Gamo PT-80 Semi-Automatic Air Pistol Repeater

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Brand Name: GAMO

Product Category: Air Guns

  • Weight: 1.2
  • Age Start: 18 Years
  • Age End: and up
  • Multi Pack Indicator: No
  • Model No.: 611135054
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 1.2
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 7.2 x 1.38 x 5.5
  • Assembled in Country of Origin: USA or Imported
  • Origin of Components: USA or Imported
  • Walmart No.: 983556

Can you use bb's in this air gun?

Answer : yes

Answer : No, bb's cannot be used.

Answer : No, it has a rifled barrel, only lead based pellets work

Answer : Yes it is a BB gun

Answer : No. This air pistol uses .177 cal. pellets only.

Answer : NO

Answer : No, This pistol shoots pellets only. BB's would ruin the rifled steel barrel.

how do you load the gun?

does this gun take a cartridge or clip?

Answer : It has a little round thing that holds up to eight little pellets or you can use it single action, according to the instructions. I used the little pellet holder thingie that came with it (it comes with two round eight pellet holding I guess what you would call clips.)

Answer : There is a round cartridge that holds 8 pellets and is put in the gun. Very simple.

Answer : Pellets are loaded in a about a 1" diameter disc holding eight pellets. It is rotary similar to the Crossman 357 revolver pellet pistol.

Answer : The gun comes with three small round cartriges (I think each holds about 9 pellets).

Answer : You load the clip and put it in, and it engages right away no cocking required.

Answer : The gun uses an eight round rotary magazine, and comes with three of them. They take only a few seconds to load with .177 cal. pellets.


will crosman pellets work in this pistol since i use gamo in my rifle

Answer : Yes, I use them all the time. I also use the gamo pellets. I really do not see much difference.

Answer : Any .177 caliber pellet or BB will work with this pistol. The manual that came with the PT80 suggested that long collared pellets might not work properly. I have some Rockets, not sure who made them, but they work fine. I like the Crosman hollow points that I bought better. They seem to carry more inertia...

Answer : yes, crosman .177 cal. pellets work well.

Answer : Yes Crossman .177 cal pellets work fine

Answer : Yes, as long as it's the right calibre. Granted, not all pellets will fire well in every pistol. You have to experiment with different brands and styles, i.e. round nose, hollowpoint, field target. Also, there are .177 cal. pelletes that weigh 7.9 grains (or lighter) and there are those that weigh over 10 grains. Just find the right ones for your pistol. same goes for .22 & .25 cal.

Answer : yes

At least at first glance, the Gamo looks like a firearm rather than an air pistol -- which may be a desirable feature or not, depending on the circumstances. When cocked, the trigger pull is light but rather long. The gun seems quite accurate, giving 4- to 6-inch groups at a distance of 30 feet.

A fun experience

The Gamo PT-80 is a great product. Simple mechanics and easy to operate but very functional and feels and shoots like a quality firearm. I have real firearm experience and and this pellet hand gun comes close to the enjoyment I get from target shooting with the real thing. I'm very pleased with this quality product.

When I ordered this, I was expecting your typical co2 pistol, but this one is actually a very nice quality pistol. Hasn't jammed once. It's fun to shoot.\nIt also looks and feels like a firearm.

Excellent value powerful and accurate

I just received my Gamo PT80 and am very pleased with it. I had to buy my co2 seperately and went with Crosman cartridges and Crosman Wadcutter flat head amo. This gun is powerful and accurate. I adjusted the rear sight, which with trial and error took 20 minutes. I was very careful not to overtighten the co2. First shot broke a flower vase i had that was made of fairly thin glass. Second through fifth shots tore apart a tin can. I ended up putting about 110 shots through it on two co2 cartridges. The cartridge became weak after about fifty shots. The first ten or so shots are very powerful. This gun is well made, mostly metal and feels and looks very real. My groupings were about 1/2 inch at 35 feet, not bad at all. The gun is about average for noise, again first ten shots are loudest. I am very pleased with this gun, especially for the price. Go on Gamo's website and this piece is $119.00, and worth that. I would highly recommend.

My sons in heaven

Our son got this for Christmas. He has already gone through 500 pellets. He loves it. It looks very real and it is very hefty. Definately in love with this gun.

Air Pistol

Nicer than expected and so far has performed without a hitch...would buy again

best pellet gun

this is well made i have alot fun with this gun i use my gamo 3 times a week it fell in a foot of water i just let it dry out works fine i like it better crosman gun the crosman gun are cheesey made if you want well made CO2 pellet gun go with the gamo you get what you pay for

Meets expectations

The Gammo PT-80 is a realistic real weapon so much so it would not be advisable to display it in public, could be mistaken for the real thing.\nIt handles and shoots pretty well considering the short barrel and packs a reasonable punch at short range. The only downfall is the long trigger pull which restricts accuracy. This is a great weapon for target practice saving costly ammo and is much better quality than the Crossman equivlent.

Very Nice Air Gun

No problems at all, very acurate

Gamo PT-80

Great pistol and worked great for about 800 rounds and then it stopped working. I opened it up and found a very small rubber o-ring that had broken. Can't get a replacement from Gamo. They want me to send the pistol to them and also pay for return shipping. Not worth the effort. Would not buy from Gamo again. Big disappointment.

A Really Good Air Pistol

I've had this pistol for about two months now so I feel that I can accurately review it. First, like many other reviewers have stated, it looks and feels like a real sidearm. In fact, it is an exact replica of the Stoeger Cougar 9mm/.45 ACP handgun. I have not encountered some of the negative aspects of performance that are mentioned in other reviews. My pellets don't "drop out" of the magazines and I've not yet had problems with the o-ring seals. The pistol does have a stiff trigger pull and yes, that does make it less accurate than a pistol with a lighter pull. I sighted mine in using a vise for stability and can now put 8 out of 8 rounds into the 50mm (@ 1 5/8") center circle of my targets at 30 feet. I think that's fairly accurate. The only time that I've experienced jamming is when I used Gamo's own "Raptor" gold pellets. Since that experience, I stick to Crosman .177 Super Points. A word of caution for those who require a tactical laser sight; it ain't easy to retro-fit the standard model. Gamo sells two models that include laser sights; the PT-80 Laser and the PT-80 Tactical. Both sell for well over $100 from Gamo. I have installed a laser sight on my PT-80 but it mounts above the barrel like a scope, so I cannot see the regular front sight. I must rely on the laser for accurate shots. The reason for this is that I could not buy the under-the-barrel utility rail from Gamo and it is propriatary in that, it will only fit on the PT-80. Gamo does offer a utilty rail (they refer to it as a PT-80 T-rail, it's actually a 3/8" dovetail) that mounts on top of the barrel and will accept various generic laser sights and scopes. You will need to call Gamo USA and ask to special order this part along with the two associated mounting screws. All-in-all I think this is a fine air pistol and I have enjoyed "plinking" with it. The only holster that I've found Wal-Mart sells is the Blackhawk Nylon Ambidextrous Hip Holster #5.

Works as advertised. Accurate.

Don't waste money on Gamo PT-80

I just got the Gamo PT-80 for Christmas, and was looking forward to trying it out. It does have a nice appearance, much like a real firearm. It did work initially, and I was able to shoot several cans, rather accurately. Unfortunately, after about 20 shots I noticed that the CO2 was leaking. It must have a bad design, and the seal must have broken. For an item as cheap as this, I really don't want to pay more money to send it to the vendor to get fixed. I've read several other reviews indicating that this product has a faulty design, and the seal breaks immediately. From my experience, I have to agree.

Good pellet gun

Nice strong shot. Feels like the real thing in your hand. Shoots true. Be careful, it could definitely kill a small animal like a duck or turtle or snake. Bought it for snakes by the lake.

Excellent teaching tool.

A female friend expressed interest in learning to shoot. As I only have large caliber handguns, I figured an air pistol be a good teaching tool. I was very impressed with the Gato, she learned quickly, and am having a blast myself shooting it.

Gamo PT80 15 Min of Fun then a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT

I bought the Gamo PT80 from the Wal-Mart Website and had it delivered to my local Wal-Mart. PT80 was not available anywhere but online. Wal-Mart made it easy to purchase with free delivery to my local store. I received the PT80 Thursday and shot it for the first time today Saturday 21 Jan 2012. PT80 shot to the left about 2 inches. I fired the first eight pellets making sure the shots where off before making an adjustment to the rear sight. After adjusting the rear sight my second 8 rounds were still shooting to the left. I moved the rear sight very far to the right. My third set of shots was dead on after shooting about 3 times. Suddenly no pellets were coming out of the barrel. I removed the magazine and found a rubber O-ring that used to be a part of the gun and had torn in half. That was the end of my experience with this pellet pistol and I will be returning the pistol for a refund. I am not willing to risk other problems with this pistol that cost almost $80.00 when I did not even get through 20 rounds. Pistol was also very loud almost to the point that my neighbors would probably call the police if I continued. Maybe it was GOD at work! The PT80 was almost as loud as a 22 short. I previously bought a Beeman P17 pellet pistol from another vendor. I would highly recommend a Beeman P17. The P17 is single shot and not nearly as fast or fun, but I have had no problems with it to date.



don't like this pellet pistol

This gun loses c02 everytime I install a cartridge. It leaks as it is being tightened up. The trigger pull is too hard also.

Bought this to remove Red Squrills

Very Nice!

An excellent gun

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