Edge Tech Corp. PE197711 1GB 533MHz DDR2

US $13.49

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UPC: 652977197902

Brand Name: Edge Tech

Product Model: PE197711

Product Category: Memory Upgrades

  • Model No.: PE197711
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 1.0
  • Origin of Components: USA or Imported

Will this item work for my computer?

I have a Gateway, model 310S. It works fine but just a little slow. Will this product work for my computer?

Answer : I don't know, it depends on what type of ram memory your computer uses. You will have to find out what type of memory your computer uses. You can find videos on youtube that will show you how to remove & replace your memory. The memory will have its type, written on the memory stick or sticks. For instance my computer uses PC2-4200 DDR2 533Mhz 240-PinDesktop Memory, if you know that your computer uses this same memory type, then it will work for you. But make sure that this is what type of memory your computer uses. Some computer manuals have the memory upgrade/replacement type listed and tell you what type it uses. Hope this helps!

Will this product work for my emachines d5039??


Product shipped quickly enough. Installed without issues. has been running without BSOD for more than 6 months. Performance increase was marginal as this only doubled the amount of RAM in the system.

More Better

RAM has improved my PC's performance and that is what I needed with Vista, Office, and other applications. Price is right and quality was great. Also, easy to install.

Good Product

Memory upgrade was a snap. No issues. Good Product.

Easy upgrade, works great at a reasonable price!

As advertised

The memory installed and functioned without any problems. Computer recognized without issue on bootup. Applications use additional memory with no problems. Best price available. I checked many vendors, price was from $99.00 to $20.00 each. Walmart had best price for mail order.

Good value

Easy to install. Affordable upgrade for your computer. A must have.

Best price you'll find for this RAM

Looked everywhere and this was the lowest price by a landslide. Works great.

A BestBuy!

I upgrade PC's as a hobby/part-time job and went to college for Help Desk Technologies....let me tell you, this is the best and inexpensive way to BOOST a PC for being sluggish. Also remember to empty the TEMP files folder that might slow a PC and run disk defrag. Otherwise, buying this for a two year old PC is the best thing you can do and the FIRST upgrade to do to keep up-to-date for the year 2009-2010. Good Luck and BUY it!


Very excellent, i definatly notice a difference in my pc's ability to handle large programs.

Great purchase

This memory chip had no problems, still working great! so glad I bought it to help with my new replacement desktop! definitely would buy again.

My computer is a LOT faster since I went from 1 to 2 gigs of ram.


great product worked above expictations on my Compaq SR2168HM.


Easy to install.

unable use product

unable to use memory not enough memory slots for module.

This product didn't fit into my computer. There were one too many slots for it to fit.

RAM Upgrade

Modules snapped right in and functioned just fine. Only be aware that Windows XP will only make use of 3 Gigs of ram. Need to upgrade to vista to use 4 Gigs.

Inexpensive easy upgrade

No instructions included, but who needs instructions.. LOL Way easy to do anyway..


I ordered two of the 1GB memory modules yesterday and when I got home from classes this afternoon they were already here. Super fast on the shipping. I was running 512MB memory on my emachine T5082 and it was so slow. I could not do anything, and I really was upset that it all but stopped my microsoft Flight Sim X. I put the 2GB memory in and it is so fast. No spits no sputters, just smooth running. There are other places out there to get this cheaper, but after doing some research, I am glad I went with a place I could trust. If you upgrade your memory with this, you will not be sorry!!!

Fantastic Value

This memory is the right item for a fantastic price. I recommend this item to anyone who is looking to upgrade.

Great Priced RAM

If you need more RAM for your computer, I strongly recommend this item. My husband and I usually elsewhere to buy our computer items, but were having trouble finding the RAM to upgrade my newest computer. When I found it at Walmart.com, I was skeptical at first but the price was worth giving it a try. RAM is RAM and if you want a great price, Walmart is a great place to get it. Works great and now my computer can support Vista in the background while I am gaming without lag. Glad I got it.

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