Hamilton Beach HEPA True Air Allergen Reducer, White

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Brand Name: Hamilton Beach

Product Model: 04383

Product Category: Air Purifiers

If you are looking for an efficient way to reduce allergens in your home and not spend a lot of money, look no further. This HEPA Hamilton Beach True Air Allergen Reducer will remove 99 percent of airborne allergens down to three microns at a very affordable price. Remove pet dander, dust, dust mite debris, pollen and mold/mildew spores with the high performance HEPA-grade filter within the HEPA Hamilton Beach True Air Allergen Reducer. In addition, you will love the easy to clean permanent filter that just vacuums clean, and save up to $49 a year verses units with replacement filters. The effect performance is for rooms up to 160 sq ft, and this unit can be used vertically or horizontally (you decide). The Hamilton Beach Allergen Reducer comes with a 3-speed motor with settings that include High for fastest cleaning, Medium for all-day or Low when extra quiet is needed.
The Hamilton Beach True Air Filter boasts quiet operation
High-performance, HEPA-grade filter captures dander and airborne particles as small as 3 microns
Permanent HEPA-grade filter vacuums clean
Effective performance for large rooms up to 160 sq ft
3 speed settings: High, Low and Medium
Dimensions: 16.5"L x 11"W x 8.2"H
Weight: 6 lbs
Model# 04383
  • Multi Pack Indicator: No
  • Battery Type: Does Not Contain a Battery
  • Model No.: 04383
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 6.25
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 6.5 x 9.5 x 15.0
  • Assembled in Country of Origin: Imported
  • Origin of Components: Imported
  • Walmart No.: 550876450

what type of battery does it use?

Hamilton Beach HEPA True Air Allergen Reducer, White Walmart No.: 550876450 How long can the battery be lasted?

Answer : Mine doesn't have a battery you plug it in to the wall.

Answer : This model plugs in to a wall outlet and has no battery.

Answer : No battery needed.

Answer : it is a plug in unit, uses standards 110 house current just like a lamp.

Answer : There is no battery

Answer : It does not use any batteries. You plug it into a regular outlet.

Answer : not battery powered - requires electric outlet

Answer : There is no battery, its a plug-in

Answer : Does not require batteries, all electric. Awesome product.

will it clean cigarette smoke out of the air

Answer : yes it works quite well for cigarette smoke

Answer : Yes it will

Answer : Not very well.

Answer : I doubt it will effectively clean cigarette smoke out of the air. At most it will dissipate it into the air by making it less visible. Also I imagine the filter will change color and smell after enough smoke has gone through it. Probably it will start to make the air smell like smoke even in days during which no one smokes in the room.

What is the CADR rating on this purifier?

Answer : Does not purify nothing. Don't waste your money. I gave mine away.

Love it

So far this has been great will probably buy another one for our bedroom. Love that I don't have to replace the filter

Great purchase

I am very happy with this product. The washable filter is a great feature and will save a lot going forward since I do not need to buy replacement filters. I am buying a second one for my son's bedroom.

helps relieve allergies

We have cats, but my grandson is allergic to them, so when he visits we use this in his bedroom. I use it on high, but have it on a remote, so when I want it on, I just click. I can hear it on high, but it's white noise, and doesn't bother him.

I love it.

It has 3 settings. The lowest is called whisper quiet. I've accidentally left it on overnight in the livingroom twice because I didn't hear it. If you listen close you can, but it wasn't loud enough for me to notice. The highest setting is called "quick clean". The product works like it's supposed to. When I leave it on high or medium in a bedroom with the door closed, and come back at least an hr. later it smells fresh. My daughter used one in her room for awhile. I asked if it did any good. She's kind of oblivious to things like that and she said it did do something. She must have either noticed her room a little fresher smelling, or she had less of a stuff nose. I have an incredibly dusty bathroom and am using it now. There's no window in my bathroom and there's always a damp-type smell. After a little while it smelled nicer. Definetly glad I ordered this.

Very effective, no need to replace filter!

Used it for my son's room and noticed that he doesn't sneeze that much when he wakes up in the morning!


Bought it for my baby. He would had stuffy nose at night and not anymore.

So far so good.

I read the reviews and ended up going with this filter for my daughters nursery. I love that the whisper & medium settings are very quite. The strong settings are a big louder but its a comfortable hum that my daughter seems to like. I've had her take several naps while it was on the highest setting. It's also really nice you can sit it vertically or horizontally. I'd say so far so good. I've had it about a month.

I have purchased a number of these HEPA air allergen reducers and have them throughout my condo. Have COPD, these have provided cleaner/clearer air for me. Having the permanent filter is definitely a plus.

very good air purifier

I bought this for my daughter for her room. I couldn't find filters for the old one. I was surprised by how quiet it is. You can almost not hear it on the lowest setting. I love that the filter can just be cleaned and doesn't need to be replaced. this way i wont run into the same problem as the last air purifier we owned.

I've had this for about two weeks and so far so good--it seems to work really well and keeps down the amount of cat dander in my bedroom.

Love it...it works

Bought this to replace another brand. This is compact but does the job, it has a few settings, the whisper quiet setting is very, very quiet. I love this and it is nice to look at!

Pure air

I've had this product for about almost a month now and I haven't found a reason not to like it. It was voted 2013's cheapest best air purifier and so I got it. My air seems fresher and cleaner. Before we could smell our neighbors cigar smoke coming into our apt and now it's so much better!

Helps with allergies

As I have gotten older, I have developed more allergies. I have purchased two of these allergen reducers and I have not taken an allergy pill since. I would recommend this unit to help with minor allergy problems.

Awesome, highly recommended!

We have had expensive hunter purifiers and they have not been as quiet as this one is, I bought this for the bedrooms. The low setting is extremely quiet, medium is pretty quiet also. Its nice that it comes with a pad that you can put on machine to use on its side so it dosent scratch the furniture. Good buy for the money.

Little machine works wonder

Love this little machine. It really helped our bedroom. My boyfriends allergy and asthma improved significantly. It's low sound is bearable. We only turn it on a few hours before we go to bed and it works great. There hasn't been a need to turn on the whole night. We love it n will buy several more for the other bedrooms and as gifts.

Love this filter

Very effective, easy to clean the filter, compact enough to take with us on extended vacations (very helpful when renting a condo at the beach). We notice a huge difference when we forget to turn it on at night. Everyone in our home wakes up congested when we forget to turn it on. Doesn't use a lot of electricity so we generally just leave them on. We have one for each bedroom.

I like this air purifier because you can use it in a large room and it has a permanent filter. It's a great value and it saves you more money in the long run.

I purchased this model after returning one of a different brand because it was too noisy. On the lowest setting it isn't noisy at all but also the air flow is so low that it isn't effective. The highest effect is obtained if used on the highest setting but the noise is so loud that I imagine most people would prefer more dust than more constant high noise. A few days after cleaning I notice dust particles on the filter but plenty of dust keeps accumulating on the furniture right next or around it. From my experience with it, it has reduced dust (I don't know about allergens) to a moderate level for a relatively moderate price.\n\nThe filter casing seems to be made of carton paper (the one I returned had plastic casing). Not durable enough to be handled when filter is taken out for better vacuum cleaning.\nAnother possible flaw in my opinion would be the fact that the "cleaned" air is blown right next to the suction vent.

This has helped greatly with my families allergies and asthma symptoms.

Air purifier works great

It's pretty quiet. I actually prefer more of a fan noise at night to help buffer other noises - so this is almost too quiet for me. However, it cleans the apartment of the yucky smoky smell from the neighbor that drifts in and is small enough to be on my bedside table.

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