Classic Brands 2'' 100 Percent Latex Foam Mattress Topper with Removable Velour Cover

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Brand Name: Classic Sleep

Product Model: 255300-4020

Product Category: Feather Beds & Fiber Beds

  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 12.7
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 80.0 x 76.0 x 2.0
  • Assembled in Country of Origin: Imported
  • Origin of Components: Imported
  • Walmart No.: 7131045

Does this mattress topper have any odor?

Answer : I opened the top of the plastic surrounding the topper yesterday - I smelled a strong chemical smell. The smell does not seem to be from natural latex - I am thinking that the latex foam should be sent through additional rinses during manufacture. It seems to be a good product except for this problem.

Answer : Yes this topper difinitely has a strong latex odor. Latex processed with the dunlop method usually has a stronger odor than the talalay method. This topper is dunlop. I don't know that the odor will ever completely go away. It seems to dissipate with lots of airing and time. I read from one latex company that it takes 2-4 weeeks for the average person to notice a reduction or elimination in odor, And 4-6 weeks for sensitive people(ie;Those sensitve to stong odors). I am not an expert on latex products. I'm just speaking out of my own experience with different latex products and reading consumer guides. I do have this topper on my mattress.

Answer : Yes - the topper does have an initial odor, which we successfully diminished after using a bit of Febreze. It took about 6 hours for the odor to dissipate to the point that we could sleep on it without "the latex smell".

Answer : Typically, no. However, if there is an order, it will dissipate within a few days.

Answer : There is a chemical odor and it is compressed when you first unpack it. I opened mine in a spare bedroom in the afternoon. It had expanded and aired out in time for me to sleep on it that same night.

One of your answers says this is a firm topper and another says the ILD is 20, which is soft. Which

Can you select the firmness?

Answer : I don't see any rating on the package for the firmness but I guess it is medium since it's not that heavy (twin box weigh about 15lbs). It feel very good and can sleep back or side.

Answer : It is very firm.

Answer : The topper is firm.

Why no queen size?

Answer : I ordered a queen size, no problem with ordering.

Answer : Please call Walmart's Customer Service Department for product availability.

Well made but strong smell

The topper & it's cover are well made. But I aired it outside for many, many days and could not get the odor to a comfortable level to use. I had to return it.

Wanted something softer

I have the Pure Latex Bliss mattress from Sleepy's, which gives us excellent support but I wanted to soften it up a bit. Sleepy's does offer a topper from Pure Latex Bliss, but it is $500. I ordered this topper knowing Walmart's excellent return policy. The Classic Brands topper is about the same firmness as the mattress I already have, so it wasn't quite what I was looking for. I would classify the topper as medium firmness - good if you're looking to soften a really firm mattress.


This was exactly what I needed to go over my sleep number bed which had become very hard after the pillow top collapsed. For me decreasing the air just makes the whole thing feel hammocky. The firmness is exactly right. The smell out of the packaging is not too bad and disappears after airing for a day or two. I particularly like the fact that the latex foam does not hold body heat nor does it have the "drag" factor that drove me crazy with the memory foam. I only wish I had known the shipping dimensions; I paid to have it shipped thinking I could not get this into my car which turned out not to be the case - it would have fit nicely and saved me $28.

Very-very firm!

It is described as very soft, in reality it's so firm so it converted my bed into a table, cannot sleep on it, it's much firmer than my semi firm mattress. I am returning it

Not Worth the $

While comfortable, I've had this topper for about three weeks now and it's already forming impressions. I don't think it will last that long. I've contemplated returning it, but I bought a king size and it's not that easy to transport. I'll probably just keep it and keep my fingers crossed that it lasts.

Odor Issue

I've tried numerous mattresses, toppers, and pads and this exceeds them all for comfort and support. It doesn't shift and squish the way memory foam does. It is delightfully firm yet comfortable. I wake up feeling cool and refreshed.\n\nMy only problem is the smell. I let it air out a week and it still reeked so badly I put it in the garage to air out some more. (weeks, months?) The smell will fill a room, getting into clothes and bedding. I don't want to mask the smell with a chemical air freshener. As one reviewer said, it exceeds expectations in every area except odor so it's hard to give up on it. I'm hoping in time the smell will dissipate, or at least, be tolerable.

One year later.

At first I thought it was to way to firm. But once you get used to it, it is very comfortable. And at 250 lbs. and one year later it still springs back and shows no body imprint. And my wife loved it from day one and never thought it was to firm.

Great value in a talalay latex topper

I recently purchased a Pure Bliss latax king size mattress from Mattress Express. I did not opt for the mattress topper that they offered with it as I thought it was to soft. After 1 1/2 months of tossing and turning on this top of the line mattress, I came to the conclusion it was just to firm. I went back to the store and they wanted an additional $700 for the topper. After much searching and research, I decided to try Walmart's latex topper. What a difference it has made! Many of the reviews that I read said that the topper was to firm. I do not agree, it is soft and had no odor. I also received it ahead of scheduled delivery. Therefore, if you are suffering with a mattress that is just to firm, this would be the best money spent.

Quality for the money.

I bought this for my daughter's dorm bed after a lot of research. I was impressed by the quality. This item came with a nice bamboo fabric zippered cover. The price was quite reasonable compared to other latex toppers that I considered. My daughter hasn't complained about an uncomfortable bed once.

Good for the Price

I received the King version. It came with a nice zipped cover. It did have a smell arising from it when I opened the 6 plus foot box. Due to the size of the box I am glad I had it shipped to my house. It is fairly firm but It seems to be of good quality. It still has a slight odor after 6 weeks but\nit is minor. Very pleased with my purchase

A firm topper

This is a firm topper which is exactly what my husband needed. I was expecting an odor and it did have a strong odor. I put it outside on the trampoline for a couple of days(bringing it back in at night). That helped get rid of the odor.

Amazingly wonderful mattress pad

I have researched latex mattresses and after reading the reviews on this latex mattress pad I decided to give it a try, mainly because of it's great value, and the fact that our cal-king mattress is like new.\nWhen we opened the plastic wrap there was a chemical like smell so I washed the zipper cover,(very nice feature). We put the mattress topper on our mattress the next day and the smell was still strong. Because we both slept so well and the comfort was so great we decided to endure the smell for a couple of days. Well it's been a week, the smell is completely gone and my husband and I are so pleased. I will be purchasing another for my daughter, who is away at school.

Extremely firm, not comfortable

This will be gong back. The quality seems great, the price is very reasonable, but the firmness is ridiculous. It feels like you're sleeping on a ping-pong table. Even squeezing the edge of this with your hand, as hard as you can, it's hard to compress this pad.\n\nA Classic Brands rep responded to a question on this page about the firmness rating of the topper, saying it was ILD 20. 20 is about as soft as soft gets, there's no way this pad is a 20. I contacted C.B. to see if they made pads in different levels of firmness, but "marble slab" is the only firmess they make. Too I mentioned, quality seems great.\n\nThe perfect latex topper must be out there somewhere...decent price, soft yet springy, supportive yet giving, but it is not this product.\n\nThis mattress topper is better suited to board your windows before a hurricane than to be a part of your bedding. Please, don't allow this topper anywhere near your bed.

False Advertising - Save your money

This is advertised as a 2" topper with a 20ILD. There are two big problems with this statement.\n\n1) The topper is only 1.5" thick. What would you do if you ordered a dozen eggs and only got 9?\n2) The topper is not 20ILD (this is a soft rating), it is very very firm.\n\nIf you only want 75% of what you are paying for, then go ahead and get it. I returned mine.

Latex Mattress Topper

It had a little smell so I left it out for one day and the smell went a way. This Latex foam mattress topper is very well made and it is 2inchs thick and fits my queen size bed. My back and hip are doing better and I am sleeping better. The Latex topper is on the medium side not to soft. It comes with a cover. Before I got this one I purchased one from and it was too soft and I paid a lot more money. My back and hip were still hurting from the one that I purchased from Overstock and on the add said that it was 2 inch thick and went I measure the thickness it was 11/2 inchs it's also was eggcrate. At first I did not want to purchased the topper because of what happen with the other one. I am very happy I did. I also got one for my daughter that lives out of state and she Love's it. I would recommend this Latex topper. I am also thinking about buying one for my guess room. This meet my exectations and more. I also looked in my area at other stores. This was the best deal for the money.

This item was received in defective damaged condition; plus the topper was very hard and never really expanded to the 2" size advertised. I will have to say that customer service was excellent in handling this negative buying experience. I would definitely recommend to other customers to trust and buy from Walmart; as they care about your buying experience and they stand behind what they sell. Keep up the good work Walmart!!

odor problem

First, I will say this topper has a good quality zippered cover that is easily removed and replaced for washing. There is a definate good quality to the dunlop processed natural latex. Somewhat firm but not overly so (talalay is much softer in comparison). Seems it will be a long lasting topper- the latex is thick and does not appear that it would fall apart or crumble as some cheaper latex does. I however have had a serious problem with a strong latex odor. In all fairness I do have MCS and I tend to have a very sensitive sense of smell. I aired this topper with cover removed daily for several weeks- Indoors fully opened window with high velocity fan blowing over the topper. I also washed the cover at least 3 times and spayed a natural deodorizer on the topper. I also covered the topper with two cotton mattress pads and then a sheet, after I finished airing the topper and placed it back in its own zippered cover and on top of my mattress. I did not use Febreze as suggested because I react to chemical fragrances. I still have a fairly strong odor from this topper. Although, it has dissipated in comparison to how strong it was the first day I opened it up and rolled it out. It is very comfortable which is the only reason that has kept me from returning it. The odor is bad enough that I have seriously considered returning it despite how much more comfortable it makes my mattress feel. For this reason I would not recommend this to anyone with a sensitivity to strong smells or a natural latex odor. Just on comfort and quality construction I think most people would like this topper. I'm still considering a return because of the odor. Although my return time may be up due to all the time I've spent trying to air it out!

Strong chemical -not latex- odor.

This topper is described as natural latex but not as 100% natural latex.\nThe "Classic Brands" has a website which has a page describing the "Making of a Latex Foam Mattress", the page reads:\n"Latex milk is whipped into foam and mixed with SYNTHETIC LATEX and vulcanized (heating in the\npresence of sulphur)."\n\nThis then is not 100% natural latex, since it is mixed with chemically made latex in the process. The strong chemical smell associated with opening the sealed plastic bag surrounding the new foam topper is NOT A LATEX SMELL*. The smell may or will dissipate, but what chemical is causing the smell? *(I have owned/used 100% latex matresses and a topper which had a slight latex odor.) 100% latex mattresses and toppers should have very little smell. The chemical odor could also be caused by too few rinses to remove chemicals which are added during the manufacture process.\nThis topper has a very nice zip cover which is apparently washable, there is also a second lightweight cover under the main cover which does not seem to be removable.\nThe combination of natural latex and synthetic latex to make the foam might be just fine - a good, and very useful product - and an especially good value including the cover - but for the CHEMICAL SMELL which may be due to not being rinsed enough, (with water), during the manufacture stage.\n(note, the smell is also not a sulfur smell)

Nice...but FIRM!

Pros:\nThe natural latex odor dissipated pretty quickly (6 hours) after using a bit of Febreze.\nVery dense - doesn't feel "cheap"\nLatex material is very supportive.\nNice soft cover - which has a zipper so you can take it off and wash it.\nHas gripper dots on the bottom side to keep it from sliding around.\nUnlike some memory foam products, heat retention was not an issue.\nCons:\nVERY FIRM - more so than we anticipated. For those that wish to have a surface that you "sink into" this mattress topper may not be your best bet.

I know what I'm getting - Thanks!

I just ordered this product to alleviate pressure from a new firm mattress that's causing hip and neck pain. To my amazement, every question I had was answered in this Q&A for the product. After extensive research on toppers, (practically a whole day) I've concluded that this could solve my problem but never a guarantee as conditions are always unique. I think it has the right product specs (ILD 19) which is a med-soft, and latex seems to offer the best solution for where I live (Az - hot) - don't need to sweat on a memory foam and I don't like memory characteristics that lead to this heat problem. The odor is expected (as with all latex) and from the feedback, let it air out before you cover it up. It's likely the compressed packaging contributes to the problem, so let it out-gas for a day as one person tried. Believe me this is a small inconvenience compared to the solution here. The price is absolutely the lowest I've found for 100% latex, even comparing to eBay. Oh, and that Bamboo cover is bamboo but fabricated into a fine material that has the right properties to let it breath (don't think bamboo, think very soft fiber and a great idea). I know I sound like the sales rep here, but I have no ties to either Walmart or the Manufacturer. I'm simply giving back. I did notice this was a clearance item, but with a better description I think this could be a top seller. Unfortunately Walmart carries too many memory foam products which could impact that market (once people understand why Latex has better properties). My 2 cents, provide the choice no matter what. I never did like the lack of spring-back in a memory foam, whereas latex provides the support (which is why I suspect memory foam requires a much higher ILD rating for the same level of comfort, plus the added sink factor contributes to body heat which is the second reason memory foam is warmer). Anyway, hope this helps, and maybe some explanation could make this a value line worth expanding for Walmart, because at first glance this product seems to be plagued with odor complaints - a bit of education goes a long way (yes I'm in the training industry). And when it comes to a good night's rest, again it's a very small price for this technology compared to what lengths people go to for the right solution. Believe me, it's big bucks, and a lot of trial and error. I even have a theory that using a firm mattress together with latex topper could be the best way to go, especially considering cost and overall weight. (Or maybe I'm justifying my position?) Time will tell!

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