PawFlex RTC005 Tubular Protective Cover & Sleeve Bandage for Pets, Medium

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Award winning Paw Flex Protective CoverSleeve is disposable, non-adhesive, super stretch and fur friendly- This innovative vet approved cover can be used as extra protection when placed over Paw Flex Basic and UniversalJoint Bandages as well as Med mitt straps to prevent your curious and tenacious pet from mouthing at the fastening tab- Because of its tubular design, it has no ends that can unravel which make it virtually impossible for your pet to undo- The protective cover conveniently replaces the traditional use of adhesives to secure an independent gauze pad or gauze wrap simply and easily with no sticky adhesives pulling your pets fur- Ideal for covering and protecting surgical sites, bug bites or growths from being further irritated or compromised due to licking andor gnawing- These water resistant yet breathable covers can be used simply as a prophylactic to guard against flare ups of hot spots, Lick Granulomas Licknomas or at first signs of excessive licking of a known trigger spot; can also be used to protect sensitive skin from outside underbrush- The non-slip feature was designed to keep the cover in place no matter how active your pet is, while the ease of use makes application and removal a quick, easy, painless, hassle and stress free process- No cutting, no peeling, no unraveling- Just pulls on or off like a sock- Regardless of the situation, all Paw Flex Bandages and protective covers are designed for quick and easy application by professional and non-professional caregivers to provide effective, multi-functional use- 1 piece, 1 second, thats all you need with Paw Flex Bandages- Paw Flex Protective CoverSleeve can be used for all parts of the legs except the hind knee- Because of all these innovative features, Paw Flex is quickly and successfully becoming one of the most sought-after animal wound care products around the world- Vet approved and recommended- Paw Flex Bandaging just got easier-Paw Flex Cover or protector bandage is water resistant and breathable- The bandage is designed to fit over the Basic and Joint bandages to ensure they stay in place- Its tubular design means there arent any ends to unravel or open- One Cover strip is included in every box of Basic and Joint bandages-Non adhesive water resistant breathable and easy to use- Excellent protection of the lower limbs for show dogs easy on easy off- Super Stretch-Features- Bandage Type - Tubular Protective CoverSleeve- Size - Medium- Dimension - 1-5 x 4-5 x 6 in-- Item Weight - 0-1875 lbs- SKU: PWFX023
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