6' x 12' Tournament Soccer Rebounder

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Great Rebounder

This rebounder is great! I checked around online and the price was a lot less than other sites. Easy to put up. It weathered it's first storm nicely, lots of wind and rain--no tearing, rips, etc. The only problem with it is that I can't get my kids to do their homework anymore because all they want to do is kick the soccer ball.

Outstanding Value

This item assembled easily, is great quality and is great for our 2 kids. Both play on traveling clubs and this is a great practice aid at home.

Soccer rebounder.... it's better than I expected

This soccer rebounder was quick to assemble and is sturdier I thought it would be.\nWith three soccer players in the family (ages 13, 11 and 8½), we're sure to get lots of use from it.\nSince it's already set up, I'm hoping it'll do well over winter (even though they've been using it on warmer days). So far, so good!

good deal for the price

You can't beat this rebounder for the price. I looked around on the web and probably could have found the same rebounder for twice the price. I would recommend this rebounder for any youths playing soccer.

Daughter loves it!

Bigger than I thought. Husband didn't complain putting it together so I guess it was easy. My daughter likes that it is big which gives her plenty of room to kick all over..... One small tear or pulled part in the net but I plan on calling Wal-mart or the manufacturer to get it taken care of. Highly recommend!

Super Buy!

My girls, 8 and 10, have been playing soccer for a few years. My husband takes them to the field to practice (extra) often. Now, they can practice even more in our own backyard. There are multiple ways to use this item, trap the ball, practice goal kicks, even for my younger daughter to practice being a goalie. The bounce-back feature really encourages the aim, and it keeps the action moving...less boring than a regular goal. We love it!

Excellent product

this rebounder is excellent, especially for the price. Walmart carries it for far less than any others.

Easy to have set up in the backyard

A nice thing to have set up in the backyard so I don't have to go to the park daily. Kids love to use it.

Great for individual practice

My son uses the soccer rebounder to practice goal shots by himself. It's great because the ball comes right back to him after every shot so he doesn't have to keep running back and forth to retrieve the ball as he would with a regular soccer goal.

Solid performer

Easy\nto put together and quite sturdy. Works for adult kicks, too. Includes\n6 U-shaped spikes, and 2 screw type spikes. We manage w/o the screw\nspikes since we sometimes move it around. Better than just a goal; kids\ncan practice w/o others. Highly recommended.

this was awesome. great product and very cheap cost througth the delivery to store. awesome and easy to set up.

Useful training aid

Bought for my 11 yr old son. A good way to pracice your shot. It is a smaller target than the actual goal so it helps your aim.\nFollow the directions when assembling. Bungies go on first!

Great Product

Great Product.. assembly was easy, and the kids love it.. with they had a bigger one 7 x 14 for an afforable price, but what I paid for this was the lowest I could find it.

Great Soccer Rebounder...HIGHLY Recommended

If you are looking for a soccer goal for backyard use, this rebounder is the way to go. Walmart has cheaper than anywhere else (by at least $40, including shipping, from what I could find elsewhere on the internet). If you are weighing getting a rebounder vs regular soccer goal, go with the rebounder. With a rebounder, just hit the target and the ball keeps coming back. With a regular goal, when playing by yourself, you've got to chase no matter what.\n\nIn terms of durability, I put the rebounder up the night before a big storm. I fully expected the unit to blow over. But the rebounder held up great under 40-50 mile per hour winds.\n\nCouldn't say enough good things about product, price, and overall transaction.

rebounder goal

We have only had this for a week so I'm not certain of the durability. But, it seems very well built. It was easy to put together and seems very sturdy. It seems this is the only rebounder in this price range. I'm glad I got this goal for this price at Walmart. Others we looked at were $200 or more. We are very happy with this product!

got kids learning/playing soccer?

then this is an excellent product. got one kid? then they can get the ball to rebound to them for trapping or practicing shooting. Got 2? place them on either side and off they go. need a goal for a kickaround? it takes care of that too. Sturdy, replaceable parts. if they are into soccer then this item hits the spot.

Great value

I'm sure you have already looked at the cost of bounce-backs at Dick's or Worldsoccershop. This is a great price for a bounce-back this size, and... (drum roll please) ... it's a great product!\n\nWe have no idea how it will last through the winter rains and whether or not we want to take it down and store it.\n\nBut for now, it was easy to put together (had a great time with my 9 year-old) and the only so-so thing about it was the net, which was not laid out right in one corner. I couldn't fix it, either. But for this price, I'm not complaining at all, we can deal with one corner not having the right tension. That's the only reason why it doesn't get 5 stars from us.\n\nWe have already used it quite a bit in the 2 weeks we've had it and it's been worth it.

excellent training aid

Product purchased from Wal-Mart at a fraction of the cost seen else where on the internet. I paid just under $70.00 dollars, other exact models were as much as 189.00. This product was easy to set up and I my son was using it with in 15 minutes. I can only hope the netting will survive the climate changes here in Memphis. Good overall product that I would recommend to any soccer player.

Gift for my Little Brother

I bought this for my 11 year old little brother. he asked for a "soccer net," but i found that they not only cost about $200 dollars but were also very large and we don't have the biggest yard. This is actually much better than a "net", and also cheaper, lighter, easier to dissemble, and doesn't require someone else. There is a marked improvement in his shot already and much space to grow.\nEasily withstood myself and my older brother DRILLING the ball at it for the 45 minutes between assembling the rebounder and my brother getting home to see it.

Great Value and adds to practice

As a coach, this rebounder has been great. It gives my teams something to shoot at and adds to every practice. Great for training volley skills. Easy to set up. Since I have to set this up 2 times a week, I don't use the screw type stakes but use the U shaped stakes . I've had to supplement with 2 additional U shaped stakes. I would like to see WalMart add some additional tournament type goals that can be portable for coaches who practice on fields without goals.

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