Ball 21-Quart Fresh Preserving Canner with 4-Piece Canning Kit

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The Ball Fresh Preserving Canning Kit is great for both beginning and experienced canners. This versatile canning kit hold essential tools needed to start canning today — you'll get a jar lifter, lid lifter, funnel, bubble remover and head space tool. You'll be able to fill the jars quickly and safely, and the stylish blue porcelain color looks lovely in any kitchen setting. Plus, the canning kit's enamel-coated steel base is non-porous for easy cleaning and will not react with foods.
21-quart water bath canner includes essential tools for canning fruits, salsas, pickles, jams, jellies and more
Newly designed chrome plated rack resists corrosion and prevents small jars from falling through rungs for safe use year after year
Ball canning kit includes a 4-piece utensil set: jar lifter, lid lifter, funnel, bubble remover and head space tool to help to fill jars quickly and safely
New canning kit design features stylish blue porcelain color, vertical sidewall, and commemorative logo fired into the enamel
Enamel-coated steel base is non-porous for easy cleaning and will not react with foods
  • Multi Pack Indicator: No
  • Battery Type: Does Not Contain a Battery
  • Model No.: 1440010801
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 9.5
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 16.75 x 16.75 x 13.5
  • Assembled in Country of Origin: USA
  • Origin of Components: USA or Imported
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Flat-Top Range

Will this work on a flat top range?

Answer : Not very well. Because of the design of the bottom of the pan it does not come in contact with the heating surface on a glass/ceramic. There are several diffusers available for use with cast iron cookware on flat top cooking surfaces that will resolve the problem of the bottom of the pan not touching the heating surface.

Answer : Cannot be used on glass top stoves because the bottom middle of the pan is raised and does not contact the heating surface. My work around was to use a King-Kooker-12-in.-Outdoor-Propane Cooker, that I have for big fish fries, worked great.

Answer : There is a notice on the bottom of the packing wrapper that it is not recommended for a smooth/glass stove. I didn't know this until I purchased and received the canner.

Answer : I have read a few reviews that warn that the pot will scratch and damage a flat top range. The product will can on the range but it may do damage to the finish because the pot is not a smooth bottom.

Answer : The reason "they" say not to use this water bath canner on a glass top stove is that all pots/pans must have an even bottom which you can check by taking a ruler or yardstick and placing across the upended pot. If the bottom of the pot is level you will not see any gaps between the ruler and the bottom surface of the pot. I've been to a website called www.pickyourown/canningsupplies.htm and they have the same "package" for sale ($40.00 more, however includes book but it still shouldn't be that much more expensive) and they said they had tried the exact same water bath pot as is being sold by WalMart and it worked just fine. If you are concerned check the "levelness" of the bottom of the pot as all bottom surfaces should be in contact with the solid surface stove element in order for it to work properly. Hope this helps even though this is so late from your original question, but I wasn't looking for a water bath canner 2 years ago.

Answer : the packaging that came on it says not to use it on a flat glass top stove :/ Not sure why

Answer : I think so.

Does this item work on an induction rangetop?

Does this item work on an induction rangetop?

Answer : No. But works on a regular smooth surface electric range.

Answer : Should work just fine.

Answer : I use it on mine, although it takes quite a long time for so much water to boil. The appliance was in the house when we purchased the place but I will surely replace it as soon as possible. It's not very compatible with canning. The bottom of the canner is concave (curves upward - not flat) so it does not sit directly on the burner area.

Answer : No, you can not use an induction rangetop. The rangetop does not get hot enough-it may also break the glass on the range!

The wire basket handles will not fold down in the pan when the jars are in place.

I am using the 7 pint jar size granite ware water bath. With the handles not folding down the lid does not fit tight. What am I missing here??? Using wide mouth jars. thanks

Answer : Do the handles fold down when the basket is empty? If so, and there is nothing defective with the handles themselves, then it probably has to do with the placement of the jars or the amount of jars used. I use 7 quart size wide mouth jars and the handles fold down inside the basket.

Answer : I didn't seem to have a problem fitting the handles in when I put the lid on. I only did 6 pints, but that shouldn't make that much of a difference, because the handles never folded all the way down anyway... Maybe it's just the exact positioning?

Answer : I understand and don't have an answer for the handles not folding down, but years and years ago I had a water bath canner and same thing happened to me. So I went to the store(s) and located a round cake rack that would fit into the bottom of the pot and that round cake rack worked just fine. Not doing canning, but have used that round cake rake a multitude of times and never regretted purchasing it. See if you can find one of those round cake racks....actually they're really handy for a whole lot of things including water bath canning.

Answer : THe handles are supposed to be upright while jars are in the canner so you can grab them and lift all of them out at once when processing is done. They will collapse if canner is not full.

Trusted product

I am new to canning and have used this twice now. It feels very sturdy comes with all the tools you need (aside from jars and what you want to fill them with). I do recommend investing a more sturdy funnel and a good ladle if you don't already have one. The pot itself is very good. It takes a while to get that much water to a full boil; but it has kept one just fine. I expect this canner to last many years!

Perfrect start

Just started canning, and this is great for a beginner. It has all the parts you need, with the exception of the jars and food, of course.

Poor packaging

Although I purchased this item last November, I never used it. The pot was not protected adequately, and it arrived chipped and dented. It was just too much of a hassle to return it. I have noticed haphazard packing on previous shipments from Walmart, and I will hesitate before buying something on line again.

For the type of material that it is and price, it holds up fairly well. My only problem is that once the paint starts to chip, your pot will rust. My rack started rusting months before the actual pot and had to be replaced. I'm looking for sturdier replacement since I can often

Saved by buying at Walmart

I saved $$$ when buying from Walmart, as opposed to buying directly from Ball. The benefit of the free shipping added value and I received my product quickly.

Great value for the money

This canning kit is everything you need to being canning. It comes with all the tools and the rack needed to hold about 7 qts. of canned fruits and vegetables. It does not come with the jars so you have to buy those separately but I found them in my local Walmart store for a great value on a 10 jar set. The kit arrived when it was promised and was packed so well that there was no way it could be damaged in shipping. It was a completely positive experience shopping on and I would definitely recommend it to family and friends.

wire strainer inside rusted on 1st use

The wire rack that goes inside the large blue pot was left in the water overnight. Next morning, it had begun to rust. Only water alone was used to boil the canning jars. The pot and the cookbook were fine, but the wire rack, which appears to have been stainless steel, was evidently of a poorer quality stainless steel than is required. The rack should not have begun to rust after FIRST USE. Come on, guys. You can do better that that.

Seems like a good set haven't actually used it yet

Walmart keep on asking me to review my purchase ...but well I haven't used it yet...seems nice enough. My one complaint thus far is that the label says NOT to use on a glass top stove??? Not sure why but sure wish that was on the product info...cause guess what I have a glass top stove :/ LOL

I'm a first time canner, and all went well. The instructions that came with the kit were great and the quality is good. I hope to use my kit for many years to come.

A must have for canners

I saw this same exact product for sale on other sites - WalMart had the same product/brand/utensils for about $20 less. This canner and the included utensils make the whole preserving method much easier, holding quart jars just as easily as pints. It's a must for beginners or seasoned canners. Well worth the money. The Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving is also very helpful.

Couldn't use due to my cooktop being smooth/glass

I was very disappointed not to be able to use this canner. I had been looking for a canner for at least a month and this one seemed to fit my requirement that it could be used on a smooth/glass top stove. There was nothing in the description indicating that it was not recommended for this type of cook top so I ordered it. Only when I got it out of the box and turned it upside down that I saw the notice that it was not recommended for use on my stove. I really would have appreciated a notice in the description of the product regarding this recommendation - could have saved me and Walmart time and money.

Ready, have the set, GO!

This canning system is great for old fashioned water-bath canning, especially if you don't have any supplies! Everything is included except the jars, lids and rings....Plenty big for a large batch. The big canning pot is not as thick metal as the one I remember Mama using, but it has an enamel type finish and cleans up nicely. The funnel, bubble remover and magnetized lid lifter are so convenient...sure make every step easier, faster, and more efficient. Wish I had purchased this item a long time ago. Get coupons on the internet for new jars, etc. My family enjoys the home grown canned things the most!

easy to use

i bought this to make jam. i have a glass stove top and even though the package said not to use on glass top i tried it. i had no problems. i filled it with hot water before putting in my jars. covered and in about 15 min it came to boil. my jars sealed just fine. i made 2 batches of jam and did great. would recommend.

21 quart canner

The canner arrived a little late due to shipping over the holiday. But, was packed well and no noticeable problems. I have not used this yet but do not for see any problems.

New to Canning

This was exactly what I was looking for and my first couple canning projects have been a success!!

Awesome pricing, super fast delivery. What more could you ask in a product?

Good quality product

Arrived quickly. Nice quality. Have used this brand for years. Nicer, and heavier than other brands. Looking forward to using it for many years.

Great beginners canning set

Just what was needed to start canning. Had never done this before. Can store canning accessories inside. Easy to clean

Product is exactly what I expected. Couldn't believe how expensive it was. Cheaper in North Florida and easier to get. Could not get one in my local Walmarts. Pot came with a big dent right in the bottom edge of the pot. Paint chipped inside and out. It will probably rust.

This canning kit is a gift for my daughter, who just started the hobby of canning. When I unpacked the items, I thought they were a great value and would last many years. I,m very pleased with my purchase.

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