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Help keep your pet flea-free with these PetArmor FastCaps, Small. FastCaps is an oral flea control medication available over the counter to consumers like you. The package includes six easy-to-dose oral tablets that begin working within 30 minutes with a powerful parasite-killing ingredient called nitenpyram. This hassle-free oral flea medication for dogs and cats creates no mess, like many other flea products, and does exactly what you need it to do: kill adult fleas fast. It is suitable for pets that weigh 2 to 25 lbs. This 6-pack of PetArmor for dogs and cats is approved by the FDA.
Oral flea medication for dogs and cats that weigh 2 to 25 lbs
Package includes 6 easy-to-dose oral tablets
Begins working within 30 minutes
Kills adult fleas fast
Includes a powerful parasite-killing ingredient called nitenpyram
Effective and hassle-free product that creates no mess
Available over the counter
Approved by the FDA
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can this be ground to feed a violent ferral cat ?

Answer : As far as feral cats go, this is a no-win situation. They are outside and in the wild all the time so no amount of flee-killing is going to do them any good as their exposure is constant. This will only kill adult fleas, not the eggs or the larvae. But it works pretty much instantly. This stuff is better suited to indoor cats who occasionally pick up fleas even from someone walking across your yard and tracking them into the house. Then the whole house is affected and has to be dealt with, including bathing the cat, treating the carpets, etc. Hope that helps you with your outdoor kitty.

Answer : Yes, grind away. The TRICK is to get them to eat food with this slightly 'different' taste. Food has to taste awesome, in other words. DRAIN (not overcooked) burger meat, mash up the meat, mix powder in really well. Feral cats usually have never had real meat so they will inhale this mix, lol. Another food is canned salmon with the juice...

How long does the tablet last?

How often the pets need to take the tablet to be effectively rid of fleas?

Answer : Each tablet only lasts for 24 hrs but you can safely give it every day if you wish. I personally wouldn't give it to them daily but you can. But they still need to be on a monthly flea prevention program for long term treatment.

Work Very Poorly

I have 8 cats at the house. We gave each one a fastcap because they all have fleas from a mouse that got into the house. They do not work at all. Don't waste your money on them. They are convenient, but after spending $40 on these, and they don't work, now I am going to have to spend $80-100 to get Advantix II or Frontline to get something that works.

Works really well.

I had a small kitten recently appear on my balcony. I have used the expensive Capstar before this. When I Googled it, and found this comparable one. I have indoor cats so it is imperative that I be proactive about flea control. It worked excellently. I used it every day.... The only issue I have is that it should be offered in larger discounted packs. I had to return for a second one. It does not have flea killing history and has to be used every day. After two weeks, I was able to get Revolution on this kittie.

Did not work

we have a small dog who had fleas gave them the pill and it just didn't work the fleas we're still on her and very much alive gave her a second dose two days later and still nothing at that point stopped giving her any of the pills and threw them in the trash. took her to a vet and got a flea bath and that's what solved the problem.

This did not work for any of my pets

It was not worth the money did not help at all

does what it says

works fast and kills fleas. I have 2 small dogs and it worked on them. The smallest dog won't let me put topical flea meds on him so this is a great option!

They work

The fleas are bad this year. I had a topical medicine on my cat, but she still had some fleas. I gave her a pill and her scratching was not as bad within an hour. I think it lasted over 24 hours. I will definitely keep using these with a topical medicine as well when the fleas are really bad.

Product did not work

Gave this to our cats and dog. They still have fleas. We dosed all animals twice over a two week period of time.

What doesn't work!

I left my better judgement to other people's reviews. Well I bought this product it didn't work the way it was suppose too. Very disappointed. As of today we are still at square one because I don't think I can give my pet anything else till our 30 days are up. I choose it because it was pill form and the other one that you squeeze on gets all over. Where ever your pet layes down. I don't want to harm my pet by adding that form of meditation on top of the pill. To over expose him I feel would be very harmful. Can anyone refer me to a product that will really work? Without breaking the bank. I have 2 small dogs. 11 & 12lbs. I make all preparation when caring for my pets. I washed there bedding & bathed them to help get rid of the problem.with total fail. At wits end with this problem. I really wished this product worked but it didn't. Sorry

AMAZING - but see note below

All fleas dead in 24 hours!! I was so happy with this product!!\n\nBUT - Please note, yes all of the fleas are dead but you still have to wash all of the bedding, vacuum couch, etc because of the EGGS.\n\nPlease read the paper that comes with the FastCaps.

This stuff actually works!

After unsuccessfully battling fleas using Frontline Plus, I decided to try FastCaps. It worked great! I noticed a difference after the first dose (I just crushed up a pill & mixed it in with canned food - very easy!). Fleas dropped dead from my pets. I will continue to use FastCaps along with Frontline Plus to keep my pets & home pest free! I highly recommend FastCaps!


This product worked great! And saved me a lot of money!!!!

Easy on the tummy

I really like this, it is the first time my little dog has taken flea medicine and not gotten a sick tummy. Not only that but it really does work just like it says it will, no fleas. This is first time I have been very satisfied with a product, thank you for carrying this at a reasonable price.


this product works great on my cats. unfortunely i cant get them to swallow it whole so i crush it up into powder and put it into their moist cat food. they dont seem to notice its in there. it starts working fairly soon.

fur ball heaven

home was rough for my seven cats fleas took over. I really worried if this was a good choice and it was. they are happy and in kitty heaven! price was right and the results even better!!! try it all you have to lose are FLEAS.

great product

I have 5 dogs which I gave them all the pill but on 2 of them I had to reapply the dose 2days later but after that they were fine. I will continue to buy this product it worked fine for my dogs.

Works pretty well

Make sure you give one to all pets in you home at the same time.

is the best

I try so many things for the dogs , but they don't work. The liquid work for a day and is done and the collar all it does is stinks but the fleas still there. As soon I give this to my dogs , the fleas and the eggs die and fall from them. Is the best product and the price even better. Thanks Walmart and Pet Armour.


it works

The Best Over the counter flea fighter!

It works great, I have a 15 pound dog and a 3 pound Kitten, it is and AWESOME product for fleas, I would recommend it to everyone.


This stuff Works so FAST! I bought it at walmart and was skeptical only because I am a Frontline user, and Honestly I like this stuff better. My cat had a major flea problem and I wanted something worked fast. I honestly didn't think this would work, maybe a little if at all. The pill was very tiny and I easily was able to put it into my cats mouth. I left her alone for about 20 min and when I returned I was stunned. Hundreds of fleas were hanging off my cats fur! The fleas were just dying and falling everywhere. I have to say this stuff really does the job if your cat gets fleas bad every now and then. This is the fastest stuff to get your cat back to normal.

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