John Louis 16-Inch Deep Espresso Woodcrest Closet System

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Designing a John Louis Closet is simple. Just start with an organizer in a box and expand as your needs expand. We've developed our shelving solutions to be do-it-yourself friendly, therefore you can create the closet of your dreams as you see fit. No matter your skill level, from novice to expert, you can do it. All you need is a pencil, level, screwdriver and saw. Create your own functional & attractive closet with the Woodcrest closet organizer with adjustable shelves, drawers, a 4-foot accessory tower with raised panel sides and offers multiple configuration options.

Materials: 100-percent solid wood
Dimensions: 120 inches long x 96 inches wide x 16 inches deep
Up to 20 feet of shelf space and up to 12 feet of hang space
Fits up to 10 feet wide or less
Includes 4 foot accessory tower and 6 inch interior deep drawers
Cut To Fit Your Space
Provides up to 20 feet of shelf space
Everything included in one box
Multiple configuration options
Step-by-step instruction
Contents: Three (3) 16 x 24 inch shelf, three (3) 16 x 48 inch shelf, two (2) 16 x 6 x 24 inch drawer, three (3) 4 foot metal wardrobe bar, six (6) bar end, one (1) 4 foot tower, six (6) J-hook, six (6) 12 inch angle bracket, assembly instructions, configuration guide, hardware & fasteners

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