Intex Challenger K2 2-Person Kayak

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Brand Name: Intex

Product Model: 68306EP

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Enjoy more water adventures with the Intex Challenger K2 2-Person Kayak. It is made with 30-gauge PVC vinyl to ensure it is durable enough to handle rugged river waters. This inflatable kayak can hold two people. It comes with aluminum oars, a removable skeg, a grab line on both the front and back of the kayak and a cargo net. In addition, it has a double quick hand pump so you can deflate and reinflate the kayak as needed. This is handy for longer trips when you will be moving your campsite or trying out new locations.
Inflatable 2-person kayak
30-gauge PVC vinyl
Weight capacity for Intex Challenger kayak: 350 lbs
Includes aluminum oars, a double quick hand pump, a backrest, removable skeg, grab line on front and back, and cargo net
Dimensions: 138"L x 30"W x 15"H
Model# 68306EP
  • Primary Color: Green
  • Multi Pack Indicator: No
  • Battery Type: Does Not Contain a Battery
  • Model No.: 68306EP
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 30.0
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 138.0 x 30.0 x 15.0
  • Assembled in Country of Origin: Imported
  • Origin of Components: Imported
  • Walmart No.: 551277265

Is the kayak that you receive as pictured?

I've seen some people on different sites say that they ordered the green & black kayak but received the older model Challenger, which I believe is blue & yellow. Is what you receive actually the same as what you ordered?

Answer : I got what was on the picture. I did also read that. I ordered this from here because it says it comes with the skeg. On amazon it did not say that and a review said the guy had to order it from the company.

Answer : yes this is what you will receive

Answer : yes. i order the challenger k2 and it is the actual picture on display..includes everything in the description but you have to buy life jackets ( vest ) if you dont already have it

Answer : Yes. Even nicer

Answer : I believed I was receiving a green/dark gray kayak and that's what I got! It is clearly an upgrade from previous models based on what I read and I would have returned it if it was yellow. PS I ordered mine through

Answer : The one I received looked exactly like the picture. It is green and black.

Answer : The kayak that is pictured is what you should get. Have a great day.

How is the stability with one person? Two people?

Answer : For me getting in it is shaky. Once I'm in, good to go. Had a hard time paddling because the paddle is to short. So I used more poles from the other paddle. Made a huge difference and very easy. Have not had 2 people in it. On the kayak there is a picture of an adult and a child or small adult.

Answer : with two people it is stable...i just tried it out on 8/07/14 with us total weight of 400pounds it was still good! we was on a lake fishing for like 3hrs ... with one person even more stable and more room!

Answer : Stability for one person is just as great as with two. We rode the kayaks both ways, double and single.

Answer : As a beginner, I can say that the stability is super. I carried myself, a 28 gallon cooler (full), a small tent, two sleeping bags, an air matress, towels, and toys over 1-1 1/2 foot waves on the local reservoir for nearly two miles and was completely stable--not even an issue. However, I was exhausted for two days so I don't recommend that! As for two people, it's even better and pretty fast if you learn to cooperate. HOWEVER, I am six feet tall and I cannot last in the front seat for more than ten minutes because it's just too uncomfortable. My wife is 5'7" and she is perfectly comfortable.

Answer : It is designed for 2 people, therefore it should be pretty stable with 2. Have a great day.

Answer : It is designed for two people are best balanced with two.

Is skeg reliable/durable

Answer : Pretty good. It looks like a dolphin fin. It slides into a channel on the bottom and locks in. Removable

Answer : In both this and the Explorer, the skeg has been fine and never once came out. It seems to lock in place once it is fully engaged

Answer : The skeg on the green/gray (2014?) model does it's job perfectly, but it is meant to come off when storing and probably meant to come off when it hits a rock to avoid ripping out the bottom of the kayak. Therefore, if you hit bottom when launching or landing, it does sometimes break away--and YOU DON"T WANT TO LOSE IT! I drilled a small hole in the skeg and ran a loose line from it to the boat--now I'm not worried about losing it forever--it doesn't float.

Answer : It was very reliable while it stayed on the craft.

Answer : I read a review that said the skeg fell out and was lost. Therefore, I did not use the skeg for the inaugural trip in the local lake. The steering was not very good without the skeg. I used the skeg on my second outing at the lake. The skeg fits snugly into a 4"-6" rubber slot and it seems secure. The skeg stayed in during our outing.

Answer : It all depends on how it is handled / maintained. Have a great day.

Great kayak for the price!

I own a hard body kayak, but it is very heavy. I wanted something light weight that would be easy to transport and use on a local lake. This is a great kayak for that. It inflates very quickly with the hand pump. My other kayak has a pretty flat hull, so it is very stable. This kayak seems less stable. This kayak also does not seem to track as well as my hard body one. There are some trade-offs with an inflatable, but I was very pleased with this boat's performance as a lake kayak.

Very good product--find a way to attach the skeg!

The first thing to know is that the reviews out there are not all for the same model/year of this kayak. I am reviewing a green/gray, two seat, single rear skeg, kayak bought in 2014. This boat is well worth the $120.00 I paid for it. The skeg WILL sometimes come off if you hit bottom when you are launching or landing and you DO need it! I drilled a small hole in it and tied a loose line from it to the boat--not too taunt or you can't get the skeg out when you WANT it out. This worked great for peace of mind. The boat is amazingly stable, quiet, and moves through the water better than I hoped--and it fits in the trunk of my compact car!

Wonderful kayak

This kayak has been amazing for my husband and kids. They use it in the lake, and even took it out in the ocean the other day. It only takes about 10 minutes to set up, and is very portable. Highly recommend if you are looking for a starter kayak that doesn't take up much room.

Great inflatable kayak

First off, I know the customer service for Intex is spotty due to past experiences with them. Calling customer service took me to someone in China who was not very familiar with the product I had and was not very helpful. We had bought an Explorer kayak that had the plastic paddle shaft connector grip break on the first stroke on one of the paddles and the only solution given was to return it to Walmart which seemed ridiculous since it was a $5 replacement part that has been "out of stock" on their website for months. I bought this knowing it is from Walmart and I can at least take it back there if something happens. That being said, the kayak matches up to other inflatables I have used and has the same issues such as blowing in the wind and not tracking perfectly. However, this is expected with ALL other inflatable kayaks I have used and this one is durable and holds up nicely. My skeg has NOT fallen out and it seems to stay in place very nicely and securely. The oars for this are curved and much better than the ones that come with the Explorer - they don't have the cheap plastic paddle shaft connectors that broke on the other one. I have used this for fishing and it has more than adequate room for myself and equipment when used alone. With two passengers, it still has more room than the other Sevylor Tahiti I have used in the past which is very tight. All in all the package is a steal for all of the things you get in it. You may want to order another bigger mesh bag and upgrade a paddle possibly but the value of the bundle is nice.

Sad to have returned it

It was slow arriving, but when it did it looked great, felt substantial, and was easy to inflate. The pump and bag were excellent. The only problem it gave was insurmountable...the skeg fell out of its channel almost immediately. Without it the kayak cannot track. At all. It's like a pool float at that point. The channel must widen with weight because reviews on other sites suggest it's a common problem. I called their customer service apparently in China and got zero help...a part number that was unrelated to anything on their website. I was disappointed to return it, but Walmart made that easy. If you buy this, invest in some good waterproof adhesive for the skeg.


Works great used it in a lake several times. Very easy to use and blow up and deflate! Love it!

Sturdy and easy to inflate.

We bought this kayak when we were considering renting one on the St Joseph Penninsula. Not only was it cheaper but we got to keep it!\nPros:\ncheap\nlight (in comparison- its about 35-40 lbs)\nsturdy\nheavy duty\neasy to inflate and 'assemble' (minimal)\nCons:\nthe seats provide virtually no support to the person in front\n\nThat's about it. We had a blast in it and hope to take it out in the Chicago river or Lake Michigan this summer.

Great kayak, easy to inflate!

This kayak is the first I've ever ridden in and it is very comfortable to sit in and row! I love how quickly we can set up at a park, inflate the kayak and seats and we are rowing on the water within 10minutes, great when kids are waiting and asking impatiently when they get to get in! We bought 2 and are totally happy with them.

Great alternate to more expensive, rigid-types

I own small cars and don't want to install a roof-rack, so this is the perfect alternative. The setup is easy (from unloading to water takes about 15 minutes); travel in the water is good, decent speed and maneuverability; the price and quality is also good.

Could not have been happier with these Kayaks

We bought these Kayaks for our camping trip to Lake City Colorado. We were camping on lake San Crystobal and really wanted kayaks. However we needed two doubles and they were so expensive and many came without paddles. These Kayaks are so easy to blow up and they were excellent quality. They came with the pump, two paddles, a bag to place every thing in when you were done, easy to paddle across the lake,they were easy to deflate and the seats were adjustable and comfortable. We were all so completely happy with this product. Can not wait to use them on the lake by our home.


We purchases this kayak for our 10 year olds birthday . It's a big kayak and a little heavier than we expected , but works really well in the lake . He managed to get 3 kids into it , so it's a bit hit .

its a good kayak

its a good kayak, i used it for fishing with another person its really tight in space if your really tall\nim 6ft tall the other person was 5ft5...... so there isnt much space to move took us about 15min to pump everything up... i WISH there was more leg room but its a kayak not most people will use it for fishing...light enough to carry if you consider 20 pounds good enough...its nice that it comes with two oars.. and a Manuel air pump... the front seat is more smaller than i thought and the front seat wont hold as good as you wish ( i pefer the back seat )... but we will have to manage... overrall its a good kayak and seems to hold well over 350 pounds or more... NICE BUY I AM SATISFY!! WALMART

great value for a novice!

After biking most of the summer, my husband and I decided that we needed an upper body workout so we purchased the Intex Challenger K2. We did find this product at another vendor but chose to purchase it through Walmart because the list price was much less. Although we've only been out on it once, we found it stable and enjoyable. It didn't take much time to inflate (the process adds to the workout) and it deflates easily. When deflated it is compact, all parts fit well in the carry bag and we didn't have to secure it to the roof of the car to transport! We are looking forward to using it again.

Bought this for my son and he loves it.

Amazing kayak for the price! Roomy, easy and fast to inflate and deflate. Light enough to carry up a flight of stairs. Perfect for cruising around a lake.

Never used it. Returned for reasons stated below.

I never used the item. The advertised weight of this item was 30 pounds but it is closer to 40. The "bag" fells flimsy and I am afraid if I carried it by the handle it would start tearing in no time. It is not rigid so if you pick it up to carry it, the items move around making you feel like your going to drop it. The site I purchased through advertised the weight limitation was 350, but the product said 320, so I can not use it with my spouse.\n\nThe actual product contents were as advertised, but as a 50+ woman I am just not able to carry it any significant distance, making it unusable for me alone, and I can not use it with my spouse due to the weight restriction.

Overall good but too small for 2 adults

I bought the K2 Challenger on a lark after reading the reviews online. It says a two person Kayak but would be better for one adult and one child. We decided to tape the skeg on after reading that a lot of people lost theirs on the first time and was glad we did because it would have been gone if we hadn't. Overall we had a great time in it and would recommend it to anyone. We have never Kayaked before and found it to be really stable and easy to maneuver. It was really easy to blow up with the foot pump, a lot easier than I expected. The paddles although were kind of on the cheap side but gave us no problems at all. We did blow it up on a cool morning in the shade for the first time and it deflates fairly quickly when done. Thought we would have to add air to it but it stayed inflated for three days without having to add air. Over all I am glad we made the purchase.

Very sturdy, stable and easy to use kayak

My wife and I have had a wonderful time with this kayak on local rivers and lakes. It's very sturdy and stable to use. Inflates and deflates very quickly. I am considering buying another one for my children. Great product!

Great kayak

Great, durable and saved me a lot of money.

Great kayak.

If you have no storage room for hardshell one - this is your solution.

Very durable

I used it twice and it was a great experience. It balances well going down some class2 rapids. Very comfortable.

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