Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush + Built-In Sensitivity Relief Pen, 1 pc

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Rapd, on the spot relief
Easy to use pen fits inside the toothbrush handle
Every day solution for sensitivity relief
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just like a regular toothbrush.

This isn't my favorite toothbrush. I couldn't tell the difference with the sensitivity pen. It just felt like i was rubbing toothpaste all over my teeth right after I just brushed them and made them clean. The pen didn't really do a thing for me. It didn't make my teeth any less sensitive.I would not buy this nor would I refer it to anyone.

Nice toothbrush

My son has sensitive teeth so we decided to choose this item to try out. Firmness of the toothbrush is great and the gel comes out as you brush helping relieve any pain or sensation you may have. Nice toothbrush for those with sensitive teeth.

A Great "Tooth Fairy"

Here's a great new product to use to relieve tooth or gum pain so you can continue on with your day without worry. This toothbrush has very soft bristles, softer than I've been used to using, but maybe what is best for one with sensitive teeth and gums.\n\nThe key to this toothbrush is the hidden sensitivity relief pen. This pen hides in the handle when not in use but can be easily removed when needed. All I needed to do was take the sensitivity pen out, twist the knob apply the gel to the affected area, massage and I'm ready to go. No fuss, no muss. The gel creates a seal around the painful area allowing me to continue on pain free.\n\nThe brush also has rubber nubs on the back side of the bristles to help clean the tongue or inner cheek areas. Since keeping the mouth clean of bacteria and plaque is a must for someone with sensitive teeth and gums, this is a great added bonus

I only like the sensitivity relief pen

This product is a toothbrush with a sensitivity relief pen which is inserted at the bottom end of the toothbrush.It is very easy to use,just twist the bottom part and a white gel will comes out in the middle of the pen and then rub it in your teeth and gums.It has no taste which is great.I like and I would recommend the sensitivity pen because it really works for me.I have a very sensitive teeth and I always feel the pain everytime I eat ice cream but after giving a try on this product I am so relieve and there is no more pain.It even removes badbreath.\nAs of the toothbrush,I don't like it because it hurts my gum when using it.The bristles are irritating in between gums and teeth,sort of pricking on it which sometimes cause gum bleeding.

Cogate Sensitive Toothbrush and Relief Pen

I received this item free through the Walmart Spark Reviewer program. The bristles on the toothbrush are extra soft. This was a little too soft for me, even though I have sensitivity. I would have preferred a "soft" brush. The Sensitivity Relief Pen has it's own cap, but also fits into the bottom of the toothbrush, making it very easy to keep the two items together. However, out of sight, out of mind...I sometimes forgot to use it. I also found it easier to apply the cream to my finger and apply it to the sensitive area, as opposed to using the rubber applicator on the end of the pen. The cream from the relief pen made the sensitive areas of my gums numb, which made any pain disappear. It seemed to last for the entire day, or at least until I brushed again at night. I would recommend the sensitivity relief cream be used twice a day, even though it promises you have 24 hour relief.

Helps with sensitivity

I have extremely sensitive teeth. I only use sensitive toothpaste. I only use soft bristled toothbrushes. This Colgate extra soft toothbrush is perfect because it doesn't cause me any pain while brushing. It is so soft that I hardly feel it on my teeth and gums while brushing. I like the sensitivity gel that comes with it. It has a good taste and you do not have to rinse it out. I use it twice a day and I feel a difference in my teeth already. I wish the gel was in a larger tube because I'm almost out and I still feel a little sensitivity on my teeth. I would recommend this product because it gets the job done.

Good product!

This is a really good product for those of us that have sensitive teeth. I was happy with the way it worked on me. I would recommend this to anyone who has sensitive teeth. You will be surprised.

Pretty Awesome Toothbrush!!

I have been using electronic toothbrushes for quite some time. I recieved this item to review and I gotta say, I honestly don't think I'll be going back to the electronic any longer. I have extra sensitive teeth and the sensitivity relief pen works wonders! I wasn't expecting much from this product when it came but I have been pleasantly surprised how well the product works out for me. The softer bristles feel amazing and still gets my teeth clean. 5 star product.

Pen works good

I reviewed the Colgate Sensitive\nToothbrush and Pen. The toothbrush is extremely soft with rubber inserts in the middle. I did not like the feel of it but my husband likes using it. The sensitive pen fits into the handle of the toothbrush. That makes for a wide handle that will not fit into a toothbrush holder. My husband has a sensitive tooth and said that the pen worked fine for the pain.

Pain Refief For Sensitive Teeth!

Colgate has a new sensitive toothbrush, packaged together with a sensitivity relief gel. The relief gel is in a pen-like container, that fits into the toothbrush handle. This makes it easy for storage or for traveling. The toothbrush has extra soft bristles and soft rubber polishing cups, perfect for sensitive teeth and gums. The sensitivity gel, shields the exposed nerve and creates a seal against sensitivity pain. It's easy to use, first, using your own toothpaste, brush your teeth. Second, apply the gel directly to the painful or sensitive area in you mouth, gently massage for one minute, do not rinse. Use twice daily. This is easy and it works!

This sensitivity pen really works!

The Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush and Sensitivity Relief Pen works - better than I expected!\n\nThe soft-bristled toothbrush cleans well,without irritating sensitive areas. The Sensitivity Gel is cooling/soothing,pleasant tasting,and begins to work almost immediately.\nThe instructions given state to use twice daily for best results,but I've found one application daily to be sufficient (for me).\n\nI've needed a root canal for some time now,and have repeatedly postponed the work. I recently developed an infection in the affected tooth,which required antibiotic treatment,as well as pain relief tablets every 4-6 hours until the infection was resolved.\nAfter treatment,there was still some discomfort in the area,but not strong enough for pain relief tablets. I received this product just as my course of treatment was completed. I consulted my dentist,and he agreed I should try it.\n\nThe very first application relieved the discomfort almost immediately,and that relief continued throughout the day,even after my meals. I did not need to reapply after bedtime brushing.\nI used the gel for about eight days,and I am Very Pleased with the results!\nI'm now able to chew on the affected side without wincing. I could not do that before this gel.\n\nI would highly recommend using this product!\nIt Really Does Work!

A Great Combo

This is really a three part combo. Toothbrush/tongue scraper/built in sensitivity relief pen. When you finish brushing your teeth you just flip it over on the other side and scrap your tongue. And unless you knew better, you won't be able to tell that it's a built in sensitivity relief pen discreetly fitted in the bottom of the toothbrush. And the bristles are gentle to my gums. The sensitivity relief gel really works for someone with sensitive teeth. Just brush the gel on your teeth prior to brushing with toothpaste and you'll be able to brush without pain.

Handy brush

I got this for my wife, she has a few teeth that are sensitive. The gel pen snaps into the handle for storage, it is not heavy nor does it have a odd feeling in your hand while using it. The brush head is an extra soft brush that is wide and has many soft bristles. The gel pen has a twist knob for application use, the gel has a minty taste and no bad aftertaste. No mess to clean up either. You will need to follow the instructions for it's use, two twist works for her on each tooth. Make sure that you rub it on the painful area for a minute or a little longer. So far she likes it and it has helped with her sensitive teeth.

sensitive teeth relief built in

I loved the whole feel of this toothbrush as the handle fits into your hand perfect with a thumb grip to have better control while brushing and the bristles felt like they were cleaning really good and felt good on my gums. The handle holds a tube of sensitive relief cream that is in an easy to dispense rubber tip so you can apply it to any problem areas that are sensitive and it helps ease the pain and get rid of it with use. It fits well in the handle end after use and completes the brush handle so it's handy when you need it.

Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush + Built-In Sensitivit

I really like this toothbrush as it is very gentle to my teeth that I have a lot of sensitivity with. It cleans great while still being gentle and soft! The pen is so easy to use and tastes great too! I have only been using it a short time, but it is already helping. It is so easy to take with me anywhere too as the pen fits very snug into the toothbrush. It stays in place and does not fall out even when being jostled around in my bag. Very durable and attractive as well. I would recommend this to anyone! Thanks for another great product Colgate! Been a colgate user for years and they have yet to let me down!

Truly is Extra Soft

Always looking for a super soft toothbrush per my dental hygienist's recommendation. After using this toothbrush, I am sure I will get a thumbs up at my next cleaning. This brush is so soft that you hardly realize that you are brushing your teeth. I enjoyed the feel of the plastic ridges on the back of the brush head against the inside of my cheek as I brushed. The toothbrush feels good in your hand. It is very light and has a nice gripping pad for your thumb. I have never used any products for tooth sensitivity but have had one tooth with a slight pain so I used the relief pen that came with this product. It was very easy to eject the gel onto the tip of the pen and massage it into the tooth/gum area. The taste was very pleasant and the numbing effect took place immediately. It was very handy to have the sensitivity pen slip easily into the handle of the tooth brush.

Love This Toothbrush! Really !

I have been using the Colgate Sensitive toothbrush with built in Sensitivity relief pen for a week now . The bristles on mine were extra soft they felt super gentle,but still strong enough that my teeth felt like they were getting a good cleaning. I just love the rubber on the outside of the brush it really felt like my whole mouth was getting clean my tongue and all. The top of the brush has longer bristles that really extend enough to reach my extreme back molars. I have sensitive gums as well but these bristles are so soft my gums did not bleed at all ! In the handle is the easily accessible pen. In that is a very pleasant smelling and great tasting minty white gel. That is what we put on after we brush our teeth. You just turn the knob and out comes the gel on the very soft blue pad that is contorted perfectly to our teeth. You just gently rub the gel on to where your teeth are sensitive rub it for 2 minutes . I was able to do almost all my front teeth with just one twisting of the knob. You just leave it on and go! It dissolves in a few minutes and it really does leave a tiny coating of protection over the most sensitive areas of my teeth. I am in love with this Colgate toothbrush. Only con is the handle is bigger then normal because of the pen being inside but it's very easy to get us ta and worth it. I recommend and will be buying this Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush & built in Sensitivity relief pen.

Much Relief to sensitive teeth!!

I received the Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush + Built-In Sensitivity Relief Pen and I love it!!! At first I wasn’t sure about this product because I’ve used sensitive toothpastes in the past and it didn’t come to find much relief. I really like how soft the toothbrush is, my gums and sensitive teeth don’t hurt when I brush them. I like that there’s a tongue scrapper on the other side of the toothbrush. The sensitivity gel pen is great and easy to use. You rub the gel pen on your teeth or gum area for a minute let it dry. The gel provides relief until your next brush. I would definitely recommend the Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush + Built-In Sensitivity Relief Pen to anyone with sensitivity in their gums or teeth. It’s well worth the price.

Not worth the cost

This item is a two-piece Extra Soft Toothbrush with a Sensitivity Relief Pen that can be stored in the handle of the toothbrush. The makers of this toothbrush did a very good job in designing this combo. The biggest problem is that any toothbrush should be replaced after three months (and that is indicated on the box); more so, with one that is extra soft. Since the pen is stored in the toothbrush, you would necessarily have to purchase the two-piece set again. You can purchase a similar extra soft toothbrush like this without the built in part for about $10 less. So, I believe, you would be paying more to have the Sensitivity Relief Pen than it is worth. Also, I found the Sensitivity Relief pen to be awkward to use. The brush on it is rather stiff and difficult to get into the places around the back teeth in my mouth, where I am most sensitive.\nI have never used a gel like this one before, so I am a little concerned as to how my gums will react to the ingredients, after using it for awhile: arginine bicarbonate, benzyl alcohol, calcium carbonate, cellulose gum, flavor, glycerin, propylene glycol, sodium bicarbonate, sodium saccharin, sodium silicate, titanium dioxide, water.\nI would not recommend this product to anyone.

A great toothbrush for someone with braces.

I just got braces put on about a week before I gave this toothbrush a try. I was attracted to the "extra soft" description of the brush and tried it on a day I was in quite a bit of pain. I absolutely loved how delicate and soft the brush felt. The first few weeks of being in braces can be painful and achy and a regular "soft" toothbrush may be too much. This one was perfect. I tried the sensitivity relief pen a few days later that you attach into the toothbrush. Although it did relieve my pain I don't think it should be attached to the toothbrush. There was a day I was out shopping and really could have used the relief pen then, but because it was at home in my toothbrush I endured a shopping venture in pain. If there was a smaller "travel" size of this toothbrush I would love to buy one because the current one is in my opinion is too big to carry around in my "operation get braces clean" travel kit. I will however buy this toothbrush again when it's time replace this one.

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