Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, BVMC-VMX36WM, Red

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UPC: 072179232858

Brand Name: Mr. Coffee

Product Model: BVMC-VMX36WM

Product Category: Coffee & Espresso Makers

This Red Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker is designed with sleek style and smart features to brew rich-tasting coffee simply and easily. It features a water window to measure fill level and a fresh brew timer. The water filtration system enhances the quality and taste of coffee by filtering water during the brew cycle. A quick-and-easy clean cycle and removable filter basket make cleaning and maintenance a snap. An auto shut-off safety feature will turn the coffeemaker off after 2 hours. Wake up and brew a fresh pot of coffee or make some for an afternoon pick-me-up with the Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker.
  • Battery Type: Does Not Contain a Battery
  • Primary Color: Red
  • Multi Pack Indicator: No
  • Model No.: BVMC-VMX36WM
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 7.55
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 13.7 x 8.9 x 15.4
  • Walmart No.: 550994721

Does this model have the "pause and fill feature"?

Answer : yes it does.

Answer : Yes

Answer : Yes, but it works horribly. The coffee always manages to drip on the plate then burns.

Answer : A similar model purchased in Feb 2012 did. I'd say this one would too.

Answer : Yes. You can stop it anywhere in the brew cycle and fill your cup and its hot. No spillage noted when you stop and fill.

Answer : I think it does but it is something we do not use

how do we get the permanent filter for this coffee pot

Answer : look on the Mister coffee website. They sell all parts

Answer : Buy one at any Walmart

filter size ?

What kind of filters does it take come or cup cake?

Answer : A 12 cup round type.

Answer : it uses regular sized coffee filters. it doesn't come with any filters.

Don't be fooled by the price & how nice it looks.

Oh, it worked great for the first few months. Until I woke up, went to make coffee and nothing happened. Probably would have been better off buying cheapie coffee pots from the $ store. I could have bought 5 of them that would have lasted longer for what I paid for this thing.\n\nSteer clear of this one folks, it's a dud.


Easy to use, looks great, makes a great cup of coffee. Programming easy. Going to stick to Mr. Coffee brand from now on.

poor excuse for a coffee maker

I recently bought this coffee maker to replace a Bunn that had outlived its life of several years! This coffee maker only lasted a few months until I cleaned it, the water was all over the place in my kitchen. I will not buy another coffee maker ever from Mr. Coffee I will go back to Bunn period.

LOve this coffee maker

This is my third one over the course of about 5-6 yrs. When my last one took a dump, my hubby bought a Black and Decker..which I HATED. Within about a week I gave it away and bought another Mr. Coffee. I do not have one bad thing to say about it. If you clean and maintain it, it will last. I too have had water all over the counter, BUT that was MY fault...not the coffeemaker. Do not overfill and make sure the filter fits properly, and that won't be a problem either. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I will never buy another brand.

Mr. Coffee Died!!!!!

My beautiful Mr. Coffee, while sleek looking died after only three weeks of use. Very disappointed.\nRIP Mr. Coffee! :-( I paid a lot of money for this machine for it to die in less than thirty days. I went to my local Wal-mart were I bought it, and they do not sell them anymore. There is no display or any pricing for it. Nothing. I am very upset with this. If you have plenty of money to blow on a fifty dollar machine to just die in less than thirty days, just buy your coffee at the local Scotchman!

Good coffee maker

I am happy with this product for the most part. My only complaint is that the rim of the canter is too thick, you can't get every last drop of coffee out.

We like

We've only had for a few weeks but the flavor of our coffee has improved 100%. We had the ultimate cheapo before this. Like other reviewers said, I didn't even bother with the water filter part, since my water is already filtered.\nThis is an attractive pot and makes good coffee. Very good deal for 45$ I think that's including tax when bought online, ship to store.\nGo for it!

Worked Great! For 3-4 Months...

Aside from the "water filtration" being a complete joke and the minor annoyance of having an analog over a digital clock, this was a decent little coffee maker while it worked. It looked good, wasn't too expensive, and made a decent cup of coffee. The water filtration was nothing more than a disc you place on top of the filter basket each time. Not like some more expensive brands that actually filter in the reservoir. Anyway, it died after 3 or 4 months completely. It would power on and keep time but would not heat or brew. The timers even continued to work but it just never made coffee. I would look elsewhere if your wanting one to last. Better to catch a Cuisinart on sale for just a few dollars more.

Mr. Coffee

this is my second one of these, Price is exceptionally good . I used to buy Bunns, but did not like the pots. So I decided to try this and absolutely love it. It brews coffee as fast as the bunn and makes darn good drinking coffee ,I also like the light that comes on when it is time to clean it. I make several pots of coffee a day and the first one worked well over 3 years.Would recommend it to anyone.

great coffee maker

I owned one before for many years. Eventually it stopped working. The store didn't have it so I looked online and wa la I found it. I love the timer on it how it beeps when it's done brewing and beeps when it's shutting off.

Mr Coffee

I love this coffee pot. It is BPA free, can select strength, has a cleaning function and makes the coffee at the correct heating temperature for taste. I could not find all these functions available at this price. I feel this coffee maker is a good value. My brother has had one of these for years...I'm hoping I have the same kind of luck.

Plastic tasting coffee!!!

I've owned Mr. Coffee brewers my whole adult life until my last one died after 8 years of daily use. We purchased this model from Walmart excited to carry on the tradition.\nAfter following the cleaning instructions, our first pot tasted horrible! It was like drinking melted plastic.\nI then ran a clean cycle of white vinegar through and two cycles of clean water. This seemed to help because the pot of coffee we made immediately after tasted fine.\nThe next morning, our brewer was set to auto brew our morning pot. I awoke to another pot of coffee infused with plastic smell and taste!!!\nI then looked online and read several customers have had this same problem with new Mr. Coffee brewers. I followed the suggestions given and again, rinsed with two cycles of clean water. Again, the coffee tasted fine.\nSo, if you want to spend an hour every morning running rinse cycles through BEFORE you can make your coffee then I suggest this brewer. If not, move on.\nI'll be returning this today and buying another brand.

Perfect coffeemaker. Has all the essentials.

Easy to operate and makes great coffee. Has all the features you will need. You have to reset the automatic brew cycle if you want that feature on a daily basis but its simple and easy to do. We wanted a red coffeemaker and this one had the best reviews. Delighted with the purchase. Ordered from and had it in 5 days.

Nice Coffee Maker Great Price

I love the look of this product! It has some very nice features, which are very useful and helpful such as: the water filtration system, the pause n serve feature, the delayed brewing option, the option for stronger coffee, which I really like, and the signal that tells you it's time to be cleaned, along with the month marker, on the water filtration holder, and the coffee maker does the cleaning cycle for you, you just push the button. It has a nice analog clock, and it's not hard to understand at all. It comes with a month or two extra water filters also, and their not at all expensive.\nThere's nothing really that I don't like about this coffee maker at all. This is very nice in my opinion and a great value for the price.

barely a year

It stopped working suddenly. Not even a year old very dissappointed

like the mr. coffee brand

This is the third one in less than a year. The first one maid it two months. The second one maid it less than six months. I hope this one makes it at least a year that would impress me.

Healthier way to drink coffee!

the water filtering system in this coffee maker is what sold me! gave this to my son for a christmas gift and he was very impressed.

Never Kept the coffee extra Hot

I am very disapointed in mr. Coffee Products. This is like the 3rd coffee system made by mr. coffee and I am very dis-satisfied.\nThe coffee is never hot enough. You have to put it in the microwave to make it warmer.\nThe grinds are always falling into the pot & getting grinds in your cup.\nafter only owning it for 6 months. (received for Xmas)\nnow it will no longer brew my coffee.. when you add water & grinds, and hit the brew button, it beeps as if it is done brewing and shuts off...\nIT WILL NOT BREW THE COFFEE....\n\nthis is the worst brand of coffee makers I have ever owned.... I will NEVER buy another Mr. Coffee Brand EVER !!

Not a Bunn

Beautiful and 10.00 more at my Walmart Store.\nPurchased for my daughter as she was tired of looking at our old Delonghi. We had a Bunn before and it was Amazing. The Delonghi was FREE from moving college students and is now at my mothers. It brews a decent cup. The Bunn was the best.\nThis maker somehow, I guess doesn't get the water hot enough.\nI purchased because of the BPA Free as most all brewers are all plastic now.\nHaven't had a tasty cup of coffee yet.

Very poorly made coffee maker

My husband loves his coffee. He cannot live without his coffee, so when his last coffee maker of 5+ years began to die we went out and got him a new coffee maker.\nWe picked this one for the price, he liked the functions on it even though he wasn't too impressed with the pot but in the shop they only had these in these similar styles and it held 12 cups.\nHe took it home and took it for a spin and the first pot brewed lovely. He was very pleased with his coffee maker. This didn't last though as when he got to the last cup, you can never get all of it out. It also left coffee grains in the pot and also in his coffee mug. We noticed it leaked too but put it down to pouring the water in at the top, maybe we spilled some water over the edge while pouring? It really didn't make any sense to begin with so to resolve that problem, I placed a teatowel under the coffee maker.\n4 months from buying this coffee maker, I noticed it wouldn't stop pouring the coffee through when you sneak a cup, so there was coffee pouring onto the hot plate now! Then I noticed when you fill up the coffee maker with water, it was actually leaking down onto the hot plate which explained the leaking all together. And today it won't brew at all. The lights are on but no body is home. I don't know if this is just a faulty coffee maker but there was so much we didn't like at the start that we won't be getting a replacement but rather a different coffee maker all together.

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