American Furniture Classics Woodmark Series 16-Gun Cabinet

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UPC: 892516001929

Brand Name: American Furniture Classics

Product Model: 916

Product Category: Gun Cabinets & Racks

Woodmark gun cabinet stores 16 guns
Metal gun cabinet with black satin textured finish
Felt-covered gun slots, barrel and butt rest for gun protection
Wood paneling interior with wood grain accents
The American Furniture classics gun cabinet bottom floor is felt covered
Heavy-duty 3 post locking system
Adjustable shelving, barrel and butt rests
Polished brass-finish locking handle and key lock
Two keys included
Barrel rest and interior shelving are adjustable
The woodmark gun cabinet gold accents and a classic buck design adorn the front door
Hidden adjustable floor levelers keep the cabinet level on almost any floor
Cabinet can be secured to either the floor or back wall
Assembly Required.
Total Assembled Dimensions: 33.75"Wide x 11" Deep x 55" High
American Furniture classics gun cabinet model #916
  • Battery Type: Does Not Contain a Battery
  • Primary Color: Green
  • Multi Pack Indicator: No
  • Assembly Required: Y
  • Model No.: 916
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 104.0
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 13.0 x 36.0 x 57.0
  • Assembled in Country of Origin: Imported
  • Origin of Components: Imported
  • Walmart No.: 550883704

What assymbly is required?

Answer : Everything, although the locking unit is assembled mine was damaged due to poor packaging so it had to be disassembled and repaired. By the way, the instructions are horrible.

Answer : Yes, it says "Assembly Required" in the description. And it does sound difficult to assemble from the reviews.

Answer : it is all in pieces so you have to bolt it together, you'll need some help if you want to finish iit fast.

Answer : It comes in a flat box, assembly is not that hard once you get started, however, the directions are very poor.

Answer : It will take time to assemble. There are two sides, one back, top, bottom, two doors, shelves and decorative pieces. This is in no way a gun safe as it is held together by screws and not welded. A pry bar will give you instant access. Though, once assembled it looks nice and compact.

does this hold 16 "rifles"?

How many rifles fit on the larger side?

Answer : Only if the are very small and unscoped, I was able to fit 10 in mine, and it is tight.

Answer : yes, it does. 10 fits on the larger side when staggered.

Answer : I think 10 because that is how many spaces are made for holding the guns.

Answer : you have to double stack them, so scopes will not fit on all guns

Answer : if you take the shelfs out on the left side it will hold 16 with the shelfs in place the right side holds 10

do both sides lock?

Answer : No one door (right) has upper and lower pins and a tap that swings into the left door.

Answer : the entire cabinet locks up with one key.

Answer : Only one lock for both doors.

Answer : no, only one side locks and if you are buying it specifically to keep others out it is not at all sturdy and would be very easy to open without key.

Don't buy this!

I got it site-to-store & the box was in horrible shape. It had multiple dents. At least half a dozen scratches. The "plainted on" designs were smudged. The lock doesn't work. The door doesn't allign properly. The sleeve that makes the door handle open and close is broken. It was my worst by online ever.

Beautiful Cabinet

I am a do it your self guy. This took at least 2 hours to put together with someone else's help for about 15 min to just get to hold it together to tighten the screws. I don't know how safe it is but i like it. PS it was missing parts. If you are looking for a safe buy something else. But you can't beat the Walmart price and $.99 shipping. Oh, yes lot of dings and dents but still good.

Alright Product

This cabinet is alright. It came slightly damaged, but nothing a pair of pliers wont fix. Beware, if you have a rifle with a pistol grip, there is a good chance it wont fit in this cabinate. Also, an ammo can will not fit in the left side.

cabinet was not quite what we expected, thin metal and a little wobbly, however, for the price it does look good and will do the job. Instructions were not very detailed-

Great cabinet for the money

This isn't a high dollar gun safe. That being said it is a great cabinet for the price. As long as you have a second person helping, & you are at least halfways handy with tools, you won't have any issues assembling it. Keep in mind the price you paid, and you will be happy with the cabinet.

scrap sheet metal

I almost took it back when I saw what was inside. dozens of parts. Who sells a safe you have to assemble? I'm a retired tool & die maker so I'm no newcomer to assembling stuff. This unit is a piece of junk. Chipped wood, dented metal, chipped paint, parts don't align properly. I've already had to drill new holes and apply my own hardware to make this thing work and I'm only half done! Save yourself a lot of heartache and buy one that is already assembled like a safe/cabinet should be.

not a trouble free assembly

The cabinet turned out ok once I found solutions for all the little annoyances. The locking mechanism on my cabinet did not work. I had to open up the door panel to see what was going on inside. It turned out to be one of the bolts attached to the handle. It fell out of its seat. I was able to put it back in place. Then the lock worked fine. On each door, one of the two spring-loaded hinge bolts did not work. A washer is supposed to fit inside of a groove on the bolt to load the spring, and the washers were missing for two of the four bolts. In place of the washer, I made a loop with metal wire and fit it inside the groove. The wire loads the spring, then the hinges worked fine. One shelf slot rail did not line up with the rest. Therefore, it could not support the shelves properly. I was able to use a plastic safety clips that comes with the shelf to fit in the slot. That corrected the height difference between the supporting clips.\nI almost wanted to return the cabinet, but was too lazy to take it apart and drive back to Walmart. At least there was a quick fix for all the problems with the shelf. Now it is all together and working, it is not a bad cabinet. looks good. It holds 16 long guns as advertised and should last for years with proper use.

If you understand what you purchasing

This product is perfect for what I needed. It is a very nice cabinet. Notice I didn't refer to it as a safe. My only complaint was the difficulty of installation. The instructions were so lightly printed, they were very difficult to read. Site to Site is a great way to buy. Bravo Walmart.

not worth it

It was damaged, Looked like it had been dropped, paint chipped and parts for the shelves were missing. Poor quality

not satisfied

Product came poorly packaged and therefore damaged, toomany small parts, shelfs, lining, doors, sides, front back, left right, too put together.\nVery unsturdy and poorly designed.

Seres 16-Gun Cabinet

I opend this up christmas morning , it was dented in various places, the paint was chipped off where dented. You couldnt open the doors because of the many dents.The gun rest plate in the bottom was busted off.Will be returning this item to walmart.

Great value

It was easy to put together and no dents or scratches. Overall good product and good value for the price.

As Expected

Good cabinet for the price. Shipped in good shape. Have to put together, but not hard if handy.


delivery was good but product was missing pieces. the box was in decent shape but both back panels were missing. i would recommend spending the extra and getting a good cabinet elsewhere.


I made the mistake of buying on product hype and looks. I read the reviews too late. I had ALL the problems everyone else had to date. It looks like only one guy got a good one. I won't go into all the detail others did as I would just be repeating. My cabinet now has a permanent sign on it to warn my friends and family. (see picture attachment).

I just purchased this cabinet on line around June 20, 2013. Received cabinet in a timely manner. Cabinet is a piece of JUNK starting from assembly to finish. Received item damaged on right outside frame has a big dent in it. Cabinet is made very flimsy Walmart should not sell a product like this on line. this is the last time i will buy something from them on line. Thumbs down on this piece of JUNK. would not recommend this cabinet to a friend or enemy.

Strong,well built

The Instructions for assembly could be clearer

A great idea, really really poor implementation.

Overall quality of the metal was better than other choices of that price range, however, others in that price range are already assembled. Assembly, was at the least frustrating, all of the parts matched and the wrench that was included was, well cool. The instructions were lacking, almost worthless. I was offended that a gun cabinet in that price range would include such horrible instructions.\n\nPackaging was adequate for truck transport, unfortunately mine was shipped through UPS so there was some damage to deal with before assembly. Good for me the damage was in an area where it could not be seen, bad for me it was where the panels connected so the repair had to be really good.\n\nTotal time for assembly on My unit, including unpacking and repairs was about 6 hours (again really bad instructions) so even at minimum wage this unit will cost more than a larger unit thats already assembled.

Perfect cabinet for a beginner

Lighweight and well desgined. Need assiatnce to ensure proper alignment and level. Instructions a litlle bit tricky but you get to understand the diagrams after a few reviews.

bad deal

received damaged, junky constrution,\n\nreturning it to walmart

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