Majestic Pet Universal Waterproof Hammock Back Seat Cover, 59" L x 58" W

US $33.84

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UPC: 788995000013

Brand Name: Majestic Pet

Product Category: Dog Travel Accessories

  • Model No.: 00001
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 2.0
  • Walmart No.: 897872

Picture is of hammock backseat cover NOT bucket seat cover

Would like to also purchase hammock back seat cover but item description is of the bucket seat cover. Not certain what I would get if I ordered. Please advise. Thank you.

Answer : This concerned me also, because based on the picture, I thought I ordered a Hammock Backseat Cover. Then I received the order confirmation and saw that the item description reads Bucket Seat Cover (no mention of hammock). However, I received both the hammock and a separate single bucket seat cover! Surprise!! I actually got more for my money than expected! When does that ever happen?

My yellow Lab weighs about 85 lbs. Will this hammock support a dog that size without breaking the st

Perfect Solution to doggie transport issues

This item was just what I needed to protect my leather seats from dirty paws and sharp doggie nails. (I didn't realize I would become a dog owner when I purchased this not-so-dog-friendly vehicle.) It also keeps the dogs safe from falling into the footwell on a hard brake. The product doesn't have a strong scent, like I read in customer reviews of similar products, and it's machine washable! It meets all my needs!! It doesn't fit like a glove, but that doesn't bother me. I was surprised that the package included a single bucket seat version, but I suppose that might come in handy someday.

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