Protege Digital Luggage Scale

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Avoid unexpected overweight baggage charges with an easy-to-use Protege Digital Luggage Scale. Weigh your luggage before you even reach the airport, so you can pack and plan accordingly. This portable luggage weighing scale is ideal for frequent business travelers and one-time sojourners alike. The device features an ergonomically contoured open-loop design that fits easily onto the handle of most standard suitcases, along with a sturdy, chrome-plated steel baggage hook for secure lifting. The advanced compact luggage scale has an easy-to-read display, a convenient backlight, a smart auto-off function and a handy low-battery indicator. Make your next trip through the airport security line a little less stressful with this portable digital scale that quickly calculates precise weights up to 88 lbs.
Weigh your suitcase prior to travel
Avoid overweight baggage charges
Ergonomically contoured open-loop design for easy handling
Sturdy, chrome-plated steel baggage hook for secure lifting
Luggage weighing scale includes backlight, auto-off function and low-battery indicator
Measures up to 88 lbs
Requires two AAA batteries (not included)
Model# PR5822BK17WAM
  • Model No.: AT31-900-100-11
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What is the accuracy of this weight scale?

for example, the weight shown in the digital scale may vary by plus minus 1 gram or 5 gram or 50 gram or 200 g from the actual weight of the package or luggage. Could you please tell me how much variation does exists in this scale if I am measuring the weight around 20 to 25kg? Thank you!

Answer : I recently used this for a trip I went on in June 2015 and it was pretty accurate. When I got to the Airport, it was only approximately 1-2 lbs off.

Answer : Pretty accurate scale

Answer : Seems to be very accurate. Agreed closely with airport scale.

Answer : When weighing my luggage, I do so in kg because the baggage/ticket counter weighs in kg. I have only seen ~.02kg difference between the scale and the counter.

Answer : Package indicated a percent accuracy rating. Recall 1% as max . I figured within 0.25 lb and was ok to meeting airline weight when weighed my 10 large bags

Answer : i found it was maybe 300g light. That could have just been variance from trying to hold up a 23 kg box & it swinging a bit. Its quite accurate.

It can adjust pound to kg??

Answer : Yes, it can be adjusted. I adjusted mine prior to actually weighing my luggage. It's very easy to do...just a click of the button.

Answer : Yes

Answer : Yes. And other units of measurement too.

Answer : After the weight has been locked in or while weighing you can press the "unit" button and it will convert lbs to oz, kg and g.

Answer : yes it can. Weight can be displayed in Kg, g, lb, oz.

Answer : Yes

Is this digital luggage scale that a purschased in store FAA approved to carry on to use on my retur

Answer : I am not sure about the carry on, but I placed it in my checked luggage without any issues. I am very doubtful it would be a problem in the carry on.

Answer : I did, no problem

Answer : I think so. Appears to be very accurate.

Answer : I have never had a problem bringing a luggage scale with my carry-on or check-in on international flights.

Answer : I was able to take on carry on with no issues

The device broke just after 3 uses !!

The product is light-weight and has a good brand name. However, the one I received broke just after being used thrice. The baggage was not even 24 KGs, and the metallic pin just snapped off from the remaining device. The product has a Q.C. Passed sticker on it, but I guess the batch to which this particular piece belonged was not tested per se.\n\nI'd suggest the company to perform a few more stress tests on the devices. Also, the Customer Service is horrible and just puts you on their voicemail.

good item but low quality

When you buy it You need 2 AAA batteries. I do not why but item first time it worked but second time it did not worked in a couple of minutes. I tried many times to work it. Finally I have to return it.

Protege Luggage scale

Excellent scale. I am always anxious when checking in at the airport. I never know the weight of my luggage. With this scale, there were no surprises at check in. Exactly the same weight. My son and his wife left for a cruise and were pleased that they knew exactly what their luggage weighed prior to arriving at the airport.

Finally, an accurate way to weight my luggage!

This very inexpensive device works really well for weighing our checked baggage before we leave home. Bathroom scales never weighed the bags in a reliable way and when we got to the airport, our weights were different from the ones at the baggage check-in station. We just returned from a flight and this scale weighed our bags within 1/2 pound of the ones at the airports. I like the way this scale eventually "locks in" on the weight after you hold it still for a while.


This thing was cheap accurate and easy to pack. Came in handy and I was stress free at the airport. Should've gotten it sooner!!


Love it. Easy to use and to read. Light weight can even take it with me.\nGood Price.

luggage scale

This scale is easy to use and very accurate. I have compared it with other more expensive scales and it is right on. It is a little larger than our old spring type scale but doesn't weigh much at all. It is easier to use than our old spring type scale. It fits nice in the hand and is easy to read.

I may be doing this wrong, but

When I was weighing my suitcase I set it to ( LBS.) and it came up 427. I then changed it to OZ and it came up 26.68 . I think my oz. and lbs. are somehow backwards. I tried changing out the batteries to go back to default and same thing. hmmm. It is nice , handy, lightweight, reasonably priced, is made by a luggage known luggage company.

Great luggage scale

This scale was exactly what I was looking for. I am leaving for a cruise and I was worried about the weight of my luggage on the low-cost airline, both going and returning. This scale will save me quite a bit of money ensuring I do not pay over weight baggage fees.

Great little device

Handy, accurate, lightweight, strong. Just what I needed.

Great Scale

I love this digital scale. It works great. I plan on taking this with us on our Las Vegas trip.

Great investment for travellers.

Easy to use. The airline was impressed that our bags were exactly the maximum weight. A little hard to hold up the baggage long enough for the scale to beep (final reading).

Travelers must have this

Was moving out of the country and needed to make sure all bags were under the airline max weight allowance. This scale helped me with my packing to avoid any excess baggage fees. Airlines will charge you 100 for bring 5lbs over . It's ridiculous but this handy low cost durable scale is well worth the purchase it could save you tons of money if you travel a lot. Only regret I have is that I didn't buy it sooner!

Good Helper for Travelers

Looked at several luggage scales online, and read reviews. This one was a little higher priced, but, appealled to me, and works very well. I had no problems with it, and would recommend it.

Good purchase

I have used this product only once till now since I recently bought it. I am very happy with this little weighing scale. I used it to weigh my check-in bags and I was amazed to see how accurate they were. It was a great purchase and very convenient to carry it with you.

Excellent hand scale. Very easy to pack and carry

I purchased this scale so that I wouldn't have to go through my luggage at the airport due to it being over weight. This scale is small and compact but very effective and accurate. No over weigh charges for me anymore.

Handy Little Scale

Have you ever picked up your suitcase and guessed the weight? Tried to balance a heavy case on a set of bathroom scales? Only to arrive at the airport and discover your bag weighs 53lbs? If so, you'll appreciate the convenience of this handy little scale.\n\nIt costs less than one wrong guess, and the money you'll save by not paying those outrageous baggage fees, ever again, is priceless.\n\nWeigh your bag, toss the scale in your suitcase and off you go. This scale is accurate, rugged and not too other words....perfect. It would make a great gift for the frequent traveler in your life, a business associate, or family member....or get one for yourself!

Light in weight, and a good value

Having a scale with you when you travel can save lots of $$$'s. The airlines are charging so much for extra weight that you need to know before you get to the airport if you need to make adjustments to your checked luggage.

Great Scale

Great Item. This works great! All you do is put the batteries in, and pick your luggage up by the hook and it tells you the weight. This will save you time and money before you get to the airport.

My husband and I travel a lot and are always concerned about the weight of our checked luggage. I did a web search of various locations and found this scale. It works wonderfully

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