probiotic feminine supplement helps to re-balance hormones after they shift during the month
Can be taken any time of the day
Can be taken every day for optimum health*
Keep yeast in a normal range and stay comfortable*
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What is the difference between this and a regular probiotic?

I am taking a regular probiotic now and wander if this would be better

Answer : I did try another probiotic before trying this one, and it made no difference with my yeast infection.

Answer : This product is specifically designed for women's health, especially related to yeast infections. It is much more than a probiotic for good digestion.

Answer : i dk. you should prbly ask your doctor about ur particular situation. this was best for me.

Can I take this while pregnant?

Pregnancy can often trigger reocurring yeast infections , is this ok to take pregnant?

Answer : No, this should not be used while pregnant or nursing.

Product does what it claims

Noticed a difference after 1 week of use. Expensive, but worth it. Product includes $2.00 manufacturers coupon on next purchase.


it does work you have to give it a few weeks. but i still have symptoms of an infection i got a little bit.

Buy a real Probitotic, Dont waste money on this

Im writing this form personal experience. All Pro-b is is a probiotic. But the problem is is that it only has a portion of what other probiotics have and its far more expensive. It was the first one I bought before I found this out. It took a month for this to do what other probiotics did within two weeks.. You can look up the ingredients for yourself and compare.

Great product

works best when taken once a day. fast results!


It's great to stay balanced.

Works like they say.

Great product if you want to feel normal.

Truly great product

I had a problem with systemic yeast infections. This is the ONLY product I have found that ACTUALLY WORKS!! And this is the best price I have found.

Surprisingly effective

I noticed improvements within 1 week of starting this. I would definitely recommend this to any females who suffer from feminine odor & yeast issues.\n\nThe only reason I didn't rate it a 5 ? was because of the price. There are coupons available if you must purchase in-store, however, using is much cheaper using site-to-store.

Been using it for 3 years.

This product has made a world of difference for me. No yeast infections since I started using it. And also, my digestion has improved. Less bloating and gas for sure. I highly recommend it. Walmart on line price in over $10 less than CVS. Glad I found out about ordering it from Walmart.


This product is very useful. After 3 days of consistent use, I've seen and felt improvement. The only thing that I disagree with is the price. I'm essentially paying $1 per pill. Walmart is where I found them for the cheapest.

Rephresh prob is #1

Love it, love it, love it. This product works just like the manufacturer say it do.

simply the best

I am a diabetic, so I have yeast infections, I got tired of using the creams, they are too time consuming and messy. I read about pro B and it change my life one pill daily, one more thing do not eat a lot of candy and sweet.... you can see the difference in a is worth the money

I love it!

This is wonderful! My doctor referred me to this and I bought it. It does exactly as it says. I take it once a day but sometimes I forget to take it. I have been telling my friends and family about it.


This works to help with anyone who experiences BA infections regularly. Take it on a regular.

Great Product

I have been taking this product for a few months and I love it. I am not sure about the previous reviewer odor issues, but I have never experienced any problems with RepHresh Pro-B.

Best thing in the market for your system

I would recommend this product for ladies who get recurrent yeast infection. It keeps you immune system in check by just taking a pill, instead reminding yourself of eating a yogurt a day, having the right water amount, relaxing your mind etc. I usually travel a lot, and this helps me.

Essential to my well being

RepHresh Pro-B. This product is a God-send - has proven to be the surest way to minimize the kind of irritation, infection, itch and miserable discomfort that is increasingly common with women over 50. I take one every day and combine it with eating a greek yogurt every day. Together they keep good/bad bacteria in balance. Still end up going to the gyn for a prescription about once a year, but that beats every other month! Walmart's price is the best I've found, too, 40% cheaper than CVS.

1st time use

This is my first time using this product, but so far it's ok. Does not hurt my stomach. Shipping took longer that stated.

"glad to have found something that helps"

I am happy to have found something that works for my situation. I was taking rounds of antibiotics to eliminate my bacterial & yeast infections, but they did return after a few months.\nThe Pro b seems to have taken effect in only 1 weeks time. There doesnt seem to be any side effects from taking them. I wish they were a little less expensive and maybe sold in a larger quantity, but so far Walmart does have the lowest price ordering online!


I had read the reviews & for the price thought it was worth a try. I am very satisfied with the results, I could tell after 2days a major difference & after a week; odor is completely thankfully gone. I ordered online but set it for store pickup, thankfully a woman was there when I picked it up. someone had mentioned the heat when shipping & it was very hot at the time I ordered. I don't know if it would make a difference but it does say to store at a cool temp, would hate to have it set outside all day during the summer. Works, worth the $$ & 1 very tiny capsule once a day does the trick.

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