Peet's Coffee Decaffeinated French Roast Deep Roast Ground Coffee, 12 oz

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Peet's Coffee Decaffeinated French Roast Deep Roast Ground Coffee:
Peet's darkest roast
Powerful smoky taste and a pleasant bite
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Very Aromatic

This coffee has a quite aromatic scent and taste, just how I imagine “French Roast coffee” should smell. It’s also decaffeinated which I like, because I dislike the effects of caffeine. My boyfriend says that the coffee definitely tastes like black coffee, it has a strong bitter taste.

Indistinguishable from full caff

For me, this coffee is bold, robust, strong, and full of flavor. I can't distinguish it from the full caff of another brand. I don't have Peet's regular french roast at the moment to do a correct side by side comparison but this is great coffee on it's own. It appears that the technology for decaffeinating coffee has come a long way. I suspect that if you follow the recommended dosage of 4 tablespoons for 12 oz of water, your cup of joe will come out too strong. The only other decaf coffee that comes close is Verona Decaf by SB. Give it a try, I don't think you will be disappointed.

A rich bold cup of Joe, or Peet's

I must admit that I am more of a tea drinker, but a good cup of coffee can make your day. When I opened the bag of coffee the rich aroma filled the kitchen. The dark rich grounds were a extremely dark brown almost brownish black. I used my regular drip coffee maker, and followed the brewing directions. By the time the coffee filled the pot the entire kitchen, dinning room and living room was filled with the tantalizing aroma of the coffee. I was amazed after the first sip of Peet's all the rich aroma was only a hint at the rich smoky flavor of the coffee itself. All the flavors can be tasted the rich, dark, smoky taste of the roasting process, with a pleasant after taste but not lingering, or overwhelming. Does well with flavored creamers not over powering their taste but still strong enough to hold it's own flavor. I can Highly recommend this product either hot or cold. I have served this product to company and have had all positive comment on my delicious coffee.

what a tasty surprise

I have not had good experiences with Peet's coffee in the past - but that has been mostly in airports where coffee isn't always the best in any event. But this Peet's Decaf Deep French Roast coffee was such a surprise that I don't think I would have recognized it as decaf in a blind taste test. The coffee was intense and full-bodied, with a wonderful aroma and no acidic aftertaste that often accompanies decaf blends. I did have to use 3 heaping tablespoons of coffee to brew 6 cups, but it was well worth the extra coffee grinds for such a good cup of coffee. It is such a treat to be able to have such a good cup of coffee at night without having to worry about falling asleep. I will continue to buy this decaf coffee.

Peet's Coffee to Start the Day

No matter whether your on vacation or on your way to work Peet's Decaffeinated French Roast Deep Roast Ground Coffee is the way to start your day off right. No matter whether you brew it the old fashion way with a two cup coffee maker or a modern drip machine your in for a pleasant surprise. The aroma and non bitter taste will put that smile on your face as you watch the sun come up. What better way to start any vacation or work day! Give it a try I think you will agree.

Peet's Decaf French Roast Coffee

This coffee has a smoky taste that makes it distinctly different from other coffees. I enjoy my coffee with creamer and sugar. My husband drinks his coffee black. We both agree that either way this is a very good coffee. French roast is a very good deep flavor and the smoky taste adds that something extra that makes it different from other brands of coffee we have tasted. We are especially pleased that it is decaffeinated. This allows us to enjoy this coffee with our evening meal without keeping us awake at bedtime. I don't usually like the dark roast coffees because they often are harsh. This coffee has that dark flavor without being harsh.

Finally GOOD Decaf coffee

Decaffeinated French Roast - The Decaf French Roast is an absolute way to make any busy morning feel like a stroll down the Seine River. The people of France take coffee seriously, and this Decaf French Roast is just what a solid cup of a coffee should taste like – classic and well-blended.\n\nThis Decaf French Roast (Dark Roast) blend uses the freshly roasted, freshly ground beans possible from only top-quality Arabica beans from the highest altitudes of prime Latin American growing regions; this coffee has pronounced smoky overtones and a pleasant bite without the caffeine. It's not burned, has a great robust flavor that doesn't get watered down by simple additions\n\nThis is well-rounded in comparison and strong, without being too bitter. My family really likes this bold flavor! This coffee is excellent: it's called a dark roast but it tastes more like a medium or medium-dark roast and doesn't have that bitter/burnt taste so common in such roasts. After shopping around a bit I found that Wal-Mart has the best price and I recommend all decaf coffee drinkers to buy this product.\nIf you have questions there is a contact number and a business address so you can call to speak to one of their experts or write with your concerns.

Peet's decaffeinated French Roast is excellent

I am reviewing Peet's Coffee Deep Roast French Roast Ground Coffee 12 oz decaffeinated.\nThe coffee arrived 27 June 2015 packed nicely, no problems with the bag.\nThe coffee is delicious. It is just as delicious as the caffeinated product.\nI have had to switch to decaffeinated coffee and some brands are barely drinkable they are so watery.\nPeet's decaffeinated is very full bodied, rich and dark, and the taste is great. They decaffinate their coffee through a Swiss water-processed procedure, which is the very best way at this time. Not all decaffeinated coffees are water processed. The experts say that decaffeinated coffee should taste as good as the caffeinated product. Peet's does.\nI am very satisfied with Peet's decaffeinated coffee.

Bold Flavor

Brewed a pot of coffee as soon as this was received this morning. Stronger than I normally use, but the flavor was BOLD and good. I usually use creamer with my coffee, but tried this without it and found that the flavor was very bold and delicious. This will save money on creamer. I like the soft packaging. It's much easier to put into a canister once it's opened.


Wanted to try this coffee and when it was available on the "Spark Reviewer Program" I was really happy to receive it. The coffee is bold and very flavorful, but to me it's kinda strong and overpowering. Maybe I just like weaker coffee, but even with creamer added this brand of coffee was too strong for me. It had really nice flavor and wasn't the least bit bitter like some others I have tried. My husband who like stronger coffee said it was fine so it's probably just me.

Mmmmmm.....smells & tastes so good!

I really love coffee; I drink coffee hot, iced, flavored, regular--all kinds. Consequently, as the price of coffee keeps going up, I end up spending more and more. And decaf costs more, as well, but I'm still not supposed to drink anything else. Everyday coffee has to do for the most part, but I keep some really good coffee on hand most of the time, anyway. I had never tried Peet's before, so I'm glad I did this time--I loved it as soon as I opened the bag and could smell it. It is rich, dark, a very fine grind; I wish I could adequately describe the aroma. And once I made some coffee, it just smelled and tasted so good! It will be in my pantry, for occasions when I want something a bit better than the plain old boring ground coffee we use for all the rest of the times, at night with dessert, with company, just to sit and relax and talk over a good cup.

Peet and Repeat this one!!

I am always leery of trying a new coffee, I love my Folgers coffee but Peet's is a fresh, good quality coffee! It is smooth, great tasting coffee either by it's self or mixed with regular strength Peet's Coffee for a half cafe option since I haven't found that option with Peet's. Usually I can't drink fully caffeinated coffee in the morning because I noticed it causes me to have a health issue but drinking half cafe or decaffeinated coffee solves that problem. I would love to see a Peet's half cafe option! The french vanilla flavor is my favorite but I think I like Medium roast the best. It is a little expensive but it is worth it!

Excellent Decaf Coffee

Peet's Decaffeinated French Roast, Deep Roast Ground Coffee is an excellent brewed coffee. The tasted is full flavored and smooth, with absolutely no bitterness. It's great for those who want to cut caffeine out of their daily diet. Or if you like to enjoy coffee in the evening, but don't want to stay awake all night because of that evening cup of coffee.\nWe tried this out during a family gathering on the 4th of July and every family member liked it. Even those who took their coffee black, that is a sure test of whether a coffee is good or not.\nYou won't be disappointed with Peet's Decaffeinated French Roast Coffee, it truly has an awesome flavor.\nThe package is 12oz's, I can't tell you how many pots of coffee you will get out of this. A lot will depend on how much coffee you use per pot of coffee made. The package gives you directions on how much to use, but each person's tastes differ on how strong they like their coffee. You always have to experiment a little with new coffee. Enjoy!


I am a drinker of very strong coffee, and I drink decaf only now. I double the ordinary amount of per cup when I make it. For this coffee I had to lesson the amount back to the usual per cup . Instead of tasting rich and full I found it to be rather bitter. You can see the darkness of the roast right away in the grinds. I looked forward to it because of the advertised strength. The smell was very rich, however it had a bitterness to it I didn't enjoy. The small size bag doesn't go very far either. French roast is known for it's strength and I have tasted worse of this kind. This was smoother than some others I've had. As coffee is a matter of personal taste this might appeal to some but I didn't care for it.

Surprisingly great!

To begin I am not a fan of decaffeinated coffee as I have found in the past that it is always seems to lack the taste and flavor of regular coffee. That being said I now find myself having to retract my past thoughts.\nThis Decaffeinated Peets coffee French Roast has changed my mind. It says on the packet it is “intensely bold” and a dark roast and that it surely is!!\nWhen I had my first cup I added almost twice as much coffee as I would with a regular coffee due to my past experiences but WOW I had made a VERY dark and strong brew. Next time I used the same amount I do with regular coffee and the taste is strong (we like strong flavored coffee) but it is not bitter… in fact I can say I could not differentiate it from regular coffee and maybe just maybe it has better flavor than most regular coffees we use.\nThe coffee is very finely ground which I like because it allows the water to get well soaked with the coffee bean flavor.\nI also like they add a roasted date and a freshness date on the packet so you know how fresh it is.\nAll in all this Peets French Roast coffee has convinced me that some decaffeinated coffees are as good in flavor and taste as the regular coffees.

Nice Full Flavor

This is the first time I have tried Peet's Coffee. I am a long time Dunkin Donuts coffee drinker and the occasional Starbuck's coffee drinker and this one was right up there for flavor. I have the decaffeinated French roast, intensely bold and flavorful with some smoky overtones and a pleasing zip. I liked it so much I went out to there site and joined the 'PeetNiks' community on their site. This coffee is comparable in price to other well known brands. French Roast tends to be a bit strong for my tastes but adding some cream and a couple splenda cuts down on that dark roast bite. I would definitely recommend this coffee for anyone who likes a nice bold flavor with a bite. I will probably continue to drink this coffee. Give it a try.

sophisticated flavor

Enjoy it! I have been drinking Peet's French Roast for a couple weeks now, and it is just as good each time. A rich, full-bodied taste. I don't drink as much coffee as I used to, so each cup needs to be special, and this coffee meets the grade. Coffee is the one thing I indulge in by buying only gourmet coffee. I now have a second supplier to use. It is just as good as the more expensive brand. I prefer my coffee on the weak side. To me that is the way to find the true flavor and quality of a coffee - and of course with nothing added. I hold it in my mouth and swirl it to get the full flavor. If there were anything to improve, it would be the strong aftertaste. I expect that comes from the decaffeination process. The package does not state which method they use to decaffeinate. I prefer the water method for health reasons. In all, I favor it and would serve it to friends and family without hesitation.

Robust Flavor

Surprisingly full flavoured for a decaf coffee. I brewed it in an expresso coffeemaker and the aroma was great as was the coffee. I then brewed it in my keurig coffeemaker and there was not much aroma nor much taste to the coffee. I did not rate it higher because I noticed an after taste from both machines. I don't think there would be an after taste if you added anything to your coffee like milk or sugar, but I drink mine black.

Good Decaffeinated ground coffee

I received this product from Spark Reviewer program. I made coffee in a single serve coffee maker, with a permanent brew filter that makes coffee into a 12oz coffee cup. The directions call out for 2 TBL of coffee to 6oz water. I used 2 TBL to 8 oz of water. The coffee grind is medium resulting in no particles seeping through the filter. Decaffeinated coffee is supposed to be less robust; here it passes to be almost like a regular coffee. It is NOT bitter, it is NOT acidic. When you initially open-up the bag, it smells of burnt coffee beans. Brewed coffee has NO burnt bean flavor. I am not a fan of black coffee; I added non-dairy Coffee-Mate creamer, and Splenda sweetener. The creamer did not take away from the flavor. Overall, it is a good quality coffee. After opening, coffee should be stored in an airtight container at room temperature. The coffee comes in a bag containing 340 grams of coffee enough to make 34 cups of coffee (10gms = 2TBL per cup of coffee). It would have been more convenient, if it was packaged in a rigid metal or plastic container with a re-closeable lid for storage purposes

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