Mommy's Helper Basic Safety Starter Set

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Brand Name: Mommy's Helper

Product Category: Baby Proofing

Mommy's Helper Basic Safety Starter Set Includes: Slide-Lok Bi-Fold Door Lock, 36 Pack Outlet Plugs, Toilet Seat Lid-Lok and 6 Pack Safe-Lok Cabinet & Drawer Latches. Slide-Lok helps to protect children from pinched fingers by bi-fold closet doors. Simply grasp the Slide-Rod and move Slide-Lok into place over the hinged area to prevent doors from opening. Mommy's Helper Outlet Plugs help protect children from potentially dangerous open electrical outlets. The Lid-Lok protects children from accidents, and keeps plumbing safe. The Safe-Lok's patented Trap-Slot design helps protect children two ways. First, it allows a cabinet door or drawer to open only about 1". Then it locks in place so your child's fingers can't be pinched by the closing door, while it remains easy for an adult to release.
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