As Seen on TV Ice Cream Magic

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Ready in just 3 minutes
Use any flavor
Makes low fat and sugar-free ice cream
  • Automatic: No
  • Battery Type: Does Not Contain a Battery
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  • Model No.: ICEMAG
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What type of ingredients are used?

Can you use a recipe from a regular ice cream maker that you churn?

Answer : I made vanilla and it only requires heavy whipping cream, vanilla extract and sugar. The product itself uses crushed ice, water and table salt

Answer : heavy whipping cream, sugar, vanilla extract, ice , salt and you can add chocolate syrup,candy, fruit,etc

Answer : Because it is small inside reduce amount only of each ingredient. My nephew put 1Tbsp sugar,1cup milk,1/4 tsp vanilla, chocolate syrup[he used to much it was like a shake at first] but it was definitely good. He has used different ice cream toppings.The whipping cream is the best . Other recipes will most likely work. This is what we did.

Answer : Recipes are in the directions sheet. The container is not very big so it calls for very little. 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream, 1/4 tsp vanilla extract, 1 tbls sugar. The salt, ice and water go in the bottom part of the container which is supposed to turn the above ingredients to ice cream.

Answer : You could, but dont! First of all it doesnt make ice cream regardless how long you shake it. Avoid this item like the plauge. You have been warned.....

Answer : As I've never used an actual ice cream maker I wouldn't know about that but with this all you use is Heavy whipping cream, salt, ice, sugar, water, vanilla extract, & whatever else you want to pop in there. It comes with a pamphlet that has about 8 recipes. 1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream, 1/4 tsp vanilla extract, 1/2 tsp chocolate syrup, 1/2 tbls sugar. (Chocolate ice cream) But I will warn you that it only makes whipped cream soup no matter how long you shake it. Hope this helped.

Answer : I know you need heavy whipped cream, but besides that, I'm not sure. I never used it, just looked at the instructions.

This product was given -used-to my grandson-with no instruction sheet. Would someone be kind enough

Waste of time and money

Does not work, save your money!

A fun toy

A fun toy. It helps to put a little less cream in than the recipe calls for.

ice cream time

the child was only 5yrs old and she was very excited about the ice cream maker, which of course made me happy

Don't Waste Your Money!!

I purchased this at my local Wal-Mart at full price for my grandson and it is a waste of money!!!

Not worth the three spoonfuls

This is so tiny that even the kids were bummed. After 5 minutes of shaking, it yielded just 2-3 spoonfuls. Yikes.

Results are not what I expected.

We definitely did not get ice cream after 3 minutes. We had to put it in the freezer for awhile to get it think enough.

Kids like it that's what counts right

We follow directions and shake for about 3 minutes open and stir up ice cream from sides of small bowl and re cover and shake for another minute, stir again and my 4 and 7 yr old love it so, for $10 that works for me.

Great for kids to be able to make treats

The kids loves this product. they are able to make their own treats just how they like them.

Does not work

I got it from the Easter Bunny and it did not work at all!!!!

This was a birthday present for a great nephew. I had my doubts that it would actually work, but was wrong. It not only worked but now his sister likes it. A great fun product for any person just to see that smile is priceless.

Great for a 2 year old

My daughter saw this in Walmart and wanted ice cream. I read the poor reviews on this product but it is easy and fun for a 2 almost 3 year old. She helped with making the ice cream and it was enough for her to eat. I am not sure if it is enough ice cream for an older child.

Don't Bother! Not worth it!!

My kids begged and begged me for this and they were so disappointed. Shook it for 3 minutes.. another 3 minutes.. and finally a total of 30 minutes and all we got was a bubbly liquid. Tried it another time.. same results! Not worth the $10. Very big disappointment!

Makes yummy icecream

This makes an exact serving.This is not something for those who like scoopfulls in a bowl.For best results shake for a bit and put in freezer.This is perfect for me cause I'm working on,losing weight.One serving is just enough to satisfy my craving.

Not worth the money

I bought this thinking it would be fun to use with my grand daughters,I was so wrong. I would have been better off spending 15 more dollars and getting a real ice cream maker. The container is too small for even one child and it just doesn't work. Don't waste your money.

Very Disappointed

I'm really disappointed because it did not work like it should. I only used it once and followed the directions. It turned out to be bubbly liquid! I was excited at first, but it turned out to be a big disappointment!

Not what I expected

I bought this for my kids. We never tried it out, but it wasn't something we wanted to keep. The amount of ice cream you can make at a time is too small to be worth keeping. The package says it makes about one large scoop. But I think it would be less then that.

NOT WORTH IT. The instructions say shake for 3 mins then stir. Shake for an additional minute if needed. I shook, stirred, shook stirred and repeated several times. Finally got semi ice cream looking stuff after many stirs/scraping sides and lots of shaking. And the amount it makes is only a few small bites. I do not recommend this to anyone.


I bought this in the local Walmart. We used this twice with the same results both times. Shake 3 minutes then stir...bubbly liquid! We added more salt and ice then shook for 3 more minutes with the same results. If you want to try a "Magic" product, the Slushy Magic works.

Waste of money

I bought my two oldest kids each one of these as a gift for their Easter baskets.\n\nFor the amount of "Ice cream" if you can even call it that; this makes. It's really not worth it. According to the instructions you have to shake it for 3 minutes...well three minutes only gets you whipped cream soup. I sat there one night and shook it for 30 minutes and still no actual ice cream. Very unsatisfied with this product.

This DOES work just read ;-)

Ok I read the reviews and bought these things anyway. In part because I did find some reviews that said the same thing I'm saying now. Read the instructions. Can you use regular cream? Yes, however IN THE INSTRUCTIONS, it clearly states that the lower the fat content the less solid it will be. Common sense would lead you to heavy cream one would think. It also says crushed ice works best, AND to stop and stir it. Finally, the instructions state that the colder the ingredients are the better it works. I put the heavy cream in the freezer for a bit. I did all of those things. I actually had them stir it about every minute instead of at the end. We got ice cream hard enough to hold a metal spoon upright in. Does it make a ton of ice cream? No, but it's fun, and my 5 yr old twins love it. This is basically a TOY. You knew that going into it ;-). It's for fun, not for a gallon of homemade gourmet ice cream. I love kids get ice cream without questionable ingredients, they have fun, and they have to work for it. A triple win in my book. Oh and they said it tasted great lol. That's the whole point right?

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