Hamilton Beach 5.5-Quart Digital Steamer

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Make mealtime more exciting and your plate more nutritionally balanced with colorful, vitamin-packed foods. Add your choice of vegetables, seafood or chicken breasts to the Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer and you're minutes away from serving a satisfying steamed meal the whole family will enjoy. Take advantage of the bounty of in-season produce at your local farmer's market or grocery store. If you're lucky enough to have your own garden, you can reap the rewards and the satisfaction of steaming your own freshly picked vegetables. Once you add gently steamed vegetables and seafood to your meal rotation, canned and frozen foods lose their appeal. Don't be surprised if the Digital Steamer earns a permanent place on your kitchen counter because it's so versatile and easy to use. Fill it with water, place one or two of the transparent bowls filled with food atop the base and set the cooking timer. When your food is ready, it sounds a beep and automatically switches to warm for one hour.
Use 1 steaming bowl or stack 2 bowls to steam larger quantities
Remove the divider between the bowls to steam large foods such as corn on the cob or a head of broccoli
Steams delicate fish, lobster, shrimp, clams, mussels and oysters
Steams chicken breasts and hot dogs
Includes a rice bowl that’s perfect for white or brown rice and small foods
Cooks eggs upright from soft to hard-cooked
Digital touchpad makes setting the countdown timer and other functions easy
Switches to warm automatically and alerts you with a beep when cooking time is up
WARM setting runs for 1 hour then steamer turns off
DELAY START timer lets you fill the steamer with produce in advance and begin steaming later (do not use for raw fish, seafood, meat or poultry)
Rice bowl and drip tray are dishwasher safe
Steaming chart included in Use and Care guide
Nested storage design fits neatly in your kitchen cabinet
3-year limited warranty
Model# 37530
  • Battery Type: Does Not Contain a Battery
  • Primary Color: Black
  • Multi Pack Indicator: No
  • Model No.: 37530
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 6.859
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 12.95 x 8.62 x 12.72
  • Assembled in Country of Origin: Imported
  • Origin of Components: Imported
  • Walmart No.: 553047081

does this come with a rice bowl

Answer : Yes, the rice bowl is 1 quart with handles. You get 2 levels of the clear plastic and 1 black plastic rice bowl.

Answer : Yes. I also use the rice bowl to steam smaller vegetables like peas and corn, which would otherwise slip through the bottom of the steaming bowls.

Answer : Yes, it does, and it's generously-sized and easy to clean :)

Answer : Yes it does

Answer : Yes. The bowl is not very large. The steaming chart gives direction for adding only 1 cup of either white or brown rice.

Answer : yes

Answer : Yes, it comes with the rice bowl.

Answer : Yes, and it cooks rice very well

Answer : Yes, a rice bowl is included.

Is it BPA free?

Answer : I'm not sure but here are the codes on the 2 plastic bowls from this product: black plastic rice bowl (1) PP 05 clear plastic steaming bowls (2) PC 07 Hope this helps.

Answer : That's what the CSR's claim.

Answer : There is very little BPA.

which store has the Hamilton Beach 5.5 quart steamer in stock?

Answer : Walmart.com

Great for steaming garden fresh veggies.

The Hamilton Beach 5.5 qt digital steamer is a versatile food steamer with stackable 2 tier steaming. You can use one tier for small quantities or 2 tiers for an entire meal. there is also a removable center divider to fit a variety of larger foods, and a separate rice bowl.\nThe digital touch pad makes setting the count-down timer and the other functions easy, with an easy to read digital timer screen.\nThere are indicator lights for delay start, cook, warm, and low water with an easy to see water reservoir widow.\nThe delay start cycle can be set for 30 min. to 24 hrs. The auto-warm cycle begins automatically at the end of the cook time for up to one hour.\nAll in all the Hamilton Beach 5.5 qt. Digital Steamer is a great compact counter top unit that "nests" for easy storage. It has a sleek design and is easy to use and clean. Some parts are even top rack dishwasher safe.\nAs always I recommend reading the easy to read and understand instruction book. It will help you get started with ease and has estimated cook times and guidelines.\nI would say I like it and would recommend it to friends and family.

STEAMER = Healthy Eating

I've never used a Steamer before; however, this Hamilton Beach appliance is very user friendly because I was able to set it up quickly after reading the instructions. The result was a delicious bowl of steamed broccoli, carrots and string beans and I enjoyed eating veggies in less than 20 minutes. The vegetables cooked in this Steamer had just the right amount of crunch. The appliance is attractive and comes apart easily for washing and storage. The Steamer is also able to cook other foods such as rice and has several compartments so that you can multi steam two things at the same time; i.e., veggies in one compartment and salmon in the other.\n\nThis Steamer would encourage someone to eat healthier because it is so easy to use and because steaming retains the nutrients in the food as opposed to boiling. The steamed vegetables also taste so much better than the boiled ones.\n\nThere's only one minor fault and that is the plastic parts of the Steamer seemed a bit flimsy but this didn't take away from it functioning as it was designed to do. I am only mentioning this thinking about the durability of the Steamer.\n\nI highly recommend this Hamilton Beach steamer.

Digital Steamer

I steamed corn on the cob and hot dogs with this product. I normally do corn on the cob in the microwave, and it has worked very well and very quickly. I followed the procedures outlined in the manual, and streamed 3 ears cut in half for 20 minutes. The corn was cooked and tasted very good; however, I could not taste any difference between the steamed corn, and the microwaved corn. Additionally, it only took half the time to microwave and virtually no cleanup or prep.\n\nI placed the 8 hot dogs in the steamer to leave as many steam holes open as possible and cooked them for about 15 minutes. The dogs plumped up very nicely, and all of them were visually pleasing. Hot dogs cooked in the microwave tend to split open, and, in some cases get a little rubbery. The steamer dogs had a very nice texture, taste and aroma. This may be my new method. I am looking forward to steaming fresh vegetables and rice in the next few days. I much prefer cooking without oils so that the flavors of the items can come through when they are eaten.\n\nThe controls are pretty much intuitive; however, the little window for depicting the water level is difficult to see. It appears there is some type of red light that should indicate water level, but, in my experience, it has proven to be difficult to see and therefore somewhat useless. Overall, the unit seems to be solidly built and with proper descaling of the heating unit, should last.

Hamilton Beach Steamer is Awesome!

Well let me say this: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS!!!\n\nI was so excited to get this, try it out and review it for Walmart Spark Reviewer. I use a crock pot a lot but sometimes I don't want to put my vegetables in with the main dish that I am cooking. This double decker steamer is exactly what I needed.\n\nI make crock pot ribs and being able to make steamed potatoes and/or veggies in this is a life saver! My 1st attempt to use this was to boil eggs. Wow!! I put the time on 22 minutes and it worked perfectly. I popped the cooked eggs into a bowl of cold water and they peeled easily too. The only drawback was that the directions say maximum of 8 eggs at a time. I wanted to try to do 2 levels (16) but I didn't want to ruin the eggs so I did only 8. I guess I can live with that.\n\nI am very, very happy with this appliance and I know that I will use it for a lot of cooking. I look forward to trying it with rice, vegetables and meat. Steaming is a healthy way to cook and with the Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer it's going to make creating meals fun, easy and yummy!!\n\nI will definitely recommend this to my family and friends. And right now it's under $30 at Walmart... You can't beat that deal!!!!

Great steamer

My Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer arrived just in time. My garden is over run with green beans and this steamer steams them perfectly! I also made fish for supper and it did a beautiful job steaming the tilapia as well. It is so easy to use that it makes cooking fun. You fill the steamer with water to the water line they have on the machine and then add the steam bowls. You can steam two things at once, which is what I did with the fish and the green beans. After steaming I put a little garlic powder and butter on the beans and they were delicious. I seasoned the fish before steaming it. You can use this steamer to cook rice but I couldn't find if you should use quick rice or regular rice so I haven't tried that yet. I think it is also great that you can hard cook eggs in this steamer. It comes with a egg holder so the eggs will stay on end to cook them. Other food items to cook are hot dogs! Kids really like to do this. You just have to be careful with children around as it does get hot-- it's steam after all. You can also put two units together and steam corn on the cob standing end so it cooks uniformly.\nThe steamer is all digital so you just set the timer and it will keep your food warm for up to an hour after it is done cooking. You can also delay the start time which is nice.\nCleaning the Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer is a breeze. It comes apart very easily and you wash by hand the clear plastic parts and the rice bowl and drip tray can go in the dishwasher.\nOverall, I would highly recommend this steamer.

Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer

I really like this Hamilton Beach 5.5 quart Digital Steamer. I already have a single steamer that I have had for years and use often. Now I have a double basket or one large basket and digital to boot. The baskets have an insert that is easily removed in order to make one large basket. There is a window that tells you how much water is being used and if you need to add more water there is a convenient pull out drawer to add the water to. If you don't have a rice cooker well this can also steam rice. Its great to have so many options of different foods to steam. The nice thing as well is being able to cook ears of corn and how about some artichokes! Love that I can cook my artichokes! Another great thing is the option to steam eggs for soft eggs or hard (boiled) eggs. It says maximum of eight so I think that's a down side because I think most people cook a little more than eight. Again another great thing is it will switches to warm after cooking. There is a delay switch, basically a pre-set button so you can choose when you would like to start steaming. Great for daily use and also for big gatherings. Would definitely recommend this steamer.

I'm In LOVE (great way to eat healthier)

this is a review for the Hamilton Beach 5.5-Quart Digital Steamer.\ni am in love with the steamer this was on my to buy list and i had the opportunity to try it, it is great. at this moment i am pregnant for the second time and i have a motivation to eat healthier, this steamer does wonders, it is the perfect size for my husband and I, also i have a baby and this steamer helps me get her food ready too. i tried it with vegetables mostly, it is good for the chicken and even fish, i recommend you doing the fish in foil so it keep the juices and you can even place some vegetable inside, i have been using it almost everyday, it is very easy to use only fill it with water, at the front has digital buttons, it comes with two tiers that you can remove one if needed depending on what you are cooking, for me has been really helpful not only to eat healthier but to make my baby's meals too.\nBottom line, YES, I would recommend, this helps you for the side vegetables or even plan the whole menu, there are ton of recipes online, so i haven't get tired of it yet, you have many possibilities.

Perfect for Healthier Cooking!

When my husband and I were talking about how to cook healthier, we talked about grilling more, baking or broiling more, and also steaming more. Our version of steaming has always been a rack of some sort set on top of our fry pan or sauce pan with a bit of boiling water in it.\nI was thrilled when Sparks offered this steamer for review and I couldn't wait to try it. When it arrived, one thing that first impressed me is how all the pieces fit within each other so it is not some bulky machine to put away in a cupboard and it also does not take up much space on the counter top, two pluses in my book.\nIt has a separate container for rice, generous sized upper and lower steam bowls, which can be used separately or together. Just remove the bottom of the upper steam bowl to accommodate larger items. Very easy to follow instructions and the feature I really like is the delay timer. I can time it so dinner will be well under way when I arrive home, nice.\nThere is a handy steaming chart included that gives you ideas for what you may want to try in the steamer along with size recommendations and cooking times. We tried corn on the cob, green beans and asparagus and they all turned out fantastic! I also went online and googled meals for steamers and will put my own spin on them.\nThis is such a wonderful appliance, no oil, just water, and the result is you eat healthier.\nI would highly recommend this to any individual or family who is trying to make healthier changes in their eating habits. Too many of our choices are greasy, fat filled fast food items that we eat because they are convenient. This steamer now makes cooking healthy fast and convenient.

great little steamer

This Hamilton Beach Digital steamer is a great addition to your kitchen. If you're taking in more fresh vegetables in your diet, you need one of these. At five and a half quarts, it is large enough to do the job. It's lightweight, looks good on the kitchen counter, and will surprise you with how easy you can steam cook your whole meal if you wish. I ran it thru everything from fresh Broccoli to whole ears of corn to long grain rice to steam vegetables in a bag and even figured out the time needed to do Quick cook rice. Steamed up a piece of Salmon and did a carton of eggs just to check it's capacity. It passed every test. The next thing I want to try is doing foil wrapped mini meals in it. The steam guide in the instruction booklet helped a lot. The only one I had to watch close was the instant rice. It got done quicker than I expected. This unit has two steam chambers which allows you to cook most of your meal at one time. Just remember to leave the steam holes open around the food to ensure proper cooking. The steamer cleans up quick and easy, then by taking apart the bowls to place every part to stack up in itself keeping the steamer all together for the next use. The controls on the steamer are digital and easy to use. When your cycle is done , it sets itself to a warming condition for one hour before shutting off completely. Keep an eye on your water level. there is a warning for when it gets low, but you will find that you'll be adding water to the steamer often with heavy use. I put a pack of hot dogs in one bowl and started the unit for twelve minutes. at the ten minute mark, I added the second bowl with hot dog buns in it and resumed steaming. When the steamer finished and cycled to warm, I had hot dogs ready to put in freshly steamed hot dog buns. Excellent !! The Hamilton Beach Steamer is built solid, super easy to use, has a good sized capacity, it does the job and allows you to add more healthier foods to your diet.

Healthy living

Getting to try the Hamilton Beach Digital steamer was a great joy. I appreciate the Spark Program for giving me a chance to try, and review it so that others may be well informed.\nThe steamer has, technically, 3 compartments, but only 2 actual steamers. In my video I said it had 3 shelves. It's actually 2. One is a rice bowl that fits inside one of the compartments.\nI've used this to make 2 meals. One was without rice. Both were steamed chicken and veges.\nAfter my first... almost meal.. (meaning it was planned, but not executed) I failed to read the directions clearly and I had everything out to make my significant other, and myself a nice lunch of steamed lemon chicken with rice and steamed veges. I ended up scratching that plan and waiting until another meal because I didn't realize how long the rice was going to take, so my planning was going to be off, and the meal was going to be late. The rice does take a full 60 min to steam, so plan accordingly. The chicken only took 30, the veges 20 I believe (from frozen).\nBut once everything was cooked at proper times, and the meal was complete, I was amazed at how handy the steamer was! I love the thing, and would suggest it to friends/family. Only other issue I encountered besides the timing, was that cleaning.. the food wanted to stick to the plastic, so it was more work than I had anticipated. So the second time, I sprayed the bottom surfaces with Pam and it helped cleanup immensely.\nGreat product overall!

The most convenient steamer

I used this steamer for about a month on a daily basis, it works great so far. I have GERD (Gastro esophageal reflux disease), which require low fat, easy digest food. Steamed vegetables is a good choice, so I use steamer to cook for about ten years. During this period of time, I used at least a dozen steamers, both electric or stove top, this one is the best.\nFirst, it is very easy to use, no need to read manual. All operations are straight forward with common sense. It is light weighted, very easy to clean after cooking. Hand wash is enough, so I never try to clean it in a dish washer.\nSecond, although it looks small, but can handle lots of food, I love carrots and egg plants. It can cook one pound carrots and two large eggplants and four extra-large eggs together. It will take about 30 minutes to cook them thoroughly. This steamer will take about five minutes to get full steam, which it is almost the quickest in all steamers.\nThird, the water amount is calculate accurately, max level for about 40 minutes of cooking, which enough for most vegetables or rice. If longer time needed, water can be added at anytime during cooking.\nOne thing to mention is the calcium deposits on heating area. If you have a hard water, this will happen, the best way is to invest a water softener machine for your house, both benefit your health and the machine. Or, you can use white vinegar to wipe it out easily.\nOverall, I am very satisfied with this steamer, and will use is for a long period of time. I will update my review for liabilities if possible. You can’t be wrong by choosing this product. It is the best friend for people with GERD like myself.

My kitchen helper the Steamer!

Hamilton Beach 5.5-Quart Digital Steamer\n\nBefore you get started remember to season your food or not, I found tossing veggies in a bowl before placing into steamer is better, season your fish or chicken breast before placing into steamer, I think it is better to remove your cooked food from steamer to plate without taking containers off of the steamer. When it’s time to clean up if you don’t want a mess I suggest you take an empty plate or bowl to sit your containers into remember there are holes at the bottom of each container except for the rice bowl. This steamer really cooks well I used it for veggies and fish; If you are cooking for a family of 4, I suggest cooking only your veggies using both containers or placing a total of 4 pieces of fish in both containers. This steamer will work perfect for two person meal or if you have to cook for more people I suggest you try using it as I did (steamed all veggie or steam all fish) Perfect for dorm use giving the option to have a healthy meal at least 4 or more times during a course of a week, you can study while your food is cooking all you may have to do is add water, cleanup is easy and its small enough to store away. I’ll take this over microwave food any day.

What A Steamer!...

I had always wanted to buy a steamer...just never got around to it.\nThanks to the folks at Walmart, I had the chance to try one.\nBoy, am I fortunate to be able to try the Hamilton Beach 5.5 Quart Digital Steamer!\nI say these words with reverence because it is truly an excellent product.\nLet me count the ways...\nThe first thing I wanted to try was rice. I am a fan, lover, and devotee of all rice and rice products...\nI poured 1 cup of rice into the rice bowl, filled the reservoir with the approximate amount of water...set the timer for 70 minutes and that was it.\nThe finished product was excellent , fluffy, and tasty steamed rice.\nThe steamer comes in an easy to set up package and I was amazed at the versatility of it. It can be easily adapted to cook corn on the cob, asparagus, eggs, shrimp, clams, steamed fish, and hot dogs.\nAnother thing I like this particular product is the convenient "beeps"...It "beeps" when plugged it and turned on and it "beeps" when turned off and unplugged.\nThere is even a 'delay start timer"...steam whenever you want to.\nAll in all this is a delightful tool for making healthy and tasty foods. A must for any kitchen.

I must say this is a nice appliance

This is my first food steamer to me the instructions are a little vague.\nIt steams fresh veggies in about 20 minutes and all you have to do is add water to the reservoir, turn it on, change the time to how many minutes you want it to cook, and voila.\nIn the past I would steam on the stove top. The Hamilton beach digital steamer heats up quickly, steam billows out in about 3 minutes. The timer and automatic keep warm (fantastic feature I’ll never burn the rice again…) make it a breeze. The food is every bit as good as the results I can get over the stove top.\nCleanup is easy. There are several plastic pieces that can quickly be washed up. The sides of the steamer base remain cool during operation so after you use it, you can pick it up and dump out any extra water into the sink.\nThe cooking compartments are made of several removable pieces so you can configure it a number of ways. If you need to do something large, you can take out the removable bottom and make it tall or if you need room for multiple foods you can turn it into a double-decker steamer.\nThe unit stores in a relatively small space because all of the components stack on top of each other.\nSo far I'm very happy with this steamer.\nI really love that it doesn't get hot to the touch as that makes it a lot safer to use.\nThe only thing I guess I would change is the digital display screen. It is hard to see and adjust the time without stooping to counter level.

Time Saver

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion through the Spark Reviewer Program. I have been checking out this steamer for some time now. And the fact that my mom has one. At first I didn't see any use at all for the item but now, I stay on the go with all my children activities, this really came in hand. It is very easy to put together and washing it is easy as well. There are so many different things you can cook in this steamer. Only thing I do not like about this steamer is the timer does not go pass an hour. I am not really sure why that is but it stops at 1 hour. Maybe food should not be steamed for that long. The first thing cooked in the steamer was some boneless pork chops. I let them steam for 1 hour. Once I took them out the steamer and onto a plate, I could cut them with a fork. It was finger licking good. I cannot wait to steam me some broccoli and corn. I can see this steamer being used for many different things. This steamer will be put to go use. I am so glad I picked this item.

Easy to use and maintain, great meals

Like most everyone in America, I would like to start eating a healthier diet. I thought that the Hamilton Beach Steamer could help with that. So upon receiving the steamer I washed it out as directed and assembled it. It has a lot of parts to you it, but the nice thing is they all can nest into each other when you put it away. So I began preparing a lunch for my husband consisting of salmon, zucchini, and Jasmine rice. The salmon fillets were cut by the butcher about an inch thick and so I just plopped them skin side down on the first floor (bottom) container. I sprinkled light garlic salt on both fillets and placed a medium slice of lemon on each. I csliced zucchini and squeezed them in around the fish. In the rice bowl you just add a cup of rice and a cup of water. I added a slice of lemon into the rice as well because I cut an extra one. I plugged in the steamer and I was very pleased to see how it lit up and was very easy to read and use. I put the timer on 30 minutes. This was an executive decision because the directions say rice is about 35 minutes but the salmon is about 17, although my salmon fillets were pretty big. Well, everything was done at the same time and it came out perfectly!! My husband was really impressed with our healthy lunch and so was I. But I was also really happy about how easy clean-up was. Helpful hint, turn off power and unplug machine if you don’t need it to warm any remaining food that way everything is cooled enough after dinner to wash and put away. I took everything apart and threw the top pieces (NOT the base) into to the sink and washed them easily. Helpful hint, #2, don’t use a really abrasive scrubber to wash the pieces as the plastic can get scratched. I can’t wait to use this steamer again, and serve easy, healthy meals to my family.

I rate this steamer 10 stars!

Oh my goodness! I am so impressed and excited about this Hamilton Beach 5.5 Quart Digital Steamer! I was anxious to give it a try and it did not disappoint. The upper and lower stackable steam bowls are generously-sized and hold a lot of food. A rice-cooking bowl is included and will easily hold two big servings of rice. Each of the two stackable steamer compartments has a removable bottom with deep indentions for standing eggs to hard boil. The appliance is easy to assemble and the instruction book provides a chart with cooking times and other pertinent information (replacement parts, troubleshooting, etc.). Within 4 minutes of plugging-in the steamer, I could hear the water boiling in the reservoir and the top and sides began to steam. In the lower steam bowl, I placed small ears of sweet corn and tiny, whole, red potatoes sprinkled with herbs. In the top steamer bowl, I placed an entire bag of shrimp and two more ears of corn. I set the timer for 35 minutes and finished preparing other parts of the meal. At the end of the steam cycle, the unit began timing for the one-hour “keep warm” setting, which it does automatically. I can’t say enough about this awesome steamer. It would make a great gift for anyone wanting to implement healthier cooking in their diet. I LOVE it!

What a Treasure!

The Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer 5.5 Quart Digital Steamer is now my favorite appliance in the kitchen! Food is now bursting with flavor. Enticing! If you have a real passion to actually taste your food, you will love this! All you need is water. No messy oils. Heats up instantly. And Super Easy clean up! This steamer triumphs above the rest. I absolutely love the delay function, just set the cooking time and then press the delay button. You can set it for a minimum of 30 minutes up to 24 hours maximum. If you're ready to cook now, just press the arrow buttons for the amount of time . It will go up to 60 minutes maximum. If you need more time adjust the up arrow button again. Your meal is done quick, about 15 minutes for two chicken breasts and for a cup of rice about 40 minutes and about 5 minutes for vegetables. It makes your vegetables come to life! Steaming chart is included in the directions and the directions are very well written and easy to understand. There is no over-cooked food. No cross flavors. Food so rich in flavor with very little effort.\nThis steamer comes with a lower tier (marked 1) bowl and an upper tier (marked 2) steaming bowl and a small black dish for cooking rice or small meals. The drip tray has handles with a drawer you can place more water in without getting burnt. The water reservoir is on the bottom. Simply fill the with water to the max line easily marked also. It will beep when it is plugged in. After the desired cooking time, the steamer will switch to warm mode for one hour. The steamer will beep and show you when the water is low. Use one tier for small meals or two tiers for an entire meal. By taking away a tier you can cook large foods like corn on the cob or a head of broccoli and even eggs! It's healthy, zestful, savory food made so easy!

Very Impressive Steamer

At first, all I thought about steamed food was that it would be watery and bland. Boy, was I wrong! When I got the Hamilton Beach steamer, it came in an attractive and informative box. It had good information on it. Like I said, I was hesitant about using a steamer, but when I started to put it together and reading about it in the enclosed pamphlet, I got really interested. At first I thought I’d try to cook rice in it because good rice is hard to make. If you don’t have a rice cooker, it can turn out to be too sticky or even crunchy. I don’t think I know anyone who likes crunchy rice. My video captures the first time I tried the steamer and the first rice I cooked with it. I was very impressed. All I did was fill up the steamer with water, put the rice and water in the rice container and set the time for 32 minutes. The results were amazing. My husband, who is a rice aficionado, simply loved the rice. Even I thought that the rice was excellent without adding anything to it except maybe some light salt. Very good rice because it was cooked evenly and separated easily instead of sticking together in clumps. Then I thought I’d try to steam some eggs. Eggs?? Whoever would steam eggs? But I tried it anyway. I put eight large eggs into the tray which has little bowl-like indents on the bottom so you can stand the eggs up in them. Then I filled the water reservoir again to the max and steamed the eggs for 22 minutes. Those eggs were amazing! The yolks were not hard, but rather had a light, almost creamy texture even though they were thoroughly hard boiled. This is an excellent steamer because it works well. I would definitely recommend it to a friend..

Cooking for one

Best $30.00 I ever spent. Since I live alone, cooking a decent meal is a problem. Just don't want to go to the trouble. But this little beauty takes the work out of everything and I get a gourmet meal in 20 minutes. Fish with marinated veggies around it or chicken marinated is super. Lots of flavor, easy cleanup and done in 20 minutes. A word of advice, use distilled water as you would in an iron to save yourself work later on.

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