Pet Gear Easy Step II 2 Step Pet Stair

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Brand Name: Pet Gear Inc.

Product Model: PG9720CC

Product Category: Dog Travel Accessories

  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 8.3
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 22.0 x 16.0 x 16.0
  • Walmart No.: 884264

What is the Width?

When you purchase this and choose the 23" "option," are you choosing a 23" height or width? Is the width set at 16", or can I purchase this at a larger width? Thanks.

Answer : 23 is the height, I chose the 16 as the height.

Answer : The 23" option is the height. I don't know if you can purchase a larger width or not, but the 16" width has been just fine for my dogs.

Answer : the 23 inches refers to height and 16 inches to the width. I don't know if they come any wider. Our dog is small (20 lb.) so the siae is fine

Answer : Height - there are three steps instead of two. I didn't see an option to purchase a larger width.

Does the bottom have rubber grips on it so it won't slide?

Answer : Yes it does. Absolutely everything slides on our tile floor, but the steps stay in place even with the dogs running up and down them.

Perfect Fit

These steps are perfect for my two miniature daschounds, the oldest of which has back and hip problems. I ordered the higher one with 3 steps since the bed is high and it is just right for them. They go up and down the steps with no problems at all.

Nice Product

I bought this for my pit bull who was having trouble getting up on the bed due to too many snacks. Assembly was simple, just make sure you use pressure to securely snap it together. I find it to be sturdy, my grandsons even use it to get on my bed. Great price, and site to store shipping was super fast.

Works fine

Works fine for my wife's old cat. I got the taller version, comes to top of mattress. Easy to move around, not too heavy, which is a good thing after you walk into it a couple of times in the middle of the night and stubb your toe, lol.


These steps worked out perfectly for our 32 pound cocker spaniel. They are sturdy, to be sure. They were extremely easy to snap together. Attractive too. I do consider them significantly over-priced, but things are worth what you can get for them, and I'm sold :)

Makes life easier

This is the 2nd Easy Step II stair for our lil guy, Stanley. He is just too small to get up on the bed which is very high, my feet dangle when sitting on the edge. Since he is now considered a senior dog, the step has solved a problem for all of us. He makes the trips up and down easily now without help. He is happy, we are happy. This step has warning on it for my Hubby, it is not a step stool to put on his socks :)

Best pet stairs ever

The Easy Step II stairs are like an answer to prayer! I have used pet stairs as an aid for my aging pets, whom I permit to lay on the bed. My previous stairs required a complex assembly, and eventually broke down.\n\nOn the contrary, the Easy Step II stairs, with their sturdy molded plastic design, require simple assembly and provide a safe and secure platform for a small pet to access a higher level, such as a bed or couch.\n\nCheck your space availability for the pet's requirements. The Easy Step II stairs do have a sizable footprint, and when you add the space needed for the pet to begin to climb the stairs, the total space needed may be more than you expected.\n\nWhile the assembly was simple, I did not have enough strength to insert and secure the pegs into the holes from one piece to the next. I found that a hammer was helpful to accomplish the assembly; the molded plastic is so sturdy that it was not marred or damaged.\n\nAll in all, the Easy Step II pet stairs are an excellent product.

I bought it for my chihuahua so she could use it to go up and down my bed by herself. When it came in i set it up (really fast and easy) and put it by my bed. After using treats to get her to climb up and down a couple of times she did it by herself. She likes it because she can just go on the bed without waiting for us to put her there. Even my cat uses the stairs...even though he doesn't need it :) I got the 3 step and it was perfect height for my bed. Planning on buying another one for another room.

just right!

I have a 26 pound dog and a 60 pound dog. These steps are very secure and quite stable enough for both dogs. Mine are on carpet; steps might be too light for bare floors. Keep in mind these are just two steps, so if you have a high bed, maybe would not work. Just check the measurements. For my smaller bed is PERFECT! The carpet part is held on with velcro, although I don't really know why. Would be fine glued on, but velcro is quite secure. Had to train one dog to use them, one dog figured it out on his own. I am SO VERY HAPPY with how these are working out!

Just right!

These steps work great for the bed. They were pretty easy to assemble and are sturdy and lightweight. Found them at other pet stores for a lot more $. I had them ship to the store and saved on shipping too!

Product not what it seems.

I ordered the 23" Easy Step II for our 59 lb Boykin Spaniel. This product is built for 150 lb. pet, but it is just too unstable. It was easy to train him to use it, but he doesn't like to, because it is too wobbly. My husband and I plan to use 2X2's to brace, strengthen, and support each step to make the Easy Step II more stable. I wouldn't recommend this product for any pet over 25 lbs.

Working great for 90 lb. retriever!

I have been looking for either steps or a ramp under $50 for my 90 lb. choco lab to use to get into my truck. These steps are great!!! They are completely stable and able to take her weight (she's a big girl!) A prior review had a concern regarding the steps wobbling but mine fit together nice and tight at the joints (you do have to put a little weight behind snapping them together so they fit correctly but I had them put together in 10 minutes.) The dog has used steps to get into the truck before and she had no problem using these...didn't think twice about stepping onto them. Well worth the money!


These steps were wide enough but the 16" was not high enough for my small dog. I did go back and got the higher one and it is perfect for my high bed. If you have a high bed or other furniture, do not get the 16". Otherwise the steps were perfect for my small dog.

Directions were not correct

I just followed the letters on the steps and put it together without the directions. Took me about 5 minutes. Works for my small dog (17 lbs). Hopefully it will work for my large dog too.

I needed to purchase steps for my little peke(13lbs), to get up and get down off the bed and couch. The steps are sturdy and safe for her to use. I purchased 2, 1 for the couch and 1 for the bed. 2 doxies in the house also use the steps at the couch.

Easy Step 2

easy to assemble, no problem for my beagle to use, he weighs about 40 lbs., us treats to teach how to go up steps.

Easy to assemble, very sturdy

Perfect for my 50 pound bassett hound. Much sturdier than I expected.

exactly what we needed

I needed sturdy steps for our shih tzu to get on our bed. He won't go on anything that moves when he steps on it. Other steps have been very light weight causing them to slide and scare the dog. These work perfectly.

ok buy

our previous doggie stairs were much less expensive but also more difficult to put together. Our 12 year old grandson broke the others but these seem sturdier.

I bought the 24 inch steps with three risers and they are perfect for my needs. My little dogs stand 10 inches at the shoulder.

The steps were very easy to assemble and my cats began to use it right away. The product is molded plastic and my only complaint is the bottom step was slightly creased when I took it out of the box.

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