Oopsie Baby Headguard Toddler Safety Helmet - Yellow

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Babies often bump and bruise their heads around the home during the experimental crawling and walking stage. Some injuries to the head can be very serious. Now there is help to absorb the impact of their falls as The Oopsie Headguard offers protection of the forehead, temples, and soft spot. The Oopsie Headguard has been designed with comfort of paramount importance, therefore it is lightweight and fits snugly, without the need for a chinstrap. It will help protect our babies from sharp corners, tiled floors & other dangerous areas. Manufactured from a special non-toxic, high density, machine washable foam, The Oopsie Headguard is available in one size & is fully adjustable with Velcro straps. The Oopsie is generally more comfortable than a typical baby helmet because it doesn't have a chinstrap and there is much more air circulation to the baby's head. One size fits all helps with children who have very large heads or very small heads that may not fit into a typical baby helmet. The Oopsie Headguard has been designed as a safety aid, to help protect babies who are crawling & learning to walk. It is not guaranteed to prevent injury. Care Instructions: Hand wash, or gentle machine wash. Dry in shade. The Oopsie is manufactured in the United Kingdom.
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