Ozark Trail 13' x 9' Instant Cabin Tent with Realtree Xtra Camo, Sleeps 8

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Brand Name: Ozark Trail

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The Ozark Trail 13ft x 9ft 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Realtree Xtra Camo sets up in 60 seconds! This eight-person tent requires no assembly because the poles are pre-attached to the tent, just unfold and extend. This roomy cabin style tent has 360 views with windows on all sides and room to stand up with a six-foot two-inch center height. It comfortably fits two queen airbeds or up to eight campers in sleeping bags on the floor and includes a room divider. Keep your gear organized with two included storage pockets.
Sets up in 60 seconds
Fully taped seams
Electrical cord access
Welded 6" tub floor
Fits 2 queen beds
Sleeps 8 people
Polyester and steel constructions
Steel frame
Cabin style tent
5 fully closable windows
Easy to set up
Carrying bag included for storage
Measures: 13' x 9'
Model# WMT-13974CM
6-month warranty
Attention California Residents: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.
  • Multi Pack Indicator: No
  • Battery Type: Does Not Contain a Battery
  • Model No.: WMT-13974CM
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 29.83
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 9.06 x 9.06 x 44.88
  • Walmart No.: 551962372

Does it have a mesh ceiling?

Answer : The Ozark Trail Realtree Xtra 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent does not have a mesh ceiling.

Answer : Yes it has mesh screen ceiling for ventilation

Answer : yes the entire top is screen

Answer : Yes rain fly covers it

Answer : Dear Skippy, Yes, it has a mesh ceiling that can be covered by the rainfly for privacy if desired. Thank you, Customer Service

Does it leak?

does it leak?

Answer : If you get the realtree 8 person tent which is the camo color, the lower seams will leak if it rains for an extended period of time. You can either apply seam sealer to the entire perimeter lower seam or you could choose the blue or orange 8 person version which is constructed differently so there isn't the same lower seam.

Answer : Yes Seal the seams with Coleman seam sealer use rain fly, works great in light summer rain.

Answer : This product does not leak.

Answer : Hi S, The tent is made of a durable coated polyester fabric for dry zone weather protection. The seams are factory taped. The windows are also specifically designed to prevent water to leak through during rain. Thank you, Customer Service

What is the difference between this tent (13974CM) and the other Ozark Trail instant 8 person tent (

Answer : The CV1309 is the 2013 style and is no longer available. The features however are the same as the 13974CM

Answer : No difference only in color

Answer : The only difference between the two is the style of the color and pattern.

Answer : Hi Len, The two tents are the same. The only difference is the color. This version is Realtree Xtra camo with khaki, and the other is either orange and gray or blue and gray. Thank you, Customer Service

Awesome tent

Needed a new tent that was easy to set up and very roomy. Husband is 6'3" and wanted to be able to stand in it. This tent is larger than expected which isn't a bad thing. Plenty of room for us and the two kids. I was able to set it up and break it down by myself. Can't wait to try it out!

I love this tent!

This is the easiest tent we have ever put up. My grandchildren loved the curtain that gave them their own room. The compartment holder was nice for glasses,flashlight etc. I also loved the camo design for blending in with nature...certainly not and eyesore out in the middle of nowhere. I highly recommend this tent for four or five people but not eight. For two or three you can store all your gear indoors with you if you need to keep it dry.

Ozark Trail Realtree Xtra 8 Person Instant Tent

Rating: Excellent Tent for the price!\n\nTent Seasons, Setup, Size, Divider Curtain, People Count\n========================================================\nThis is a 3 season tent - spring, summer and fall.\nI recommend you watch the video to learn how to setup.\nQuick Easy Setup - Recommend 2 people, you can bend the poles\ntrying to do it by yourself. Takes less than 60 seconds with\n2 people. Luv the headroom, my buddy is 6' 3" tall and could\nstand straight up. It is rated for 8 people but would\nbe rather cramped. Could fit 8 people in sleeping bags and no\ngear. However, I recommend 2-5 people with gear.\nOn my 1st use, There were 2 of us, each had a queen size air\nmattress, our gear and had space to spare. We did not use the\ndivider curtain. The divider curtain attaches to top and sides\nin the middle of tent which separates into 2 rooms. It does\nnot go all the way perfect to top, sides, and bottom which\nleaves a gap for those concerned with total privacy.\nAlso, tent has a electrical cord slot.\n\nVentilation, Windows, Zippers, Gear Organizers\n=================================================\nLots of mesh windows (5) for air circulation. Including vents\nat the top of tent and a small vent window in center of back\nwall close to the ground and works perfect for my $100 remote\ncontrol air-conditioner which is ran by generator when dry\ncamping in the woods for summer in South Louisiana. This small\nbottom vent window has no zipper to close, so I used\nindustrial Velcro to keep it closed. The zippers are standard\nzippers meaning not heavy duty. So take your time when\nopening and closing zipped door/windows and it will last\na long time. The door does not have a mesh screen, but the\nsize and ample number of mesh windows make up for it.\nThe door has in/out zipper pulls and zips/unzips from top\ndown to bottom. Then another zipper is across the bottom\ninstead of 1 zipper for entire door. Also, has 2 gear\norganizers / compartments to put your items such as\nflashlight, glasses, etc. within close reach and mount\nthru loops across the back wall of tent.\n\nNo Leaking and here's how to keep it that way!\n=================================================\nAs I read about other people's comments of this tent leaking...\nWe were in a heck of storm the 1st night with no leaks and it\nwith-stood a wind storm. So stake out your tent and use\nguidelines. You have to proper seam seal your tent!!!\nSeam sealing is going to cover the sewing holes made by needles\nwhen tent material is sewn together. I have 12 tents and\ncamp 120+ days a year. As soon as I get any new tent\nI seam-seal with seam tape around all the seams and\nthen spray Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield (Silicon)\non the material. Put 1st coat on lightly and let dry\n6-24 hours depending on amount of direct sun and how\nthick you sprayed it on) and get it out of the condensation\nof night until dry. I treated it outside then brought in for\nthe night and setup in my gear-room to finish drying. Apply\n2nd coat lightly the next day and dry as stated above.\nWhen applying Scotchgard, cover the mesh screen while\nspraying on material. I use painters tape and cut open\na plastic garbage bag to cover or brown paper, etc.\nDO NOT SPRAY TENT AND FOLD IT AND PUT UP UNTIL IT IS DRIED!!!\nAnother word of advice, At night, on the inside of any tent,\nif you have anything touching the side of tent\n(except canvas tents) it will normally have condensation\naccumulate around that area. Also, ALWAYS have an extra\ntarp that is the 1 to 2 times the size of your tent to cover\nin extreme foul weather or torn/ripped tent.\n\nTent Material and Structure\n=================================================\nTent is made of good quality of Polyester and steel\nconstruction. But the steel construction is thin,\nso handle with care and it will last a long time.\nThe Realtree and Tan color scheme is great! The rain\nfly is a mid-size. It covers the top and about 1 foot\ndown the sides and attach to loops on each corner of\ntent. The bottom tub style floor is "about" 10mil\nthickness. The door-matt is made of same material a\nfloor.\n\nTent Bag\n=================================================\nThe bag is a tight fit and a little small when stowing\ntent away. The bag has 2 nylon straps for handles.\nTo put tent in bag, close tent, spread and stuff tent\nmaterial into center of each steel supports, or you'll\nnever get it back in bag. I bought 4-3 foot nylon\nstraps with buckles and 1-6 foot nylon strap. Put\n2-3ft straps on folded tent to help keep it closed\nThen once tent is inside bag, use 2-3ft straps on each\nside of the nylon handles and tighten. Make sure\nbuckles are on the side. Then put the 6-foot strap\nthru the 2-3ft straps to make a shoulder strap for\nease of carrying it. I Did this on all my bigger\ntents, works great! Don't force the tent into the\nbag you will tear/rip tent or bag or both. Take your\ntime and stuff into bag and it will last a long time.\nAs I am putting tent in bag, I start with narrow end\nof tent 1st, begin zipping a little at a time with\n1 hand while stuffing tent with other hand.\nUse your middle finger under zipper to guide zipper\nand keep material away from zipper.\nUse thumb and pointer finger to zip close. When I\nget to top, I use 1 of those nylon 3ft straps around\noutside of bag to add pressure to close while zipping.\n\nMy 2 cents\n===========\nI have tents of this same quality, material, but with\nfiber-glass support poles for over 15 years. So they do\nlast, you just have to take care and clean your tent.\nNever put a wet or damp tent away...It will dry-rot,\nmildew, etc. and stink after time. I use a poly tarp\nand an 8oz thick canvas tarp to cover tent and use\nas a winter tent - the 4th season. I use a woodstove\nin 1 of my winter tents, I cut a 5" hole in top and sewed\ncarbon fiber around the hole. Carbon fiber is burn\nresistant. Then I cut a 3ft hole in the floor in the shape\nof a U and sewed a zipper. I unzip the U shaped hole and\npeal it back to expose ground, and put my woodstove there\nand run the chimney stack out of top of tent thru carbon\nfiber hole.....at -40 outside it is always toasty inside!\n...My Motto! Do more Camping !!!

Easy to set up - but leaks

First time opening, one of the poles was twisted and would not extend. My husband was able to take it apart and reassemble it so that it works however it does not slide smoothly. It rained the first time we used the tent and needless to say we had our own little lake inside the tent. I was going to exchange for another tent but decided to just seal the lower seams where the water was leaking in and then apply a silicone waterproof spray over the entire tent. I just hate the hassle of having to return things. The orange version of this tent is not constructed in the same manner and you probably wouldn't have the problem with water leaking around the lower perimeter seam.

need better carrying bag

Great tent but carrying bag tore

Leaks!!! Best to PASS!!!

Set it up for the first time knowing rain was in the forcast in the time we were to be camping, so i sprayed all the seems with Scotts Guard waterproof... a couple of days later the rain came early one morning, only rained moderately for about 45mins., the tent leaked all around the seem where the sides met the tub floor... luckily this was the only rain we had for the rest of the trip or the trip would of been a washout.\nIt was also very windy and the fly top got pulled up by the stronger gusts, rain was being blown in on the top side too, just for some extra fun.\nBack it went!

easy set up

loved this product, very easy and fast to set up. the only problem is the bag for the tent\nis to small, a very tight fit. will recommend this product.

easy set up

Time saver.

Awesome tent

Very easy to set up quick just like videos. Recommend sealing seams does leak. Lots of room to stand up . Use floor mat as it is thin material Good summer rain tent.

Easy Set Up Tent

I love this tent. The easy set up and it really only takes 1-2 minutes! I love this, no more sweating and unfolding and running poles!!! This is exactly what I have been wanting, and that it was on sale and bundled with the 4 chairs...........couldn't be more happy. I immediately opened it and set it up. Then bought water repellent and sprayed it down and the chairs. Ready for camp-mode ;)

Loved it

Talk of our Girl Scout camp out was last to start setting up and first done. Only addition is put nylon backpack strap in pack to wrap around tent. That made it easier to fit in the bag

Ozark trail tent

Large tent that sets up fast. I had it up and freestanding by myself with rain fly in just 5 min. Just watch YouTube vid and you see how easy it goes up. Got for our 3 person fam, 2 adults and a 3 yr old. I am 6ft and can walk through the tent standing anywhere. There will be plenty of rm for mattresses and gear, with area for play in case of rain. Haven't had in rain yet. Sprayed it with waterproofer just in case. Hope it performs as good as it looks.

about this tent...

I first purchased the 6 person instant tent ,then realized I could get the 8 for a little bit more so I exchanged it. these instant set up tents are awesome! they really do go up in a minute and 1 person could do it alone if they had to. you won't want to go back to old style tents after you experience this conveniance. not too heavy to carry either.\nwe fit a twin and queen air mattress plus our 3duffles and had plenty of room you could easily have 2 queens in as well.you can completely stand up which is great too- I'm 5'5.\nthe worst feature that the tent has is that there's only 1 door and the zipper is in 2 sections- not just 1 continuous one. it zips from the top curve around and down then the other is from left to right along the bottom edge of the door. we had the mattress along each wall and to get in and out was kinda a pain.they should have done the swing doors like the c01m4n brand. the rain fly fit nice and there are plenty of windows I just wish there was another door.the zippers and bottom floor seem cheap but what do you expect made in China. the floor does come up the wall a little so that was nice. raking it down was easy and cramming it back in the bag is always a little struggle but we did get it to fit back in after all.not sure how it holds up to rain we were camping in socal and got a lil drizzle but no real rain.\noverall for the price and fast set up its worth it!

Great idea but very poor quality

I'm a 62 year old that has been using tents all my life. It has become hard for me to get down on my knees to thread the poles through on my older tent. The instant up design is outstanding, however the rest of the tent was very disappointing. Right out of the box, one of the top corner supports had not been sewn into the tent, how does quality control miss that? The zipper in the door was nothing but trouble from the get go. I only found these problems the day before I needed the tent to use on a trip in South Texas. It rained on me three times but I did stay dry, on the trip is when I found how poor the zipper worked. I had to fold it up wet for the drive home. As soon as I got home I put the tent back p to dry. I could not get the door zipped up due to the faulty zipper. The following morning I went to check it only to find that one of the top corner seams had a 8 inch rip. I guess theses are one use tents. The quick up idea is great as long as it has a quality material around it. I really doubt they will help us with replacement.

Awesome tent

Super easy to put up and take down...not sure if it took 60 seconds but it definitely didn't take long! The tent also accommodated my whole family, love it!

Excellent tent.

This tent is absolutely fantastic. The pop-up design is brilliant. This tent was up in 5 minutes by teenagers. What does that tell you!! Definitely a great product.

awesome easy set up big spacious tent!...

this tent met more than my expectations!..big and easy to set up!..kept out the rain easily

Up dateing a less than stellar review.

I had some issues with my new tent from the very start. Due to some issues keeping me from setting it up as soon as I got it I thought I would just have to assume the loss. I was directed to contact their customer service and upon doing so was treated and taken care of very professionally! They walked me through the process of getting what I needed to take care of the issues and I was/ still am a customer for life. The idea and function of this tent was wonderful and worked like it should, there was just a couple oversights by quality control. Customer service, if needed is out standing and I tip my hat to them and offer a huge thanks. I will be recommending their tent and other products to all I meet. Thanks again customer service.

Seems like a good one, except for the storage bag

I have not camped with this yet, but did set it up inside of my garage to verify it works. My beef is the flimsy, tiny bag it comes in! There seems to be absolutely no way to fold the tent back to fit inside of the carrying bag that it comes with. Talk about frustrating! Why do you sell this with such a teensy bag, Ozark Trail?

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13'x9' Instant Cabin Tent Setup Video (Colors May Vary) Duration: 133 sec.