Masterflow 12v High Volume Air Compressor / Inflator

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Brand Name: Masterflow

Product Category: Tires Accessories

Inflates a passenger car tire in about 1 minute.
Powerful 12-volt motor.
Powers directly from a car battery.
Quick release 16ft coil air hose
E-Z twist brass inflator.
10ft power cord.
Convenient nylon carrying bag.
Includes 2 adapter nozzles for inflating sports balls, rafts and toys.
Max Amperage: 30amps; Max PSI: 150psi; Flow Rate: 2.54cfm; Air Volume: 4,389 cu. inches/minute; Voltage: 12-volt only.
Model: MF-1050
  • Battery Type: Does Not Contain a Battery
  • Model No.: MF-1050
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 9.378
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 11.0 x 7.5 x 9.5
  • Walmart No.: 1051709

Does the MF-1050 work on bicycle tires?

MASTERFLOW MF-1050 air compressor/inflator indicates it is great for SUVs RVs and full-size cars. It also states it is great for sports balls, rafts and toys. Will it work on a bicycle tire? Does either the brass inflator or one of the 2 adapter nozzles work on a bicycle tire?

Answer : Easily.

Answer : yes

Answer : it will work on all common schrader valves I think they are called, you will need an adapter for the presta valves on some higher end bikes though basketballs, footballs etc will be no problem

Answer : The brass inflator adapter will work on bicylce tires as well.

Answer : yes

Can this unit provide high pressure air output via a blower tip and is there a unit that walmart sel

Can this unit provide continuous high pressure air output via a hand held blower tip attachment and is there a unit that Walmart sells that I can use it on a 110V wall outlet? thanks

Answer : no !

Answer : No, because that is not what this product was designed for, even if you could find a way to adapt a blower gun/tip. Wal-Mart does sell a variety of 110v air compressors that provides continuous air flow and you can attach a blower gun/tip to them. Your best bet is to shop on Wal-Mart's website.

Answer : This unit has a blower tip and can be used for 30 minutes continuous but then must be allowed to cool off.

Answer : NO, only good for inflating car or truck tires.

Pressure shut off?

Does this model include a pressure shut off? Where the compressor would stop running when it reached a max pressure? Does it store any air at all or is it really just a pump?

Answer : Pump only.

Answer : No and no

Answer : NO! Must watch the gauge, seems accurate.

An excellent 'dedicated' compressor!

.\nAn excellent 'dedicated' compressor! Setup was easy and the "fill-time" was quite Short!\n.

Good Product

We use these pumps on the farm to fill large tires that are away from the main shop. We purchased this one to replace one that we used for three years. The old one just finally pumped its guts out. The price was good and pickup was at a close by location.

Great compressor for the price. I've had mine for 6 months and its good so far.

Appears better then expected

Really wanted an ARb but could not justify the cost for an item that may only get used once or twice, I dislike the air cleaners cheap construction..\nI have researched this product prior to purchase & know wht to look for etc.\n\nits a good bang for the buck\n\nmay mount it in my engine compartment & have it ward wired...

Unit runs but won't even pump up a bike tire

Got it out, hooked it up, turned it on. Ok. Hook it up to my bike tire and it bogs down. won't pump up anything. here we go. call the manufacturer, recorded message says to email them with any concerns. waiting to see what they say...

Gives the wife a sense of security!!

I haven't needed it yet but it seems heavy duty and like it will do any job it will encounter from the trunk of my wife's car. Carry case is nice, but you can't put the assembled compressor in it. There's a flimsy plastic air filter that needs hand screwed to the intake and a decent coiled plastic air hose that needs connected for use, both of which need taken off to put in carry case. For the price, it seems a good deal.

Meets expectations

Well made and powerfull. Nice case for storing in the trunk.

A great product

I bought this on a friends recommendation when I got a tent trailer. It is small enough to keep in the car and it runs well off of the car battery. The first night we camped I used it to fill up the trailer tires, which were in dire need of air, and I also used it to fill up the car tires. I did this at the campsite. It was a great releif to not have to try to pull the trailer into a gas station when 9 times ot of 10 the air does not work at the station and there is no pressure gauge. This product is a keeper.

Emergemcy air

This pump works great out on the backroads of America.

High quality, but had too many inconveniences!

3 important issues to consider:\n1. Is the 'battery connection' clips ONLY & cord length sufficient (hard to extend a 12v cord, 120v easy) too short for me.\n2. Does a 'non clamp' screw-on ONLY air connector work for you (high pressure, low volume uses lose WAY too much air when removing screw on connector!!!!)\n3. It blew fuses rather than start pumping when I had it connected to a 85lb pre-pressured tire to fill it to 95lbs, spec says (125lb or 150lb pre start pressure is max, not true for mine at least !!!!)\n\nOtherwise, I thought it a nice quality no-tank air pump, good for that quick fill & other duties I imagine, but the screw-on only is NOT good if you have any issues with getting it off quickly, I prefer the Flip-off fittings seen on more regular type tire pumps!!\n\nRating depends on your uses!

The compressor works as advertised. It will in fact pump up a 265/75/16 truck tire in less than two minutes. Overall the compressor is well built with the exception of the air intake filter housing which is made of plastic and is fragile. I have replaced this with a 1/4'' pipe nipple and steel filter housing and also have attached a one gallon air tank with a pressure switch, cut in at 30 lbs. and cut out at 90 lbs. This has reduced over heating greatly and still allows plenty of working pressure without over working the compressor. This has added slightly to pump up time, but hopefully will greatly add to the life of the compressor.

Does a great job

Airs up a tire as advertised and is very quiet for a small 12 volt compressor. The only negative is the power cord to the battery is to short to reach the rear wheels for an extended cab pickup truck.

poor gauge

It pumps very fast. The pressure dial goes from 0-25-50-75-etc. When you start pumping the dial on the gauge goes to 125-150 so you cannot tell how much pressure is in your tire, I use 70 lbs in my rear truck tire and I cannot tell how much is in the tire so I have to keep using a hand tester or blow the tire. I find it hard to use, so I returned it.

In a pinch

Within one week after purchasing it was used three times. One planned and two unexpected. And the nicest feature about this product is the carry bag it is stored in. Very well made and sturdy.

Masterflow Compressor saved our trip

I hadn't even tried out my Masterflow 12v compressor when I put it in my truck for a drive up to N. WI to pick up a scooter we'd bought. We spent the night in a motel and found one front tire totally flat in the morning. I got out the new compressor, set it up (very easy), hooked it up to the truck's battery (with the engine running) and attached the compressor to the totally flat tire. It inflated the tire to 35 psi in less than a minute. There was no apparent puncture to the tire so we drove about 5 miles to the closest town, where we discovered that the problem was a loose stem valve, easily tightened. Without the compressor, I'd have had to change to the spare, a big hassle under cold snowy conditions. If you need a 12v compressor for big tires like a full-size pikup or an RV, BUY ONE OF THESE!

Air Compressor

Used it once so far. It did great on filling up my trailer tires and my dune buggy tires. Seemed stout.

Masterflow 12v High Volume Air Compressor / Inflat

It is AMAZING product. It clips directly to car battery so you do not have to worry about blown fuses, oppose to ones that’s plug directly to car cigarette lighter. I use it to fill my portable air tank and it fills it up to 120 PSI pretty fast. It does get Really hot on the head and hose connector so handle it carefully after use. It does come with nice carry bag. Some users suggested taking off air filter and then store it in the bag but if you are patient you can store it inside bag without taking off air filter. By the way air filter is made out of plastic and it looks like it can break easily. One more thing, before you start filling air in your tires or air thank run compressor for a minute or two because condensation inside compressor and inside of hose. If not a moisture will go inside your tires or your thank. Hope this info helps.

Good High Volume/Pressure Portable Compressor

Was very pleased to find the the hose snapon fittings were North American standard so I could use my existing air hose and tire fittings.

Long at last, a product truely worth buying!

I put the Masterflow 12v High Volume Air Compressor/Inflator to the test, and it passed with flying colors. I released all the air out of my truck tire on a scortchering 100 degree, miserable hot summer day. I did this because I did not want to stay out there longer than five minutes. I timed how long it would take to fill up my tire and it did it in under three minutes(with the engine on of course). It was very quiet, no vibration and performed very, very well. Had it not done this in less than five minutes, I would have returned it. I'm happy to say that in the event of an emergency or if I leave to work one morning and find that I have a flat tire(like it has happened before), I can depend on this product to bail me out of a difficult situation fast, instead of putting on the spare tire and being late to work. The only thing that I didn't like is that the guage does not read accuratley, but then again I always have an air guage in my truck to check my tire pressure. The important thing is that it does what it says it can do and that is worth buying.

Works great.

I was deer hunting in my jeep. I lowered tire pressure for a softer ride. At the end of the day I used the Masterflow Air Compressor to refill my tires and it worked perfectly. I have 31" tires and I dropped the air pressure from 36lbs to 20lbs. It took 3 minutes to restore my original pressure.

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