Nexen Roadian HP SUV Tire 275/55R17 109V BW

US $166.00

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UPC: 887613157709

Brand Name: Nexen

Product Model: 11577NXK

Product Category: Car & Truck Tires

Nexen Roadian HP SUV tires are made for high performance SUV drivers in wet environments. Their V-type and straight channel design together with the arrow type center rib make for a great, anti-hydroplaning driving experience. These key components along with organic groove design give you the best in upgraded handling and corner stability.
  • Model No.: 11577NXK
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 35.4
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 28.92 x 10.83 x 28.92
  • Walmart No.: 550701357

Does this tire have alot of road noise?

Answer : No, they are as quit as the Pirellis were

Answer : No

Answer : no

Are these tires all season radial?

I'm Going To Order A 4 Set Of The Nexen Roadian HP SUV Tire 305/45R22XL Which Walmart Store In My Ar

I"m Asking Because I Know For A Fact That Some Stores Don't Have The Necessary Equipment To Install In A 22" Rim. I Live In Mesa Arizona 85204

Answer : Check with your store...not all stores are equipped for 22's

Great tires!!!!!

I love this tires for my 2009 big body el expedition other tires were close to a thousand got these for a lot less they are quiet and still look brand new and I do travel a lot

Best tires I have ever bought!!!!!!AAA+++

These tires are awesome! The pictures on Walmart web sight do not serve these tires justice these tires are CHUNKY! With Deep tread grooves. The shipping took 2 days WOW I was surprised super fast. By far the best deal on tires I have ever bought!!! I will never by tires any where else!!!

Good tires for the price.

Good tire and good price. Handles well in the rain and snow.


Awesome tire. Awesome price. Ride smooth. Look good. Will never buy high priced tires from tire stores again. Only issue is that since they are 22" I have some one else install them at $20 a tire. worth it though.

The Best

I am happy. They are a smooth ride and quiet. I recommend this tire to everyone

great tire

Awesome tire at an awesome price.

Nice Tires , Super Value

Ordered site to store for my Expedition. Ordered Thursday night got confirmation Friday afternoon that the tires were already in ... Unbelievable! I already know the ride is smoother than the OEM Pirellis. It is 20 degrees out and the tires do have a noticeable (during the fist few blocks of driving) flat spot that disappears once warmed up. The OEM tires did the same, better traction for sure than OEM in sleet/rain. Looking forward to snow. I got the tires installed and a 7 quart synthetic blend oil change for $106 ... This cannot be beat. My first experience at a Walmart for tires, but after much research I believe I made the right decision. Do yourself a favor and give Wally Word a try, you will be pleasantly surprised!

NICE smooth ride...

I've had BFG & Goodyears...these tires ride SO MUCH smoother, are better in the rain and are a fraction of the price. I only keep my 22's on from April to October, so I've never had to use them in the snow, but have a set of Nexen 265/70r17's that I use for the winter months...awesome in the snow. OVERALL the best tires I've ever ride ever as well, not the HARD ride from BFG or Goodyear!!!\nShipping is overnight in MD...sometimes same day if ordered before 10AM...\nEXCELLENT CHOICE!!!

Great Tires!

Bought the Nexen Roadian HP's for my '07 Toyota Tundra. After looking at the more expensive OEM tires, I compared the specs. These exceed specs of the OEM Bridgestone Alenza HL in speed rating and load. Great dry traction, prtty good wet and snow traction as well. Very happy with the tires, price and service- free shipping and install. Balancing is extra, but priced fine. I was a little disappointed with the price to reset the TPMS, next time I will be doing that myself! Still spent far less that I would have elsewhere, and got some great tires!

good quality tire for your money

I have a 99 Silverado ext cab with 22" rims and this is my second set. I love these tires. The ride,look,performance and durability is very good. I like them so well that i bought a set for my wife 2003 Tahoe (285/60R18) factory rims sc edition. She love the ride and look as well. Hope this help in your decision. The first set i got about 50,000 to 55,000 miles.

Great service and a Great Tire

I needed tires but couldn't spend high bucks. I tried some of the national tire retailers for this size tire and the lowest price I was given was about $795 installed! Then I tried some famous online tire dealers and their prices were cheaper than these other retailers for the tires, but they wanted $80 - $110 to ship the tires to me and then folks around here wanted $15 per tire to install. The final price would have been about the same. Then I tried Walmart - the price was cheaper and I used the "ship to store" option to have them sent to my closest Walmart store -- no shipping charge! I ordered the tire in the morning, received an email later in the day saying it had been shipped, and then the next day it was at the store! I had them mounted today, purchased the road hazard protection, and I still saved over $200 compared to every other option. The Walmart tire center had my tires put on in under an hour. All around, this was a wonderful shopping experience. Great service, great price, and great tire.

Very Happy with my purchase

I purchased 4 of these tires for my F150 pick up. Was a little hesitant due to the price, you get what you pay for, kept going through my head, but I needed them for my truck to pass inspection. I went ahead and made my purchase. I have had these tires for 2 1/2 months now and am so happy with them. You can feel a change as soon as you start driving. We have been getting a lot of rain lately and they handle the road great. I am so happy with my purchase.

A great experience and great product

I was apprehensive to order tires on line but got through the problem, I ordered the tires on a Sunday afternoon and was notified on Monday noon that my tires were in and could be installed.\nThe actual getting the paperwork done at the photo center part of the store made me scratch my head but it worked out. The tires have made me fall back in love with my Ford Expedition the quiet firm ride of the new tires is a rewarding experience. I have had a lot of american made tires in my life but these are the first Korean made, I think they did themselves proud. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\nPS> Walmart had the best tire price I could fine anywhere.


Researched tires online - ordered on Thursday - delivered to store on Friday - installed on Saturday! Best online buying experience I have ever had! Well done Wal Mart!\nGreat looking tires on my 2010 Ford F-150 - even my wife likes them... they ride great, no noise, smooth. I am interested to see how well they perform over the long haul. these tires seemed identical to the Kumho - only less costly.\nTires have great features - wheel protection lips, great tread design - directional tire pattern. If they hold up, these will be my tire of choice going forward. Thanks!

Watch out for the fine print that's missing!!!!

The tires look great, unfortunately I don't know how they ride because they are not mounted on my truck!!! I selected tires based on their load specification and overall diameter in order to correct an issue I had with the current set which were installed as replacements when the factory tires were shot. Now the Nexen HP tires are 3/4 inch taller than the my old tires which should help correct the speedometer error caused by my current 265/60R18. Because I had to go up in size with the Nexen tires to restore the height I lost compared to the factory tires Walmart refused to mount my tires. Anyone who shops around knows different brand and style tires with the same "size" designation can very in actual dimensions. Their website has a warning about load rating but nothing about size designation. I did not get my free mounting, I was told to take my tires elsewhere to get them mounted then bring them back to Walmart to take advantage of the balancing program. At that point my brain went on tilt, the lack of logic was overwhelming. I loaded up my new tires and left pledging to never waste my time or money on Walmart service. When I have the new tires on and have driven them a while I will return to review the tire quality. I am very happy with the appearance and price point, I hope their overall quality passes the test of time driving.

Great Value and Performance

I have been truely surprised by the performance of these tires. THe ride is very smooth and the tires have performed outstanding. I have had the tires for approximately 4 months and have had several road trips with them- I have been amazed by the handling and ride of these tires on my Tundra. I would recommend these tires to anyone.

Seem to be good w/exception of sidewall separation

We have had these tires since August 2013. 10,000 miles and the sidewall separated completely from the tire. This may just be a one time thing therefore I can't say if I would recommend this tire or not. Just wanted to share this information so others can make a decision for themselves. If we have no more trouble we would probably buy again.

Awsome tire for the price

Low road noise, excellent grip in snow conditions, have on 04 F150 Supercrew.

Not worth the trouble

I purchased this tire to save money. It was $60 cheaper per tire. However, they didn't even last for two years and they were only good for about 24,000 miles. They were more trouble than what they were worth. I should have spent the extra $60 per tire for twice the mileage and the warranty that come with them. Very disappointed.

Wonderful tires

These are the best tires you can buy

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