Crosman Nitro Venom NP .177 Air Rifle with Scope

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Brand Name: Crosman

Product Model: CVW1K77NP

Product Category: Air Guns

  • Multi Pack Indicator: No
  • Battery Type: Does Not Contain a Battery
  • Model No.: CVW1K77NP
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 10.0
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 46.25 x 1.5 x 7.0
  • Assembled in Country of Origin: Imported
  • Origin of Components: Imported
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Nitro powered air rifle

Where does this rifle get its nitrogen power from. Is there something else you have to buy besides the pellets to make it shoot. I am very interested in buying this rifle if one does not have to buy additional products to make it shoot.

Answer : You do not need anything but pellets the nitro is a sealed cylinder inside gun

Answer : just pellets, it works like a springer, the nitrogen is just a fancy name

Answer : Built into the rifle is a nitrogen canister which is sealed and has a plunger built in. When you break the barrel down and bring it back up you compress that plunger. There are no leaks and it is ready to shoot when ever you want to shoot it.

Answer : Its a nitrogen filled piston that gets compressed when its cocked...nothing to buy to shoot it but pellets

Answer : The piston is factory-filled with Nitrogen. There is nothing else to buy . . .

Answer : it has a pressurized gas cartridge that is sealed gets compressed each you actuate the break barrel. it should last forever unless it leaks out.. this is a great rifle for the price..

Answer : The nitrogen is per-loaded in the rifle much like an auto shock absorber. You don't need to buy anything else, just good grade pellets.

Answer : it is a sealed nitro piston. will never run out. just buy pellets and you are good to go.

Answer : It "nitro power" comes simply from a gas piston like the ones on cars that hold to truck and or hood open. Therefore it is renewable and the nitro is the gas that fills the piston, it does not escape when the gun is fired. In other words, all you need is this gun and pellets!


Is the barrell rifled on the crossman nitro venom

Answer : yes

Answer : Yes

Answer : yes

Answer : Yes, it has a quality rifled barrel.

Answer : yes it is

Answer : yes

Answer : Yes . . .

Answer : Rifled, thats why its accurate..

Answer : yes it is...great rifle

Answer : Yes, this air rifle has rifling.

Is this rifle a pump ?

Answer : No

Answer : No. Its a barrel break. Plenty of power.

Answer : no

Answer : Break Barrel Style of compression of a seal nitrogen caninster with a plunger. It doesn't leak and will stay ready to shoot for as long as you want.

Answer : its a break barrel... no pump up and has twice the power my crosman 2100 has with 10 pumps

Answer : No . . .

Answer : No, break barrel, instead of spring. Nitro piston charge..

Answer : It is a break barrel rifle, not pump.

Answer : is a break barrel rifle

Great gun

Great gun. Was loud at first but quieter after first few shots. Once scope was sighted in works with accuracy.

This is a great gun. It exceeded all of my expectations. The gun is very quiet and the scope is accurate, center area of target at 30 yards. Make sure to zero in the scope for your personal use. The gun is great for plinking, target shooting and taking out pests.

Best bang for the buck!!!

Not being a novice to airguns (owning four prior to this purchase), I did my research and wanted the best .22 airgun for the dollar. I settled on the Nitro Venom with the wood stock for stability. The centerpoint scope is more than adequate and very easy to zero, but the recoil of this gun does tend to loosen mount screws after 30 to 50 shots. Carry the allen wrench with you to do some preventive maintenance. Tighten all screws periodically while shooting.\nThis gun is very accurate (1 1/2 inch grouping at 35 yards from artillery hold standing position).\nIt is not a gun for a child!!! It packs a powerful punch that will bring down small game & varmints.\nThe only reason I did not give it 5 stars is the very heavy & long tripper pull.\nIt is quiet, accurate, packs a punch & a great gun for the $$$!!! Congrats Crosman!!!

Crossman intro Venom .177 air rifle W/scope

Very nice looking rifle with a wood stock, metal finish is also very nice looking.\n\nIt took me about 400-500 shots before I finally got it on target. Hint: you need to use a good grade pellet. My range is 27 yards and with a good grade pellet and a good rifle rest I can hold about a 2 1/2" pattern. If I could shoot better, it may be even a tighter pattern. The rifle is a bit heavy and for me that's a good thing. The .177 pellets are small and hard to work with in the very cold but I am only using it for target shooting and Starling control.\n\nThe 3-9X32 Center-Point Scope has a yellow tinted lens cover that you can leave on to shoot. The range adjustment (3-9) is smooth and clear. The scope is also very nice looking. I like it better then any of the scopes I have on my firearms.\n\nThe price including the Center-Point 3-9X32 scope, makes this air rifle a great deal.

Crosman Venom .177

Don't know what some of the other reviewers were thinking. I bought this for my son and I to shoot around with. Awesome pellet rifle. The Centerpoint scope is right on the money. Very easy to sight in. Only thing is if you switch brands of pellets you will have to resight the gun to that pellet. We are currently shooting the Gamo Steel round tip lead pellets. On bench in basement at 19 yds I can consistently put 5 shots into a dime sized dot. That is pretty accurate if you ask me !!! Trigger is a little squirrelly at first but you get used to it. After a couple shots you figure out how it will fire. Wood stock is sweet. Pretty heavy rifle but makes a steadier shot. Smooth easy cocking. Sweet rifle for plinking and small game hunting. Very 1st shot out of box sounded like a .22 going off. After that, it is no louder that a BB gun.

I returned it

I am former military and have shot a rifle more than a little bit. The trigger pull ranks with the worst I have ever seen. My old Daisy BB gun had a better trigger. The rile scope that came with it would not hold. I could get it zeroed and then after a few shots the pelletes would start hitting paper about 5 to 7 inches from the center. The rifle itself was great, far more powerful than I expected.\n\nI would buy another if they fix the trigger pull and get a decent scope on it. Take the scope off it and charge a little less so I can use that money to buy a decent scope and I might buy it again.

Great Buy

This is a great gun! It is quite, quick and has serious knock-down power! I had been searching for the right buy for a few weeks and could not find a better deal anywhere @ $129 it's hard to beat! [Hint: If you have problems sighting in the scope put a mark on it to align it with the mounts, so you can see if it moves (this is a common problem with almost every air rifle). If it moves wrap the scope with electrical tape twice, (just under the mounts, not the entire scope) and remount it. That worked very well for me, scope sights in perfectly!!!]

To WalMart: please ship this with padding.

I am a first-time air rifle owner, shot lots of air and BB, airsoft, paintball before. This gun came with brown oil all over the gun, I don't know if it leaked out during shipping due to damage, or it was manufactured that way from the factory. The performance is pretty good, but cocking effort tires you out quick! I was sore all over after about a hundred shots.\n\nThe manual says 100 shots to break in, it's actually more like 200, and my gun was still dieseling, smoking from the barrel. The scope is great but slips in the rings! I don't know what to do about that.\n\nThe largest issue was that WalMart just FedEx's the retail display box--which has ZERO protection for the scope, the most sensitive optical component! Mine came with dents on it, and I returned it after lots of frustrating shooting.\n\nSo yes I agree, it can be good if you get a good one, but with the way they are currently packaging it (NOT packaging it), that is unlikely.

Pretty good if you get a good 1

I bought this gun with high hopes. It seemed all over the place when I was trying to sight it in. I shot over 100 rounds to "break it in", but was having a hard time getting any shots on a 2 x 2 inch square at 22 yds. I returned it, not happy. I bought the gun again a week later. Within 25 shots, I was able to hit 5/5 in a 1x1 inch square area, at 22 yds. The trigger is terrible, as all the crosman made rifles are, Benjamin, Remington, etc. It does take getting used too. I will be looking for some rabbits tonight.

Great rifle

Nice rifle, I’ve got it for target shooting and for pest control: rats and squirrels.\nIt feels heavy, nice wood and great finishing.\nThe first 100 shots were really bad but after that the rifle seemed to finally break in and it started to provide good accuracy. These are some tips from my experience that I hope are useful:\n- Don’t expect accuracy before 100 shots.\n- Use a good wood board as target to tune up the scope and be patient. I found that the rifle can be tuned up to a deadly accuracy. I used a board at 30-40 feet of distance and probably shot 200 pellets before the rifle hit the same spot in the target again and again.\n- Insert very firmly each pellet before shooting, use your finger to push it as far as you can. In my experience this is the one thing that truly makes a difference achieving accuracy.\n- Try an aerodynamic pellet for maximum precision. I tried several ones but I feel the best is the Crosman Field Hunting .177 Cal, 7.4 Grains, Pointed, 1250ct. The pointed shape seems to break thru the air more efficiently providing a more linear trajectory and therefore delivering higher accuracy. I didn’t like the flat heads.\n- Be careful while shooting!! I have seen the pointed pellets going thru a ½ inch wood board. I will easily go thru rat or squirrel and hit anything behind. I have had other rifles (mostly .22) but this one clearly delivers a lot more power.\n- Firing the rifle produces a noise similar to the one produced by an air nailer gun, very acceptable.\n- The scope is good enough, I don’t feel I need to replace it, but make sure it is firmly secured. I can see up in the trees clearly.

Pleasantly suprised. Nice heavy feel, almost no recoil (thanks to NP) and silent vhen you compare to GAMO Silent cat. Had GAMO for 2 days then returned, to loud and it was clumsy especially stock.\nVenom has nice wood stock, and finish, metal triger and........... very accurate. Rifle has really good punch, depend what ammo you use.\nScope is just fine, no need for an upgrade and easy to install, and after just about 500 rounds still holds the mark.\nReally very happy.

very empressive rifle for any man or woman 13 year

I was very surprising shock how well this rifle is made . I have to admit it is a little on the heavy side but the rounds shoots very accurate. The scope I was a little worried about from the review's but I just installed the scope and adjusted the length of it and it was dead on from the 1st. shot till now. I would recommended this to my relatives great deal for the money. The only thing is the squirrels hate this rifle .

Nice air rifle to plink with

My first break barrel rifle and I had decided on the Nitro Piston vs spring. Cost was important but not THE major factor. Wood stock for the "feel" of a true rifle. Suprised me on the amount of effort to compress the piston, takes 2 hands for my wife. Have not zeroed in the scope, yet, but seems to be "accurate" by eyeball~10 yards. There is some recoil, a little less than a 22 rifle. The scope is nice, much better than the entry level 880. Fun to shoot in the backyard using old hard drives as targets. The Nitro Venom was protected in shipping (ordered online and shipped to local store) by an outer box that also hid its contents. Walmart was good at confirming the order and having tracking number to build my anticipation.

Very well made airgun.. Powerful, bout 1100ish fps.. Quite. and accurate. (one rugged hole at 22 yrds..Weaver rail pretty solid..Need to replaced the scope and trigger. Should be awesome backyard plinker, paper puncher...Good job Crosman...

great pellet rifle

I love it.It took a few shots to get the scope zeroed in but after that I can hit a dime at 20 yards

very good value for the cost

Accurate, not too noisy, potent

Excellent gun

This gun is built solid a little heavy but worth it the scope is adequate but starts to blur at long distance above 6x power but can focus above that at short distances, we were shooting eggs off fence post at 30yrds on 2nd day easy to sight in. Do not oil this gun!!! I know it says to in the manual but that is not correct,just keep it wiped down occasionally and it should last many years.

This air rifle is quite accurate in the back yard at 30 yards. Works well with Crosman pellets. Replaced included scope with a Leepers 4 x 32 made a big difference in consistant accuracy. Gun is great looking and appears well built. Five stars to Crosman and Wal Mart on this one ! Too bad it is not made in the USA as I always try to buy American.

urban friendly rifle!

This rifles volume is similar to my kids Red Rider. Great for pigeon control in an urban environment. Started to get accurate after a few dozen pellets. Scope and trigger are adequate. The focus on the cheap scope does work. Good value. I would buy it again.

Great Product

This pellet gun exceded my expectations in every way. Accurate and powerful. If you are reading this review you must be in the market of buying an air rifle. Buy this one, you won't regret it.

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