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Reel in the big one with the Learning Resources Play Fishing Set. Your little anglers can suit up, bait the line and role play catching fish. Kids can match each fish to the worm of the corresponding size to reinforce both hand-eye coordination and size and color recognition. This fishing set for kids includes everything they need to play in style, including a tackle box, fishing pole with magnetic hook, three magnetic fish and three worms, a net and an adjustable fishing vest. The vest on the pretend play set is made from plastic, nylon and canvas. All magnets are embedded for safety. Also included is a write and wipe activity booklet that provides six pages of fishing-themed activities that help kids learn more about how to fish.
Includes:Fishing pole with magnetic hook3 magnetic fish and 3 wormsNet and adjustable fishing vest (plastic, nylon and canvas)
Fishing pole with magnetic hook
3 magnetic fish and 3 worms
Net and adjustable fishing vest (plastic, nylon and canvas)
All magnets are embedded for safety
Write and wipe activity booklet features 6 pages of fishing-themed activities
Crayons not included
Tackle box measures 13"L x 7"W x 6"H
  • Grade Level: Grade School
  • Age Start: 3 Years
  • Age End: 6 Years
  • Primary Color: Assorted
  • Model No.: 5511382
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 2.0
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 20.8 x 12.7 x 10.9

can it go in water?

Answer : Yes. We used ours in the water/Pool & it held up fine. The only problem was that the fish took on water & were heavier & the magnets are not strong enough to hold that kind of weight. But we had fun fishing in real water. " )

Answer : It's plastic so everything could go in the water except the vest which might shrink. It would probably float though so I'm not sure you would want to put it in water.

Answer : No this is made for at home play.

Answer : I don't think that would be a good idea because it has a magnet at the end of the pole. it's more for playing than for real fishing.

Answer : Yes! :) My daughter plays with it in the sink :)

Answer : No, this is really not a water toy.

Answer : No

Fun and educational

What a great item. I gave it to my 3 1/2 year old nephew. I had more fun watching him play with this. He smiled. laughed, jumped up and down and kept saying"play it again". It has 11 pieces. 3 fish-a small, medium and large - all different colors. Comes with 3 worms. a fishing pole with working reel, a fish net and the cutest fishing vest with pockets. It also has a very nice tackle box that shuts securely. An activity book is included. He could do all the activities except the crack the code. That was a little too old for him-as one must be able to read words. But he did great on matching the schools of fish, tracing the letters, and pointing out what did not belong under water(like a bicycle). He was a fast learner. The end of the fishing line has a magnet-so one must out the end of the line to the fish' mouth where there is another magnet. Then catching the fish. We would say to catch a specific color, and he would. then we would say a specific size, and he would. He was so thrilled to catch a fish and then totally thrilled to put it into the fishing net. It helps with their colors, sizes, and coordination. At first his line swayed back and forth-as would expect with a young one's movements-until he saw that he had to have it still to get it to the fish' mouth. And of course, his mama reminded him that this was a toy and could not use any of it in their fish tank at home. He had so much fun with it as did his mom and myself. So cute leaving house with vest on and carrying his tackle box. A great toy for the very young. I saw with him being 3 1/2 it was great. I am not sure about a school age child-younger better. The game lists for 3+, so it was right on. The worms just go sideways up a bit from the end of the line-as you need the magnet at end of the line free. But he even could hook worm on sideways. that part wasn't realistic, as worm goes on end of line-but you cant with this. But it didnt' deter him or his fun. By the end, worms were in his vest pockets anyways. Enjoy!! We sure did.

Hours of Fishing Fun

I got this product for my 2 1/2 yr old daughter. She was so excited when she got it and couldn't put it down for days. There is a magnet that is on the hook and in the fishes mouth, which is how you catch the fish. It comes with three size fish, three different sized worms. I wish the worms would stay on the hook a little better though, and seem like they could easily be confused with candy. It also came with a net and a fishing vest. The Fishing vest is great my daughter loves to dress up with it. It is a little a hard for my 2 1/2 yr old to put the vest on herself, the worm on the hook herself, and to catch the fish herself. She is a little to young for this so I am also playing with her with this toy. The reeling mechanism in the fishing rod works well, although the fishing line isn't as long as I wish it would be. And the net definitely completes the set. I would recommend this product if you are looking for a fun game to sit down and spend quality time with your kids, and if you like fishing, but even if you don't it is still fun!

Play Fishing Set

The Learning Resources Pretend and Play Fishing Set is a great way to teach children about fishing. It comes with the rod and reel, fishing net, adjustable fishing vest, tackle box, worms and the fish. It also comes with an activity book for your child. You clip the worms to the plastic hooked line and go fishing. The fish and the hook have magnets inside and stay attached together good when you "catch" a fish. This fishing set is a very durable constructed set. The Learning Resources Pretend and Play Fishing Set is made for children 3 and up. I got this fishing set for when my nephew visits and he absolutely loves it. His grandpa is a big fisherman and he gets to learn about what grandpa does with this fishing set. Everything fits back into the tackle box for easy storage. Kids can carry this with them on trips and go fishing where ever they go. I would recommend this Learning Resource Pretend and Play Fishing Set for anyone with a child that likes to fish or wants to learn. This is a very cute set.

Love this fishing kit

Since I opened the tackle box I loved this fishing kit. It is made just right for the small and the big kid to play along. It comes with a tackle box, and you get 3 fish in 3 different sizes so you can catch the big one, it has three worms in different sizes, a fish pole that has a reel on it that works as in made for the little hands to use, a net to use to get your fish in, an activity book that is a write on and erase. It also comes with a fishing best that your little one can wear and attach things to it like the net. The fish have magnets so you can catch them on the hook. It is not as easy as it looks as you do have to catch the fish. I like this fishing kit I think it is just right for the little one in your family. It can be a challenge for them as it is not always easy to get the magnets to connect right away. This is just up the little fisherman or fisher women's alley to keep them busy for quite awhile. So I would recommend this for your little ones to play with and to catch that big fish. They can put on their vest and open the tackle box pull out the reel and have some fun.

So Cute!

I bought this item for my son's 5th Birthday and he absolutely loved it! My 3 year old was so fascinated by it, that I bought him one for Christmas as well! What a wonderful way to promote sharing.

Even Little ones love to fish.

Omg how the little one just loved this! Little man would not let the fishing pole go even when we were trying to teach him the right way to hold it. He just loved “catching” the fish. He has been spending a lot of time catching fish or loading then unloading his very own tackle box. He also love to have is sibling play with him. They create the pond for him to fish in. So everyone has lots of fun with this.\nItems included:\n1 fishing pole\n1 net\n3 fish sized small, medium, and large\n2 small worms. We did not let him see those as I was afraid they would end up in his mouth since they were so small.\n1 fishing jacket. He would not wear that since he does not like to wear shirts at this time.\n1 book. I would suggest you get one of those dry erase pens to use with this little book since it is perfect to use over and over with your little one.\n1 tackle box\n\nBetween catching the fish with their magnetic hook and putting them in the net. He is getting hours of fun with this little set.


My children and I both absolutely loved this! It's well built and I think it will last. The colors are bright and pretty. It comes with its on tackle box which can be used to store the rest of the products that come with it. They include a vest, fake tackle box, fishing pole, fish, net and 3 fake worms. Everything can be stored in the box so that makes for easy storage and it doesn't take up a lot of room. It's easy to pick the fish up with the pole so it shouldn't be hard for younger children. Overall, it's a great product with great features and I love it.

this item is very cute.

my grandson played with this fishing pole and tackle box for hours. he loved it. I think it was very well made . and would recommend to any one with a small child.

great fishing inside

My great grand son loves this. when the weather is cold outside at least he can do something he loves to do in the house..Perfect learning for the younger set..

this is a great educational tool for kids

I think the age for this toy should be older than 3 use to the size of the pieces and being plactic the possibility of broken pieces of plastic. Also I recommend it be used with supervision as kids might want to use it in the pool or another source of water that might pose a drowning hazard. As with most toys any child should be keep safe regardless of their age and common sense comes into place. .\nThe carrying case is just like my fishing tackle box and I know my grandson will love it. It can be used indoors or out and keep him occupied for hours, He can use it alone or with others too. The primary colors make it bright and cheery too. As far as weather I think the value is a good one, I have no idea how much it costs. I think I would be willing to pay any where from 5-12 dollars for this toy. I am unable to include a pic or video at this time as my phone is in for repair. I hope to be able to send pix in with the next product I receive for review. Thanks for giving me the opportunity for my opinion plus a great gift for my grandson. Keep me in mind for other testing opportunities!!!

Love the fishing set

Great product. Great concept. Very entertaining to watch kids pretend fish!

Grandson loves it

My little grandson thinks he has a real fishing pole.

Great toy for any child

My daughter loves this , she is 7, she really enjoys playing with the fishing pole catching the fish. I let her fill the sink up with water to play fishing. They are made well, very easy to use. She enjoys using her imagination with this set. She acts like she catches them, puts them in the net, then wants to pretend "Bake" them and I have to act like I am eating fish with her. LOL, it really is a neat little toy. Made very well, and easy to use. I definitely recommend this to anyone no matter boy or girl. It is really fun.

Hours of Fun Pretend Fishing!

This is a fun pretend fishing toy that comes in a tackle box & has a fishing vest, all-in-one fishing rod & reel. The fishing pole is easy for a child to handle, made out of bright colorful sturdy plastic. The vest is roomy enough to fit most 5 year olds, has small pockets with lime green lining. There are three brightly colored fish & worms in 3 sizes. When you turn the reel, it makes a clicking sound and once the fishing line is lowered to the fish—it grabs on with the magnet that is inside the fish. There’s also a fish net to put the fish in, has a sturdy handle so two children can play at the same time, as one can catch the fish & the other holds out the net so it won’t get away. Pretend & Play Fishing toy helps with hand/eye coordination and distinguishing colors and sizes of fish and worms. Included is an activity book made with glossy paper for easy clean up and has matching the fish and word games which is a great idea to continue play after they are done pretend fishing. I would recommend this toy for the young anglers.

Great Fishing Set for young kids

This fishing set is fantastic for toddlers. My Son is two...almost three and this set was great for him. I will start by describing the product. What came with this set was a tackle box, vest, fishing pole, three worms, three fish, a fishing net, and a booklet. Both the worms and fish came in quantities of three and three different sizes. The worms were more rubber and had different facial expressions. The fish were plastic. The booklet arrived bent but it was no problem. The booklet is wipe off meaning as long as you write with anything washable...it should come off. The fish mouth are magnetic and it is very easy to get the fish on the line. On the "hook" which is plastic, it can hold the worms and the fish. The worms stay on the hook, they kind of wrap around it. The vest fir my son perfectly, he usually wears a small size in boys to give you an idea. After playing with this set outside the water, I decided to fill the bath tub with water and try it there. The fish float which I thought was great. It made is easy to catch the fish. My Son had an awesome time playing with this set. He loved wearing the vest and catching fish. He liked putting the worms and fish in the net. This toy can be used outside and inside the tub. It was definitely an incentive for him to get in the tub. I would also like to comment on the reel, it reeled both ways either doing more slack or less slack. I liked how the fishing pole didn't loose the slack when you swung as if to really fish because for a toddler it is good practice working the reel itself rather than wondering why the line keeps getting loose. So over all, Learning Resources did a fantastic job with this. Every part was perfect for learning and fun. One last thing, the magnetic in the fish worked really well. It stuck right to the hook.

great toy for a three year old

My three year old grandson loves this toy.

My granddaughter loved everything in the package!


Love this!

Purchased this for my nephew and it was a huge hit!!!\nHe loved it and so did the other kids. Could not have found anything any better for a 3 yr old.

Okay, but can use some improvements

My son really tried to like this toy. I noticed that you can only pick up the fish if the hook is directly inside the fish' mouth, it's easy for adults to understand but with kid's coordination it wasn't easy for my son. He ended up getting frustrated and walking away from the toy. I will say that I loved the fact that the toy came with a little fishing book, he loved that it was a nice addition, it had the abc's and you could stencil over them which was pretty nice. Also,a nice addition, was the little fishing jacket that came with it, how cute! As far as safety, it is very safe, even with the magnet, the fish are sturdy so you don't have to worry about your child swallowing any magnets or anything like that. The fishing pole string is short, I was expecting it to be a little longer, and when you roll the fish up it makes a crackling noise as if you're really fishing. My recommendation would be make the whole fish magnetic that way it's super easy for the kids to pick up the fish.

Great Quality, Educational, and Unexpectedly Fun

The fishing set comes with a little tackle box, fishing rod, bate (3 rubbery worms), three fish, fishing net, fishing vest, and activity book.\n\nWithin an hour my son managed to pull off one of the snaps from his fishing vest, which was very disappointing. The string was snagging and fraying, so I had to cut it off. It's a cute little vest with mesh pockets for holding bate. The fishing rod is very easy to grip, and my two year old loved it best! The Fish have magnets in their mouths that snap against the fishing rod, which makes for easy fishing. My 5 year old son also loved it and played for hours when we opened it. He especially loved the activity book. I was pleasantly surprised at how fun this little game was for them!\n\nWhat I found very interesting and educational about the fish/worms, specifically, is they are three different sizes: Large, Medium, and small. The worms match in size, too. Great little feature for teaching matching and sizing.\n\nThe activity book is of hard shiny cardboard and would be great to use with a marker board marker. Although, I'm going to scan and print the activity pages in my printer so my son can use crayons and perhaps do the activity over again.\n\nAll in all, this is very fun and neat educational activity toy! I rated the value at "good" level only because the vest broke so fast. Other than that, the fish, the bat and accessories are all over very good quality!\n\nAnd remember, this is pretend fishing only. You'd probably ruin the toy if you used real water.

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