Equate Pantiliners Long Unscented, 105ct

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Brand Name: Equate

Product Category: Feminine Care

105 count
For light-flow days
  • Model No.: 86502
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 0.6
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 7.13 x 3.39 x 7.5
  • Assembled in Country of Origin: USA or Imported
  • Origin of Components: USA or Imported
  • Walmart No.: 273046

This is actually for the research and development dept.: Can you develope an x-tra long panty liner

people want protection for incontinence both front and back. It would really be helpful to have you fan out the front and back at least as far as to cover the cotton insert in womens panties. In fact, please make it so that it is long enough to go past the cotton seam in the back so that when one sits down they are not embarrassed with a wet spot up their back. This would be so helpful and I sincerely hope you will take it into consideration. thank you in advance.

Good pantyliner, longer pad s/b available

Very nice panty liner, however a longer pad should be available for purchase. I only seen this length available when I purchased mine. Comfortable and easy removal.


Cheap price, and cheaply made,\nbut they work well for my purposes.\nNot very absorbent, but fine for very LIGHT leakage.\nThe sticky part adheres well to my panties\nand it stays in place.\nI like that they are so long that I can cut them in half\nand they still work fine.\nGreat for keeping me feeling fresher.

Compared is no comparison

These are JUST AS EFFECTIVE as the Natural Balance, but way cheaper, and honestly better in my opinion. They are long enough, and control my needs the way a liner should.

Perfect for minor leaks

As a person grows older, minor accidents occur because our bodies begin to let us down. This product provides for personal embarrassment by preventing leaks which show through your pants.

Definite repurchase

These are the lines I've used for a long time. They work well for me!

Stays on where placed......

I purchased this product due to good reviews. The price sounded right, especially since I haven't bought this brand before. It stays on without any bunching. I especially like that it is longer for extra coverage. Glad I purchased this brand. Thank you Walmart for keeping these in stock.....

Great product !

Just as good as the name brand that comes in the pink package . The only thing I would like to see is to have these pads individually wrapped , it would be easier to carry in your purse if they came wrapped . Also , they are longer than your average liners , much more better than the other pads that usually come shorter in length !

Good product

The item is fine. very soft and dry.

Equate Pantiliners Long Unscented

These are long with a removeable strip covering the adhesive side. Simple and good valuse.

Better than the rest...

I'm done paying premium prices for lesser quality. These are very good at reasonable price.

A very convenient product to use daily

I really like this product it's like an easy to use and it's easy to dispose of.

shrunk from previous size

These panty liners used to be great but they have now shrunk them from 7"x2.5" to being only 7"x1.5" wide. You will have to use two together to get effective coverage. Save your money and buy another brand.

Unreliable Panty Liners

These truly are awful. Like the other reviewer stated, they do not hold their shape, and the layers separate in no time and you end up with the sticky part on your private parts. Ouch! I'm normally a fan of Equate products but not this time.


I have tried name brands, generic brands--you name it. These have become my favorite. They are long enough to protect my underwear from seepage of any hemorrhoid medicine, secure enough to stay where I "stick" them, rather than riding everywhere and thin enough for me to forget its there. I'm ordering them again. Oh, and they work great for small amounts of peri-neal leakage. Try them!

Good deal for a low price

Yes, they are thin. But I need only 2 (at the maximum 3) per day. They do the job perfectly.. Great deal considering that we get 105 liners for 4 dollars...

Good for the price

Theses are a little thin, but they work pretty well. Plus, you get tons of them for a good price.

These are as good as Light Days!!

I will definitely continue to buy these. Have been daily a Light Days user for several years. These are just as effective, and value is a bit better!

Don't buy this product

I bought the Equate Pantiliners. After wearing the pantiliners for about 1 hour, the top layer peels off and sticks to you. After wearing for about 3 hours, the remainer of the pantiliner sticks to your body.\nFor me, they are useless!

Very disappointed

Thin, narrower than Kotex Light Days, adhesive not strong, does not cover entire back. Loses shape, does not stay in place,creeps up. Very disappointed; Walmart brands are usually fairly good, but this one is not. Will not purchase again.

These are terrible. I buy store brand of just about anything, but these are not worth it. The adhesive is terrible. It doesn't go all the way to the edge of the liner-only a strip of adhesive in the center of the liner. This means that even if you apply it carefully it might not stay in place. I tried to remedy this problem by layering two side by side and overlapping, but even then they shift and you're left without total protection. I use liners for backup protection when I wear a tampon and of course when your liner shifts it is inevitable that you get a leak and ruin a pair of panties. I'm a small woman, 5'4" and 115lbs and wear size SM panties. You would think this shouldn't be a problem. It's not like the darn thing has much real estate to cover.

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