PurestPets GR-3C86-26HG PawSpa, Dog Paw Balm, 1-ounce

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PawSpa is the Antidote to the Stress and Discomfort of Your Dogs Active Paw Pads- This paw balm for dogs promotes healthy paw pads- It was developed to improve their overall condition- It also stops dogs from licking and chewing their paws- Pamper your pet with PawSpa- No more licking and chewing- You will also enjoy the bonding experience and the calming effect it has on excited dogs- PurestPets mission is to help dogs feel comfortable in their skin again- Proprietary formula which includes: Tea tree, castor, and cod liver oils- Calms down raw, sore and inflamed skin- Treats split and brittle nails making them strong and flexible- Relieves discomfort due to cracks, calluses and scratches- Sooths tender paws after long walks on the hot pavement or salted snow- Pure and undiluted, it preserves the natural moisture balance of paw pads and achieves long-lasting results- PurestPets products have a very mild, pure and clean fragrance- We never add artificial fragrances, colors or preservatives- Hypoallergenic and pH adjusted for dogs- Cruelty-Free- SKU: PURPT007
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