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Pull, press and wrap food with the Wraptastic™ Forget tangled and twisted plastic wrap! Use the solution found in professional kitchens. Easy to use, just insert any roll of foil, plastic wrap, or wax paper. The spring loaded design makes it easy to pop rolls in and out. The recessed stainless steel blade ensures a quick, clean and even cut each time. The rubber feet keeps the Wraptastic™ firmly in place. Fits easily in almost any kitchen drawer.
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What brannd fits Wraptastic?

What brand of plastic wrap fits in the Wraptastic? My brand won't fit.

Answer : my brand doesn't fit either...hubby trimmed edge in workshop so it fits perfectly now

Answer : I think your problem is not in the brand but because the maximum length that can be used is 200 feet, which I believe is stated in product info.

what kind or brand does it hold??

i tried putting a 25ft. roll of foil and a 100ft roll of plastic wrap and neither will work!! what brand will work?

Answer : Yes you can freeze these. The handy container leaves them in their own holder. I make a double batch of food and freeze half in these containers. I actually bought 2 extra sets of the jars so I can make meals for a week at a time.

looked like a GREAT item demonstrated on TV

Piece of junk! Flimsy - not large enough to hold standard rolls. I'm sure they don't like doing business with you since they can't tack on outrageous S & H. When bought directly we get stuck with both way shipping & high "handling" charges. that way they make money even if it's returned, which I doubt they want back. That's why I buy through you to avoid those charges just in case, like this, it's a piece of junk.

Great idea, but too much force required to operate

You have to hit the top to get a good cut and this rules it out for older people, especially for the fairer gender because the springs holding the top up are too strong. Walmart is great for having a good return policy.

OK But not what you would think.

Good for cutting the plastic and paper but thats it.

Very poorly made

The first one we purchased broke the first time we used it. The second one is a little better but it still does not work like they show on tv. You have to be very careful how you push down on it and it's not easy grabbing the next piece of cling wrap. It may work ok for tin foil and wax paper but not for cling wrap.

Wraptastic not Fantastic

I was so excited to get one of these and had plans to get one for each type of food wrap but will just keep the one now. Maybe it's "the user" but the guide stick up front will not stay connected to the Wraptastic. Make sure you note that it's for rolls of 200 ft or less. Nothing larger fits in it as initially without looking, I was trying to put a 250 roll of plastic wrap in it. Also the instructions say works best on plastic wrap. I didn't have a 200 roll of pw, so I have foil in mine. One of the suction covers on the bottom keeps coming off. I just had to have one of these and will continue to use it and the plastic wrap may make it more user friendly, but for me, I was disappointed that it is not as effortless as seen on TV.

Looks great, functions below average.

Saw this item on TV and thought it would be great to not have to fight with plastic wrap again. When I got it, looked great and had none of the finger-eating sawtooth cutters. Tried to put my Great value plastic wrap in it and the spring held spindles were too small for the tube, I tried my waxed paper roll with the same results. I don't know what the manufacturer used to decide the size of the spindles to be but they are not compatable with the products sizes. The plastic wrap works sitting in the bottom of this unit and I made my own spindle out of PVC pipe so it doesn't have to now. The Wraplastic is a real disappointment. I would not reccomend it to anyone until it addresses the spindle mismatch.

easy to use

I tried a friend's wraptastic and loved it. I purchased one for saran wrap, one for foil, one for waxed paper, one for parchment paper, and one for freezer wrap paper that is coated. It worked with each product every well. I found the saran wrap went where I wanted it to go and not the usual hassle of finding the place where the last piece was cut from. I find I am not wasting wrap.

Liked it, as it does as seen on TV. I have recommended it to friends too. Getting me another for foil.

Very good product!

I rated this product Excellent because it has been such a great help to me. I bought Wraptastic because I sometimes have problems using my fingers due to Arthritis & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Thought it might be worth a try. I struggled so much doing this simple task before & this product has been a huge help in covering all size dishes with plastic wrap. I cannot speak for using it with foil or waxed paper but think it would be just as easy to use. As I saw a demonstrator do on TV ad, I put Wraptastic in front of me on counter, so it can be pulled out away from me, then put the dish to be covered in front of wrap. Using both hands, pull plastic out & adhere to far side of dish, leaving just enough out to finish covering dish. I then use my right forearm to snap down on lid, cutting wrap. Finish wrapping dish tightly. The plastic never sticks to itself in big portions, as it always did before. Also, now it never slips back onto the roll. Yes, once in awhile a foot comes off. No big deal ...just bang foot back into its place. Seldom does one find a totally perfect product. Hope this review helps. :-)


this is a life saver, love this wrapper

Dont waste your time or Money

this is the worst item ever made, The thing is cheap, will not hold the item that is being placed in to it. again just a thing of junk. dont waste the time or your money..

Does not work as smoothly as seen on TV!!!!

First Time Use Does Not Work As Smoothly As Seen On TV!!!!! Maybe With Practice It Will Work As Smoothly As Seen On TV!!!! But It Does Look VERY GOOD On The Kitchen Counter!!!!

No more fighting the plastic wrap

This is our 2nd one. Reason for 4 stars instead of 5: cheap plastic hinge on the 1st broke after about a year. It takes just the right plastic wrap roll to fit when you use the spring-loaded roll ends that are included with the device. We gave up on using the roll ends and just toss a new roll of wrap in the device without them. And it works fine that way. Good enough that we bought the 2nd. No more headaches!


Great for storing paper!


Very cheap and did not work at all

should have left it on TV

I hate bad mouthing anything but this item was very difficult to use. in my opinion it is not worth spending any amount of money on.

plastic wrap solution

This works great.....cuts sharply and you only touch the edge of the plastic to cover and then press. You do not pick it up. It stays on your counter. If you were planning to pick it up it is too heavy. The other drawback is that it is large so it takes up more space than just the cardboard container. Also, the Stretchtite brand of wrap is too long for the wraptastic container. I have not tried other brands so I don't know how they fit. Hubby trimmed a little off the roll edge in his workshop so it fits. Stretchtite does sell its own similar container but I have not tried that one.

Perfect for one handed use

I needed to glue the rubber feet on.

Wraptastic works but overpriced.

This works as it is supposed to, but it is a bit delicate. You do need to be careful when using and take it slow and it should last a while. Because of this, I think it is overpriced.

Works good!

Works as promised except it doesn't "stick" to the counter as advertised. No problem, hold it with one hand while pulling the wrap out with the other. Cuts nice and easy. Buying a second one for foil

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